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Luna has hidden a deep, dark secret from the ponies she watches over so lovingly. Were they to discover it, she can only imagine what it would do to the image they now hold of her. Twilight thinks it's just precious and plans to uncover it once and for all.

In the name of dapples.

Written because I was brainwormed by the wonderful art of my friends, Amarynceus and SilFoe. In turn, they were then brainwormed to make a couple contributions of their own.

Cover art by Amarynceus, because why not use something I brainwormed by the person who brainwormed me?

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This is feature material right here, good job.

Short, simple, and unerringly adorable. Though she has grown, Luna is in every way young and naive, adding to her charm ten-fold.

Well, that, and dappled horses are the best horses. Single-color palettes are sooo last season. Nice work!

This story is criminally underrated.


Bap! That! Bug!


*baps you with a newspaper*

well, that was adorable XD

Cute cute cute...

Especially when Twilight finds out that her dapples slowly shift like clouds over the night sky.

This is good. Quality content.
Artists need to bap you more often if this is the result :D

And what, pray tell, is 'Shellcraft'?


I can’t tell if this discord needs dismantled for public health reasons or to have a bigger budget than most third world countries.

The art of playing shell games.

Yup is good and fav💖

Bugs should not be bapped! They need to be booped on the snoot!

This is a brilliant fic.
But err... darn.
Having seen Sil's Dappled Luna some time ago (but not this new, even better 1 or Amarynceus's new release which I just saw) I was part way into writing a story of my own with luna with freckles. You beat me to the release of a dappled Luna x Twilight fic. And you did a really good job of it (reminds me of why I follow you) I think I'll finish my one at some point, but I feel as though your interpretation of it is better than what I came up with thus far.

I highly recommend this story. Every scene was highly adorable and awesome. Between you three, I am thoroughly converted to thinking Luna looks best dappled and that it would be something Twi would totally go nuts over.

9271334 Basically, we gave each other ideas and we couldn't resist them.

9271356 Thanks! :D

9271364 Yesssssssssss. The dapples and fun color pallets must spread! Also, shaded wings!!!!!

9271379 Omg I'm not ready *hides*

9271407 <3


9271444 FRACTAL WHY?!

9271455 Thank you! <3

9271465 Oh my god why didn't I think of this?

9271493 DO NOT ENCOURAGE THE BAPS! Also thank you <3

9271510 It's what happens when a sleepy nerd says "fuck it" and publishes a fic without editing it XD


9271549 To be fair, the first two screenshots are from Picarto, the other is from a DM between Couch and me. Also, clearly, it needs to be shut down. They'll hear from my attorneys.

9271563 Pfft. Yes that.

9271595 Woohoo! Thank you :D

9271604 But my nose D:

9271610 The dapples must last forever 8D

Also, you should do the thing!

The bapping shall continue until morale improves. :trollestia:

Adorable! I love it.

Fucking adorable

And if I’d had my coffee and gotten to bed a little earlier that morning

that night (???) since she wants to wake up earlier

Adorable. This story and everything it spawned.

"bath the room" -> "bathe the room"

@Carapce: Ah. . . makes sense. . .

Let’s just say I asked Discord for input at one point. He took one look, laughed, and wished me the best of luck before he popped back to Fluttershy’s for tea.

I can only imagine how Discord would react to the state of education in our world.

This is still insanely cute and I love it. Dappled Luna is the best thing ever.

I vowed I would see it broken. Broken, in the name of dapples.

Shut up, I’m a princess of happy, magical ponies, not an evil mastermind. I just play one when I DM.

aaand... 'give me dapples or give me death' lol... always an entertaining time your fics.. i swear xD

This fic is adorable; thanks for sharing :twilightsmile:

Going to bed after midnight = morning. And with Luna's duties and schedule, being up that late is standard. Twilight's saying more along the lines of "I wish I had gone to sleep at 1AM, not 3AM".

Maybe, but with the changes in Twi's personality that we see, I'd expect her not to use the pedantic "morning" over the colloquial "night" when referring to, times after midnight.

Say Carapace I know you don't like the comics but check this out. It is now canon that Luna regularly visits Twilight's dreams to relax.

A lovely story. Now let's get it to the feature box... Oh, it's already there.

It's cute, I guess, but you're all nuts. All the dappled Luna pics look goofy :P

9272093 ur face looks goofy >:o

And now instant favorite of all time!

This was far too cute and now I think I need to lay off the sugar in my tea!

For some reason I initially read the title as "She Dab".

Fox only. No items. Final Destination.

Might as well eliminate the entire point of the game.

This is cute.
Though I think Twilight should have told her that she would gladly kiss every dapple if Luna would reveal them. That thought of passionate attention might have flustered the old mare into acquiescence.

But magic duel was fun!

I have not felt a story this well in a while. Usually it's only a fragment of a story, like a wedding within an enitre life, but here the beggining feels so real I don't wanna get up, either it's the story being perfectly real somewhere, me meditating recently, or love causes stories to be easier to imagine.
Judging by the fact that I started to back away from my monitor as Twilight was to back away from Luna, I'd say this one must be true if emotions are so strong.

How high will this fic climb ? (also double comment)

very adorable fluff

Carapace! You... Er... Grrrrrrr! I don't need dapples on my Luna, but now I need dapples on my Luna! Do you understand?!

And maybe a paint on my Celestia...


I don't think it's pedantic at all; it's just Twilight choosing the word that is most often correct for her situation. It's how I personally refer to going to sleep earlier in casual conversation, since I rarely sleep before midnight. While it can be both morning and night at the same time, it ceases to be "night" after sunrise. Considering the sun can rise as early as 5:30AM and what Twilight says...

Well, calling it “morning” would be a bit of a stretch. Only a madmare could possibly wake up at what most might call a decent hour after adjusting to Luna’s schedule.

So, really, that we awoke around eleven or noon on a good morning was nothing short of miraculous.

It could easily be that Luna (and thus often Twilight) needs to be awake for the setting of the moon. Ergo, they sleep at morning (using your colloquial version), but not night.

Dapples, huh? I never knew I needed this, but Oh do I need it.

My only question is why not use noise cancellation spells on the nightclubs.

9272221 The point will be maintained when I prove myself right by throwing your ass off the stage and make you explode offscreen!

9271685 I'm at the office right now. One of my coworkers has a sign that reads the same, but with beatings XD

9271712 Thank youuuuuuu

9271773 ... alskjfalskjflkasj whateverrrrrr with that correction. And glad you enjoyed it ^^

9271834 The dapples grow strong!

9271865 He'd nope the fuck out.

9271882 Yeeeeeeeeeeeee. Now the question is whet her or not Tia has some sort of markings of her own :#

9271900 Always happy to entertain! Glad you enjoyed it :>

9271921 You're welcome ^^

9271931 That's actually rather cute. Thank you ^^

9272229 Oh god I think Luna might've melted or babble-whimpered.

9272126 The changelings would like me to remind you that you only have twelve spoons worth in your tea. This is only halfway sweetened.

9272135 Dapple dab. Dear god lol.

9272236 Aww, well I'm really glad you think so! Thank you!

9272269 :3

9272276 Yessssss, yesssssssssss! All shall be dappled! All Lunas will soon sport dapples!

9272299 RIGHT?!

You are a scoundrel and a charlatan.

Cute, quirky, and I want more, dammit.

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