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    Christ, fuck it

    Listen. Y'all.

    This fucking fandom, I swear.

    Let's make it goddamn easy on everyone:

    Glorifying ideologies that promote hate, intolerance, supremacy, etc etc etc? It's shit. What do I mean by glorifying?

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Christ, fuck it · 10:00pm Jul 21st, 2020

Listen. Y'all.

This fucking fandom, I swear.

Let's make it goddamn easy on everyone:

Glorifying ideologies that promote hate, intolerance, supremacy, etc etc etc? It's shit. What do I mean by glorifying?

Putting up monuments to it. Putting up statues of figures dedicated to its cause. LARPing around in uniform thinking you're a badass when, in reality, you're probably about three seconds away from pissing your pants if anyone actually walks up to you and balls up a fist because, whoopsie-doodle, that cute little armband or hood you're wearing represents a group that killed, tortured, raped, enslaved, and otherwise deprived their people of human rights. Or their families.

Oh, tossing around art that tries to make it cute? That'll do it too.

Anyway, I'm just gonna go do whatever. Do me a solid and keep the noise down if you absolutely must burn the fandom to the ground.

Tl;dr - fuck off with the Nazi imagery. Soviet shit can die in a fire as well, while we're at it.

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Hell yeah! Good shit!

All Nazis and Nazi sympathisers can go burn in a pit for all eternity.

Bro me and my best friend almost got into a fist fight over whether Nazis were still around or not

SPark #4 · Jul 21st, 2020 · · 3 ·

Wow. Anybody who thinks Nazis aren't still around must live under a rock or something.

What I worry about is this. When do we go too far, like when do we start internet witch hunts on who or who not might be a Nazi. There is that line.

I don't get what the sudden surge of people saying "Fuck Nazis!" is coming from. There seems to be no real reason, just suddenly people screaming about people being horrible when I can't see anyone actually doing these things. Honestly, everybody in polite society agrees Nazis are bad, so why is everybody sudden filled with the need to scream about how much they hate nazis? Is this some thing signaling for wokeness so people won't turn on them and call them racist?

I'm asking seriously, where the hell are the nazis on this site that everybody is in an uproar over?

except they dont nazies as they are in the very definition you are attempting to use it refers to hitlers army now....follow me here this may come as a shock but hitler is dead.....i know i know shocking sssssshhhhhhh its ok what you mean to actually refer to is white/black supremists/people who hate others based on the color of their skin nazies do not exist because hitler is dead

Nazis ruin everything they touch.

It was a thing on Derpibooru recently. Short version is first all Nazi stuff were finally banned and removed, then people started yelling that it was censoring free speech so one mod (who has since stepped down) allowed it again, before swiftly going back to no Nazi stuff again.

I'm assuming you missed the Nazi story in the top of the feature box and also the Derpibooru uh... disaster it'd best be described. A lot of people have unfortunately come to the defense of Nazi imagery and even Nazis themselves. It was sort of kicked off when Derpibooru tried to ban racist shit and then flip flopped for a while before finally landing on some racism being okay.
Unfortunately they still haven't decided to go with no Nazi stuff completely, who knows though. They could bounce back to it... again.

"Nazi" nowadays has been a euphemism: a blanket term for "fascist". Sure, the The National Socialist German Workers' Party no longer exists, but the core ideology that that party embodied—bigotry, anti-semitism and the glorifying of racial purity to the detriment of "the other", that they killed over 10 million people over, 6 million of which were Jews—Nazism, is still very much alive. And like a cancer, it is metastasizing wherever it can, growing into tumors of hate that must be excised wherever they appear.

Unfollowed one person who tried to both sides that kind of shit today. Tried asking who's really the Nazis in this debacle. I'm relieved every time I see that called out.

Do I even want to know what the context for this is?

If you do, here ya go. 5318071
I feel like, with all the anger surrounding this, it's easy to imagine innocent people getting caught in some kind of crossfire however, this idea is typically used to vilify those speaking out. Take everyone complaining about "cancel culture" and shit like that when they just don't want any repercussions for saying crazy racist nonsense.

No but you should. Nazi apologists coming out of the woodwork these days.

