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    *sighs* You know you're a nerd when ...

    You spend time thinking of the justification for a type of operating system name to be near constant with its actual name in the AU of an AU (it's AUs all the way down, the earth is flat and balanced atop them all, shut up and deal with it) and you manage to think of something that fits with the various relationship structures of the different ideologies in that AU, and make it sappy enough to

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    The Rose Way - Progress Update

    Oh, hey, I can still log into this place. Cool.

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    State of the Writer: No, My Last Blog Was Not My Site Leaving Blog - This One is My New Works Blog

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    Anyway. Let's clear a few things up: a few folks were very confused on my last blog and read it as me leaving rather than me just closing the book on Respite verse. So, here we go.

    I'm not gone. I'm quiet, but I'm still here. And I'm writing.

    I'm writing quite a lot actually.

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    And that's all, folks

    It took me some time to come to this decision. I referenced it on another story, but ... well, it's official now.

    Everything I had for Out of Love is now on site for your enjoyment (or not, you might not like where these chapters were heading things). And with that, I am closing the book on the Respite verse for good.

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    Christ, fuck it

    Listen. Y'all.

    This fucking fandom, I swear.

    Let's make it goddamn easy on everyone:

    Glorifying ideologies that promote hate, intolerance, supremacy, etc etc etc? It's shit. What do I mean by glorifying?

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>tfw you have a lewd siren idea · 8:43pm Jul 4th, 2020

My mind betrays me.

Brb, time to schedule the lobotomy.

In the meantime, yes, I still write changeling things. Of various shapes and forms. Posting them ...

Well, this is the part where I hide before Drake finds me.


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In the meantime, yes, I still write changeling things. Of various shapes and forms. Posting them ...

Well, this is the part where I hide before Drake finds me.

Well, that explains things.
Anyway, happy hiding, Cara.

Just write the god damned horny singer porn and quitcherbitchin' :P

5301265 It's the 4th of July - I'm exercising my right as an American to bitch about things that are completely and utterly my own fault.

5301236 Somewhat, yeah. I'm sorta ... reclusive, nowadays. I have some things I'm working on that aren't published here, one's with Noble Thought. But yeah. I do things.

5301406 Honestly, that gif loop just gives me a twitch, jfc, Jon, what did I do to deserve this?

5301408 No one blames you for that, less of all me.
And that is good to know.
Writing is always good, no matter what or where it is.
Werds is werds... pony, or otherwise.
Good luck to you with them, my friend.
Quick question, though: what and/or where is Noble Thought?

Anyway, Happy Boom Day, and stay safe, okay?

Noble Thought is another writer on fimfiction. She's been a friend of mine since I started talking to people around here since 2014ish.

5301452 I mean, you're the expert on that.

That's my face when you have a Siren idea. I'll slow it down for ya.

5301497 Ah, okay.

I'll have to check her out then.

Hmm. Siren ideas... and writing changeling things... what if changelings were descended partly from sirens? They both power up based on emotion magic, after all. And Chryssie does so love to sing... :rainbowlaugh:

5301510 Guh, thank you. The twitch is gone.

5301523 She's really good. Highly recommended.

5301528 Well ... no, but sirens are involved in two of the changeling things. Mostly as side characters. This one is ... well, it doesn't involve the Dazzlings but it involves a character reimagined as a siren and searching for something she's never had.

5301767 Don't get too excited. I still have to finish something before I do the thing.

Sustain me. Will there be handholding (or some equivalent)?

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