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And that's all, folks · 5:15pm Sep 5th, 2020

It took me some time to come to this decision. I referenced it on another story, but ... well, it's official now.

Everything I had for Out of Love is now on site for your enjoyment (or not, you might not like where these chapters were heading things). And with that, I am closing the book on the Respite verse for good.

I have no idea if too many of you still read it or really feel much toward it, but I'd like to thank you all for sharing in this little world of fey changelings and confused pegasi with me. It's funny, really. Six years ago, I brainstormed an idea with Noble Thought and a few other friends about Commander Hurricane falling in love with Smart Cookie, but felt too intimidated to write it because I didn't think I could flesh out OCs to stand alone, and I didn't think I had a talent for world building.

Now, all I really want to do is write OCs. Frankly, canon ponies ... I don't know. I don't really know how to put it.

In any case, Respite is done. Thank you all for sticking around. For those of you who just enjoyed the one story, thank you all for reading it. I had fun. And even if looking back on it hurts a bit due to personal drama, it was a good time.

If I ever get back to writing guardlings, you just might see a few characters return. Or, rather ...

You might see how they would be were they members of Chrysalis's hive originally.

For now, though, Aspire, Esalen, and Sure Stroke's misadventures are over. Goodnight, you three.

Thanks for bouncing around my head and annoying me to write you back in summer 2015. It was fun.

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Comments ( 44 )

Thank you all for sticking around

Thank you for great story :twilightsmile:

I, uh, should probably read Village Called Respite then. :twilightsheepish:

5349225 Christ, prepare for my 2015 writing then. It was a fun thing. Not exactly for everyone, though, I admit.

Unfortunate, but I loved the experience while it lasted.

:fluttercry: Awwwww... but... canceled tag? :ajsleepy: Sigh...:twilightsmile: well, thank you, i have only been a brony for 2 years now, and I have only been on this site for 1 year. And I just want to say your story is in my favorites for a reason (and a few others, including dear small pony book). Again, thank you. :pinkiehappy: And good luck on whatever you do next!

Oh no, and I just finished Village to boot! I still have all the side stories to read, but hey, that means I still have a sequel to tide things over.

But thank you for the fluffy world of Respite! I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you got coming next! :twilightsmile:

awww, another one of storys that i fallow for years end its sad realy i gues few moar months and we will have only clop left on this site. Anyway ! Thank You! For all the work you put in Respite-Verse for us ! its sad we never gonna see reaction of Crystal Empire return, but oh well im rambling here Thank You again from the bottom of my heart !

Nuuuuuuu~ ;_;

5349229 I'm endlessly grateful for that. Thank you.
5349222 Thank you for reading.

5349231 I'm really glad to hear that. Welcome to the site.

5349245 Heh, well, thank you for reading it. As for what's next, well ...

Perhaps the names Prim Stride, Rose Seed, and Rose Petal might mean something to you.

Oh, dang, I was hoping we would see our lovely feylings reunite with their beloved sainted ones. Oh well, all good things and all. I really enjoyed this little universe you've crafted, it's certainly one of the most interesting changeling societies I've seen, and a couple of stories I keep coming back to for inspiration.

I hope you have fun with your next idea! I know I'll be keeping an eye out for them.

5349249 There may or may not be Notes scattered around. Prim Notes, of course. There are also some interestingly rosy tails, one might be forgiven for calling them Rosetails of a Rosethorn variety.

There are also modern things not yet written, so I can't say much on those other than a word of advice to never wander the Rosethorn Gardens at Midnight.

I'm not crazy. You're crazy. Especially you, Nappa.

Well I guess I’ll go read that late two chapters then. I was hopping for more. But oh well. I enjoyed the respite verse a lot. Thanks for the great stories.

Damn... think I’ll bow out here then rather than read the last two and hope for more. Was really looking forward to seeing how the invasion and the known villages would change things.

Edit: will we see more of our thieving princess in the future?

Man, I... really don't know how to feel about this. I've left quite a few comments before, but this series was one of my favorites on this site, period. It's been one of the main things that I make sure I recommend to others, and, now that I know it'll never be finished?
I really didn't expect to see something like this today, but I'm glad we got what we got. I truly am incredibly sad, especially considering what we *didn't* get to see, but... I guess I'll have to deal with it. Thanks for everything regardless.

