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This story is a sequel to Here Kitty Kitty!

All work and no play does not make for a fun weekend. So Buttercup & Cookie Crumble arrange a playdate for their little girls. Should work out fine...right?

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I love me some Rarijack so I’ll be reading this. But should this have a romance tag?

Childhood crush and friendshipping mostly. Romance tag is only there to put it in context of the timeline I have set up for them

Hehe, I more meant there isn't a romance tag, and asking if it should have one. :D

huh thats odd i could have sworn i placed the romance tag in there beforehand. That's strange. lol fixed it

Hehe, yeah, I suppose I could have phrased that better but it was a "is this missing or purposely left out?"

its all good. this is why i always ask for comments and feedback cause i wouldnt have noticed otherwise

I like how it seems so seemless to go from M rated to fluff in the span of a finger tap with your stories lol

She wouldn't have a repeat of the hospital incident.

I don't dare ask about this one Midknight.

I mean, I know Applejack is stubborn, but yeesh. :twilightoops:

And lastly, a Jack Rabbit on a sugar rush would move very quickly. :eeyup:

Though, I'm sure if it would be as fast, or maybe faster than a Hamster on coffee.

Those little fur balls have a lot of energy.

Could you please continue it, I wanna know what happens next

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