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I like stories involving slice of life, some alternate universe (depends on the concept), and the story concept of playing inside a game or trapped inside one.


It all started after the fall formal.

She had been so selfish before then, as well as menacing and angry. She felt so many negative emotions that night when she put on that crown. It was only when she was blasted by her future friends magic that she began to realize the way she was acting was horrible. It took time, but eventually she proved to both her classmates and herself that she had changed for the better.

Now, after the friendship games, she is full of kindness and friendship. But some are wondering what she does in her spare time, since no one really sees her when she isn't around the Rainbooms. One of these people is Sunset's friend Rarity. She is beginning to wonder what exactly Sunset's hobbies are, but when she follows her around after practice one day, she begins to see her friend in a whole new light. To a point where she may even start to hope to be something more.

(Rarity x Sunset Shimmer ship)

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Finally! Another Sunsarity story! This is pretty good so far, can't wait for next chapter. By the way, at the beginning, you put hanged instead of hung. Anyway, great job & glad life's working with you again.

Good another Sunsarity story! These are so hard to come by! I'm looking forward to the next chapter :3

Will this story have any steamy moments in it?

That will depend, I rated it teen in case I decide to add a moment or two like that.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I am currently working on the next chapter and it should be out within a week.

I couldn't agree with you more! There needs to be more Sunsarity in the world. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for informing me of the mistake, I will fix it ASAP.

Oh, and one more correction, if you don't mind. In the second paragraph, you spelled continued wrong. Other than that, perfect job on spelling. Can't wait for an update!

Awesome story! Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome! This chapter is finally out! Literally checking every day for the update. This is awesome so far, and once again I can't wait for the next chapter. By the way, that one flirting scene was hilarious! Hope there will be more!

good story so far its very sweet update soon

It's a good story. Very sweet as others have said.

My issue is the romance seems rushed. Lets have more of the giving money away. Rarity being Generosity would appreciate that, even help her, then after days and weeks a bond builds. The dialogue mid way here seems awfully quick and forced.

That's not to detract from what is a good story. I will be reading more as Sunsarity is a cute ship

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