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We’ve got dents and we’ve got quirks, but it’s our flaws that make us work.


The Apple family reunion got really awkward this year.

Special thanks goes to MagnetBolt for assistance!

Entry in the Sunset Shipping Contest!

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I..... have no words. :facehoof:

Only you Syeekoh ....

God dammit.:facehoof:

GODDAMMIT SYEEKOH!!! :rainbowlaugh:
I mean, haven't read it yet but I'm absolutely, 120% certain that it will earn that :derpytongue2:

Edit: Read it now.

I suspect the Dark Lord Buttercup is pregnant.

Yep, most certainly earned it :rainbowlaugh:
Certainly puts a new spin to "Until death does you apart". I wonder what her Pa thinks of it? I also wonder about the baby, but then the punchline might be ruined :rainbowwild:

Edit²: Apparently "spoiler quote /quote /spoiler" doesn't work, it has to be "quote spoiler /spoiler quote". Sorry if I spoiled anyone with that :fluttershyouch:

As someone who just read it:

Goddmit Syeekoh.

But actually, this was really sweet and funny and fit perfectly into its word count.

This beautiful story needs a physical copy someday. :rainbowlaugh:

What have I read?

Wanderer D

My name is Wanderer D, and I approve of this story.

Words... words were what my brain space used to be able to produce before it was burned to the ground and said ground was salted.

Okay... Weird, but strangely funny. Points to creativity. Gotta say, never expected this as a fellow contestant.

The King of Crows approves of this weird ass story.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

this was good.

There's a ship that's never sailed before -- and probably never will again.

I laughed consistently throughout the story. My favorite character was Ori, by a mile.

......brain....where have you gone?
Nice, funny, and creative story but that last part.....i think I died of laughter 3 times because of that for some reason.

i would like to know what the fuck i just read

Okay so I first saw this on my phone and the title was cut off to "My Best Friend is a Unicorn a..." Which combined with the picture made me think Applejack was accused of being a unicorn racist and was retorting via black friend logic.

Error 404
Brain not found


That was a thing.


Well... if you're not going to say it, I am.

God dammit Syeekoh.

I hope Ori makes his way into other stories :rainbowlaugh:

A story of true love, obviously

Seriously, with material like this, when are you and Aragon gonna do a collab?!

"The king of crows defecates where he pleases."

"Well, ifin' he pleases on mahself or mah things, he's gonna' find himself deposed without an heir."

"The King of Crows DOES feel certain people and things unpleasing to defecate on."

"Thought so..."

There are things humanity needed.
There are things humanity wanted.
There are things we neither wanted nor needed.
There are crackfics.
And then there is this.
What in the name of the Cult of the Eternal Sun and the fuck and all the other cults I started and all the other swears I know...

BRAIN: Eyes...we need a confirmation.

EYES: Listen, man, I just relay the damned information, I didn't create it.

BRAIN: No, I get that, I need you to check it again.

EYE: That's the fourth time you've requested confirmation!

It's like rollercoaster where there are no seatbelts, but that's okay because you know where this is heading, and then four sentences from the end the rails disappear and it's freefall time.

W-what? What is this even? I-i I don't understand any of this? Will there come a follow up? what will the baby even be like!?
I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND!? :fluttershbad:


I see Ori takes the toddler approach to bowel movements.

This is just one big pile of WAT. Lol.

Apparently it's Sparta, because this is madness.

...I'm not even surprised at this point :rainbowlaugh:

You know, I somehow suspect that none of the rest of the competition is going to be nearly so...


Also, I suddenly have respect for Pear Butter I never had before. You go, fellow lich!

I'll need a few long drinks of Apple Family Brand© cider to help cleanse my brain after reading this.

I mean, don't get me wrong, this story was funny as hell, and I can say with certainty that I would definitely read it again with a nice mug of all-natural Apple Family Brand© cider. Apple Family Brand© cider just seems like a great compliment to any good story involving necrophilia, and cider consumption, especially if that cider also happens to be Apple Family Brand© cider.

The fuck I just read?

What a cute couple...

Between this and the Smoozeset story, today has been a fine day for extreme crackshipping.

Short, consistently funny, ends on a strong note. Excellent Job~!






Eeh, Eh. What. *uncomfortable chuckle* :applejackconfused: *head-tilt*

This was… enlightening, in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. Have a like & fave you glorious bastard.

PS: I am extremely tempted to add Ori's existence to my own headcanon.

Top marks for "The Dark Lord Buttercup" :rainbowlaugh:

At first I was like WTF did I just read. Like seriously WTF did I just read. Did someone drug me? Am I hallucinating? Am I crazy? Oh wait... I am crazy but that’s not here nor there. Then I saw who wrote this.

And then I was like.. ...*SIGH*.... god damit Syeekoh. *sigh*

Oh good story btw. It was entertaining.

Ps: Although I can’t tell what’s more funny right now. Is it the story itself or the comment section. Honestly I can’t choose. Although it is a Syeekoh story and the content section is usually funny.

TGM #45 · Aug 27th, 2018 · · 1 ·

I can't even muster up a 'goddamnit' anymore, I'm just ashamed to know you.

I have many questions.

Is Ori all knowing like how I think Odin's ravens are?

I was looking at the "Featured" stories and saw only the part "My best friend is a Unicorn", then I tapped on this story and... I do NOT know how to feel about that last part... I felt baffled at first, then I realised this is kinda crack-ish... Well... F:yay:...

Odin's ravens are NOT all-knowing, they're just stalking perverts...

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