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And I'll always find you, again and again/And I'll love every version of you/And you're never truly gone/As long as a part of you in me lives on.


Rarity and Sunset Shimmer love each other. Really, they do. It's just not a good time for them to be in a relationship right now.

(2020-10-21) Featured on Equestria Daily!

Edited by garatheauthor.

Cover art by https://www.instagram.com/lia.cooke/

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Will there be a sequel?

"Twilight's already assigned me to this project," Sunset admitted.

Twilight, in the background: "They're not kissing. Why aren't they kissing? I did this specifically so they'd have to interact and get on with it!"

There is never enough time for love until you give that time away to the other. Well done in showing to alphas put that they perceive first in their life.

"It's not." They broke apart, the magical bond that had held them together shattering into a thousand shards of reality. "It's definitely a bad time for us to try and be something more."


She and Rarity put on their Press Smiles as they all gathered together with the brides and other bridesmaids to take some photos that would be released publicly. They were all staged and calculated and Sunset could tell that Applejack hated it, but she gritted her teeth and went through with it anyways.

I mean...that just sounds like normal wedding photos.

"The right time will come eventually, I'm sure." The promise sounded hollow to both of them, but Sunset clung to it as best she could.

gently weeps

Rarity giggled again, then coughed again, and then smiled, the love shining in her eyes making her looking more beautiful than ever. "Of course, darling. Why didn't you ask sooner?"


Lovely story! I was flat out going to cry if they didn't finally reconcile what they wanted to do!

Holy shit.

This was probably the single most powerful and excellent RarSet fics out there.

Well done. Incredibly well done!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Great story, Mel!

Fantastic job with this story. I was happy things worked out in the end, even if it took literal decades and a car crash. Aside from Rarity and Sunset's interactions being perfect, I loved the worldbuilding details of the two worlds crossing over and how other characters are handling it.

Didn't read it the whole way through, but I'm proud of you for having a great command of prose. Thought your characterization was surprisingly competent for what's essentially a ship fic as well. One detail I loved were all the tiny, subtle interactions during dialogue sequences, gave a lot of life to this fic that lesser works miss out on. Might have to come back and finish this one sometime, well done.

I really love the idea of the continued study of magic and Equestria and the human world connecting. I can't believe I've never thought of anything like that, I always saw the instances of magic in the human world as a one-and-done deal, but it clearly has so much potential. Great worldbuilding, and everything between Sunset and Rarity was of course wonderful, too

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