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Sunset is a pretty skilled person. But just how many things can Sunset do, Rainbow has to wonder.

Contains spoilers for Legends of Everfree


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That's actually pretty clever. Hasbro better use that. Just think of all the fun she can have now that she figured it out! :pinkiecrazy:

What's with all the Legends of Everfree fics!? The movie won't be released for a coupla days yet.

I mean I can't speak for everyone, but I'm still gonna support the official release too
I just kinda lack patience

Ah, I thought I heard someone playing my song... :trollestia:

I still say we should call Sunset's martial arts style 'Snorate' or 'Kung Snooze'...

EDIT: Shit; almost forgot:

7605988 Legend of Everfree was recently aired in Brazil, so we were able to watch it before it was released.

7606102 Barring the Portuguese speakers, everyone else wouldn't be able to understand what was going on.

7606090 Same here. Might as well be an early birthday gift or something. Would be nice if I didn't hafta celebrate on freakin' Sunday...

I feel perfectly justified in having watched the early release since I preordered the DVD a month ago and I've already paid my Netflix bill through the end of the year, :rainbowdetermined2:

7606113 Yes, but the network the movie aired on had options for other languages, which included english. It was captured, and uploaded onto the internet.

Yeah, that's right Rainbow Dash, Sunset is just that awesome in every single way. Though that probably led to her arrogance and ego earlier in life (no offense) but she's over that by now, fortunately. Wonder how many other hidden talent's we'll see Sunset display eventually. Too bad its still only one movie a year (and not even any shorts this year :fluttershysad: ).

Sunset reminds me of a certain principal from a school that has a class dedicated to kill their teacher.

7606968 Yup, him. I mean, the way Sunset described how she learned kung fu (and erverything else), reminds me so much of how the Principal learned martial arts, and other stuff, during the flashback of after his student's death.

Technically, it's known as 'muscle memory' - the ability to perfectly pick up new sets of movement skills just from observation. However, if I understand this story, you're suggesting that Sunset always had a degree of telepathy and/or empathy and this was an advantage that she unconsciously used to manipulate people.

That said... I wonder if she magically boosted that chop. If she's intercepted with a punch, the apple probably would have exploded!

That's kind of ironic, given Northern Shaolin Kung Fu was the basis for firebending on Avatar.

I literally just finished watching the movie on Netflix (no pirating involved other than watching the new episode!), and came right over here when saw this in the Popular box. Definitely amusing—you earned my upvote—but I feel like you could have done a little more. I'm not sure what, but... ah, screw it, nevermind. :facehoof:

Also: Sting like a Pink-IE? Sting like a Rari-TY? No? :derpytongue2:

Literally 100% the reason I picked it, I'm glad someone caught that!

And this is why you shouldn't come up with flash fiction titles at 3 in the morning, folks.

Would it have hurt to give Sunset a better power than the only one that's completely useless in a crisis? Why didn't she get someone about fire? Or even teleporting? It's bothering me a lot more than it should that she's a low-rent Jean Grey.

7607199 Actually, muscle memory is when your muscles can get better at doing things thanks to repeated action, such as after practicing scales on a piano they will know better how to reach the keys without thinking.

Hold up....if she's been learning how to do stuff through some kind of subconscious passive telepathy, does that mean she could potentially learn the Ways of Pinkie?:pinkiegasp:

7609721 Well, she doesn't remind me at all of an other character we know that knows Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (firebending) and was a tragic villain and then becomes a hero and gains more confidence


The word you're thinking of is "Photoreflexive". I'm not sure if it's an actual term and condition since I haven't bothered to google it, but I do know that it's the genetic condition of a villain in Marvel-verse. Despite having no powers, he has the ability to perfectly mimic something he's seen done at least once. All fighting styles, music-playing, basically any action someone else can do that he's physically capable of. He's infamous for training all the mooks that villains use as henchmen. Goes by the name of 'The Taskmaster'.

Very dangerous and understated man, given he lives in a world full of beings who might as well be gods - and actual gods. But he can instantly absorb the skills of a grandmaster in basically anything, even if it took them their whole life to perfect said skills. Sadly, due to storytelling restrictions he doesn't seem like he uses what he's mimicked as a springboard to create his own unique style, seamlessly stitching together an array of combat skills that make perfect, full use of the human body with no drawbacks, openings, or wasted movement.

Is that something like what you were going for?

7667237 The fact that learning peoples moves replaces his own memory kinda sucks though, he can't learn to much at once.

That was fun. Also, I found the world from Dash's perspective quite amusing. Thank you for this.

Actually, Jean's more of a Telekinetic then a Telepath. So, Twilight's more of a Jean Grey rip off...

Considering this mercenary is making more money as a teacher then as a merc may have something to do with how little he's used as anything but a teacher.

Also, there's a huge difference between being able to mimic combat styles and understanding the moves enough to blend different styles together. The fact that he can fight as well as any of the non-powered heroes, and switch between heroes as quickly as he can makes him a devastating fighter. However, the fact that he's limited to fragile steel replicas of the various hero's weapons and lacks actual superhuman (or even near peak human) abilities limits how dangerous he is; to use characters from when I was actively collecting comics in the '90s, Cap can over power him and has a better shield, Wolverine's claws can cut through any of his weapons and are not imitated well, Black Knight's Ebony Blade would also not be slowed down by any of Taskmaster's weapons, Spidey's combat style requires superhuman agility and precognition making it absolutely uncopiable, and Thor (or other high strength characters) don't so much as have a high level of useful skill as simply being too damn strong for a mere human with poor quality gear to count as a threat...

Oh don't tease us like this...

More! We must have MORE!!

I totally missed this story when it was first released. Thanks for expanding upon it, if only so that I could see a neat little story and give it its due.

Personally I'm more of a saber or rapier+parrying dagger girl

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