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This story is a sequel to Homecoming

Sunset has returned from attending her mothers funeral and has begun a burgeoning relationship with Twilight. But Applejack is worried her friend may be projecting.

Continuity: Homecoming

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How about another SciSet story not connected to Homecoming?

Don't get it. Seems like there's a backstory I'm missing. When did Sunset and Twilight go over to the other side?



Homecoming is the first story and has the info you're asking after. This short is from a kinda throw-away line in one of the early sequels to Homecoming.

Great job, AK! :yay: And yeah, I went back and I see what you mean about AJ's accent. It's mostly, from what I can see, the "Ah" instead of "I" and a few dropped "g"s, as well as her "country-isms".

Thanks. I must have overlooked that. I'll go check out the other story.


"I looked hot in that yukata. I kept that baby."

Darn straight. :rainbowdetermined2:

It's funny though. Sunset Sushi. :rainbowlaugh:

Pretty sweet story about how this group of friends cares for each other. :raritystarry:

Honestly, the reference to the girls' canon jobs alone makes this great. :pinkiehappy:

Gotta love AJ looking out for her friends. Nice little slice of comfy Rose. Thanks.

Sunset did look hot in her yukata lol then again she looks hot in everything

She looked a little uncomfortable. "It's not funny," she grumped. "Ah'm serious!"

Sunset: weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/oh-wait-youre-serious-let-me-laugh-even-harder.jpg

...I have to agree with Applejack that boots are more comfortable. Anything else just feels loose. And way light.

What happened with Susnet and Twiight in this story I'm a bit confused?

There is a link in the description that shows it’s place in a continuity of stories. That should clear up any confusion.

It's cool. It does kind of blend into the background when skimming the descript.

Applejack sure knows how to help a friend in need in any situation as the element of honesty.

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