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This story is a sequel to Homecoming

Loose ends are always a mess. Sometimes, you just need to go and snip them off to be safe. But when you don't want to be the one doing the snipping, what can you do?

Continuity: Homecoming

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So, um... Sunset talks her way into Adagio's home... insults her... hits her... lectures her... and leaves feeling like it's Adagio's fault that didn't work out?

It is Adagio fault, she wanted to be basked in glory and adoration, out of her ego and desire.
She never tried for a different way but to conquer and control everyone, plus she the leader, she made the choices, so she has to deal with them.

8446855 And she has been dealing with it, from the looks of things, from Rainbow Rocks up until this story, said to be nearly a year later. Everything was at something of an uneasy balance, with the sirens suffering for their choices, and the world being generally safe. And then Sunset came into someone's house and hit her. There are words for that, I'm pretty sure.

Yeah it call Karma, she just trying to put all the blame on Sunset and the Rainbooms.
Of course she going to slap her, it no different then a crimmal blaming the cop that arrested them or the eyewitness that convicted them.

8446921 Karma as well as the living like a drug addict for the last year thing? I'd say karma's fairly settled by that point.

There is an enormous difference between Adagio blaming Sunset and going after her for revenge, and Adagio quietly stewing about it in her own home where she's entitled to think whatever she pleases. In the first scenario, Sunset is absolutely right to use whatever force necessary to stop her. In the second, it's not even Sunset's business. That's the equivalent in your analogy to the cop looking up the criminal's home address long after the fact, pushing their way in, and slapping them around if they don't like what they hear. Can't say that's a police force I'd want to have protecting me, that's for sure.

If you hit people, your communication has failed. I can't stress enough how bad an idea it is for good-aligned heroes to promote the view that such behaviour is acceptable. The magic of friendship is supposed to be significantly better than that. And everyone goes too far in the heat of the moment, sure. But Sunset doesn't regret it, or even spare it a second thought, for the rest of the story. She even thinks about 'the bully I had been' (emphasis mine), after she's just hit someone she thought of as being like a junkie.

Another large part of it is the fact that this is not a place Sunset wanted to come. It is a place where only the desperate linger and Sunset knows what it is like. I'm sure that this is a departure from how I normally portray Sunset but in a place where she once upon a time had to treat everything as suspect and be ready to defend herself, old habits crop up.

However, the concern is warranted going en the vents that befall Sonata in a later story.

Sunset is noting that she lived in this same building, same apartment in her early days. Two stories from now in "Mission of Mercy" Fluttershy notes: "I had gathered from Sunset that she had stayed at one - though nicer - when she had first crossed through the mirror." Is it implied that it is the same one but more run down now, or should one of these stories be tweaked?

Good addition to the Homecoming continuity. And as far as Adagio is concerned, she needed to be shaken out of the darkness and self pity to look at the future for herself and the sisters who depended on her. Sunset got her attention with a slap, Fluttershy used The Stare. It's not pretty, but sometimes life is like that.


No adjustment, Sunset deliberately fibbed about her safe haven being this one. It's a short line near the end of this story.

Hopefully Adagio asks for help

"Surely you can find ways to make a little money," I said. "You can't survive like this forever. I sure couldn't."

She's got a point.

"Well, we don't have the options you do!" the Siren exploded. "We survived here for decades because of our Song ! We didn't have to learn any skills or worry about documents!"

Life isn't always easy adagio.

Fluttershy toyed with one of her tresses, her nerves still getting the better of her. "I was just a little worried. I had hoped they'd be ok," she ducked her head slightly. "I mean, what they did was horrible, but I didn't want them hurt. Keeping an eye on them won't hurt anything, and it really should be done in case they ever need help."

Yep, that's what happened after sunset was defeated.

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