Thanks for the fun, it was blast from the past and to the future.

I loved your Village Called Respite series. Sad to see you drop it, but, I'm glad that I got to read what you posted. ^^

Best of luck to whatever you do next!

Well, fuck. :( Sorry to see it end that way. Best of luck Carapace

Sorry to hear you're done with Respite. Thanks for sharing Smugbug, Essy, Doodle, and friends with us over the years.

I can understand, I think. If you spend too much working on a series you want to take a break from that series and move on to other projects. I wish you the best in all your future projects.

I'm kind of sad to see the Respite series go, for the time being, I'm not sure how to feel about you being unsure about returning to Respite.

That all said, take your time and take a break and think about where you want to go now, and I hope whatever you come up with is something you can feel passionate about.

Sad to see it cancelled but thanks for writing what you did, it was fun to read :heart:

Too bad you could not find a ending for it, but well... Se la vie, at last you put the 'cancelled' many just disappear and leave the story without updating for years

I'm sorry to see it go, I loved the series well.

It was lovely while it lasted! But in all honesty, that felt like a good place to leave off; it felt like an early ending, rather than a cancellation. I'm satisfied to leave it there, and I look forward to reading more of your other works in the future!

Darn... I love this story, the whole universe created around Aspire, Esalen, and Sure Stroke is an amazing piece of art.

I'm really quite sad to see it cancelled, goodness has really been an adventure from 2015? I joined in 2016 or was it 17... point is that I fell in love with it instantly and I've loved it ever since then.

Thank you Carapace for this amazing story. I also wish you the very best of luck in your next project, whatever that may be.

Shame it's coming to an end, and more of a shame that you classified it as cancelled, I think hiatus would be better, because it's entirely possible that something will pop into your head set there, even if it's an OC. Honestly I'd love to see how Luna reacts to the Respite once she's well enough to visit (admittedly that might be a few years). That or shorts set in the same universe. I hate the idea that the door is closed, locked, boarded over and warded.

Oh geeze.. A Village Called Respite was one of the most unique takes on changelings this website has, I think. It was a wonderful 'verse, I really believe that. I hope all your future efforts go smoothly! :twilightsmile:

Damn shame. Respite was one of the best written worlds I’ve read on this site and I’ve been hanging around since 2012. I do hope you’ll come back to it someday or some of your other ongoing changeling stories. They are all excellent.

Ah, that sucks. I really loved respite and it's sequel. But hey, no point in forcing yourself to keep going. Good luck with your other projects.

Awesome stories, so sad to see you leave. :applecry:

I have a sad now. I've really enjoyed reading Respite, and was hoping it would continue longer than this. It was one of the most interesting and distinctive works on the site. Oh well, I understand the desire to move on, and will have to content myself with what is already available.

when I saw that Canceled tag I was super bummed my friend
I really liked the story

I understand your decision just hope it's kept on the site fr me to keep reading.

I was waiting for Out Of Love to finish before I read it. I absolutely adore the "Respite-verse" and its creative characters. Village is in my opinion one of the best stories on the site, up there with Changeling Of The Gaurd and the oldie, goody Past Sins.

Should I still read what have or just let it rest?

Oh nooooooo!!!! This and Changeling of the Guard are my favorite two Changeling story arcs of all time!

Thank you for writing them. I'm sad it's done though. I haven't read the last chapter. Is there a decent conclusion or is it just left on a cliffhanger?

Oof. End of a 'verse.

RIP Caretakers. :fluttershysad:

I'm sad to see you go, I loved your story. Thanks for writing it! I wish you well, luck and inspiration!

Welp sad to see you go.
Thanks for you ideas and stories and good luck with whatever you decide to do next.


Im disappointed it has come to an end, having read from the start and greatly enjoyed it all.

The end :/

But I’m a little confused. Is it just the Respite stories that are ending or are you done with all your stories?

Question if you don’t mind me bringing it up after so long(I tend to have a habit of reviving dead stuff, am a natural necromancer) why did you decide to end it? I don’t want to be a bother but if you don’t mind since there is no closure in the story itself, at least knowing why it ended helps ease the pain of losing such a heart touching story to the abyss of the unknown and unfinished

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