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*sighs* You know you're a nerd when ... · 4:02am Feb 19th, 2021

You spend time thinking of the justification for a type of operating system name to be near constant with its actual name in the AU of an AU (it's AUs all the way down, the earth is flat and balanced atop them all, shut up and deal with it) and you manage to think of something that fits with the various relationship structures of the different ideologies in that AU, and make it sappy enough to have embarrassed the hell out of its namesake in her younger years.

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The Rose Way - Progress Update · 9:06pm Feb 1st, 2021

Oh, hey, I can still log into this place. Cool.

Anyway, what's up people? I mentioned a while back that I've been working on a shared verse with a good friend of mine, Noble Thought, and that we both have stories in it. Her story, The Primrose War (which I cannot link because NSFW, I think? Whatever, go to her page), is up and has been updating for some time now. It's a lot of fun, it's very intricate, and we've been enjoying this process of writing it for the last couple years.

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State of the Writer: No, My Last Blog Was Not My Site Leaving Blog - This One is My New Works Blog · 7:19pm Oct 3rd, 2020

Hi, welcome to the show. I don't have a creative name for this blog.

Anyway. Let's clear a few things up: a few folks were very confused on my last blog and read it as me leaving rather than me just closing the book on Respite verse. So, here we go.

I'm not gone. I'm quiet, but I'm still here. And I'm writing.

I'm writing quite a lot actually.

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And that's all, folks · 5:15pm Sep 5th, 2020

It took me some time to come to this decision. I referenced it on another story, but ... well, it's official now.

Everything I had for Out of Love is now on site for your enjoyment (or not, you might not like where these chapters were heading things). And with that, I am closing the book on the Respite verse for good.

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Christ, fuck it · 10:00pm Jul 21st, 2020

Listen. Y'all.

This fucking fandom, I swear.

Let's make it goddamn easy on everyone:

Glorifying ideologies that promote hate, intolerance, supremacy, etc etc etc? It's shit. What do I mean by glorifying?

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>tfw you have a lewd siren idea · 8:43pm Jul 4th, 2020

My mind betrays me.

Brb, time to schedule the lobotomy.

In the meantime, yes, I still write changeling things. Of various shapes and forms. Posting them ...

Well, this is the part where I hide before Drake finds me.


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Sharing just because why not · 6:38pm Jun 29th, 2020

I'm happy with something I wrote to describe angry drinking Tempest, so, y'all get to see it:

The sting of liquor did a fair job at dimming that of yet another dead end.

A hoof slammed a shot glass down upon the counter with such force, its nearby cousins jumped. “Another,” the mare called.

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Tomorrow is Apparently Chrysalis Day on Twitter · 1:49pm Jun 4th, 2020

Hail to the Queen, baby. I guess. Idk.

Also, I'm not dead. I'm just not really here much. I still write, but most of it is just ... idk. I hoard my words. Drake says I'm a jerk. That's probably accurate.

Also, about your waifu ...

She's all right, I guess.

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*Blinks confusedly* · 6:19pm Apr 22nd, 2020

Uh ...

That's ...

That's a lot of fuckin' alerts for a story I wrote five years ago. The hell's going on, you nerds?

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Woops · 2:38am Feb 11th, 2020

I fucked up. There was more to chapter 13. My b.

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