The only good thing about the Soviet regime was the national anthem - it made a great cure for narcolepsy! That opening note? Written to wake up the slumbering Politburo members so they could stand and sing at least semi-coherently...

So first, Nazis aren’t just Hitler’s army. Second, even if that’s originally what it meant (it isn’t) people identifying themselves as Nazis have since taken up the cause and imagery. Third, ‘Nazi inspired fascists’ for people who do a paint-thick rebranding so as to not be technically Nazis is too much of a mouthful.

But you know all of that already.

5318052 Your statement falls on its face because the Nazi Party was, originally, the political movement that Hitler spearheaded. The military wing he controlled was the SS. In the decades since WW2, multiple groups have arisen that have carried on the legacy of those policies and ideologies. Most of us save time and refer to them as Nazis both as a means of saving time and to tie them to the shit tier ideology they all get off to at the end of the day. And they have something in common with the Confederate LARPers:

They're just a bunch of sad, whining man children clutching at flags that will forever have a massive L beside them in the history books.

the point i was trying to make which i could probably have used a better example for is even granting your argument that those are in fact nazies/fascits they are not the majority of people the majority of peopel who are labeled nazies are just people that have a diffrent political opinion in todays society the kkk which is our version of the nazies arent even that big nowadays compared to groups like blm for example their are recorded fake hate crimes in newsites of people faking or trying to start a outrage mob

If you are this triggered by that content then stop looking at it. There are many fics that I drop once the author goes past the line. I don't tell them they did so, as others seem to enjoy them, and I don't go back. Sometimes tolerance is putting up a wall.

The melody was reused for the current Russian anthem. I rather enjoy either version being performed by the Alexandrov Ensemble aka the Red Army Choir. (perhaps helped by me not understanding a word of Russian). I first heard it on a world of tanks video starring the KV-2.

I can see how you come to that position but I strongly disagree. Probably the best analogy is metastasizing cancer, or a wildfire. Just because it isn’t bad now doesn’t mean you don’t stamp out all the sparks as soon as you can.

To put it another way. There are very many things that people can legitimately disagree on in a tolerant society, from political policy to fetishes. Incest is gross, but whatever: it’s a fantasy. And you’re right, I don’t have to read it.

But then you hit exceptions. There are some ideologies which are inherently a call to violence, and which cannot coexist with a tolerant and open society. Fascism is one of them. ‘Peaceful’ coexistence with fascism, as an ideology, ends in either fascism or the free society it exists in being destroyed. And the Nazis (the WWII ones) actually bragged about using the pretext of tolerance to conquer and destroy the German government.

Or, to make it even simpler, my freedom to swing my arms ends where your face begins. Fascism demands that you conform or die. It cannot exist as part of a civilized society.

People here are actually talking about 1488ing fucktards and the people who enable them by turning a blind eye in the name of tolerance/free speech/other excuses, not just a simple difference in political alignment.

that makes it even worse how do you think the nazies rose to power in germany to begin with hitlers party was small trying to take over the goverment it wasnt until the goverment/other people started cracking down on them that they started growing in power even then they didnt get everyone on their side but because of the goverment trying to stop a small insurrection you cant completly get rid of racism black/white what you are complaining about is the fringe who unless they get political power which they dont have right now

In the vague possibility that you are actually arguing in good faith and not trolling:

No, resisting fascism is not what leads to fascists. For one thing they said so themselves. Hitler said the only thing which could have prevented their rise was swift, decisive action to destroy their party before they gained popularity, and their propaganda minister specifically boasted about using the pretext of tolerance as a means to grow and eventually take over the government.

It would be lovely to think that we could ignore them and they would go away. It would be lovely to think that there are only a handful people who find fascism appealing. Unfortunately, history has shown this to not be the case.

You're 100% right. You can't get rid of it 100% But that doesn't stop us from trying.

Cars aren't 100% safe, but we did what we could to make them as safe as feasible. Same goes for a lot of things, why should preventing organizations who's end goals are the elimination of entire races, ethnicity, religions tolerated?

Aye. Fascism, like a cult, feeds on ignorance and concerns of leadership. With a dressing of depression for some added flavor.

If what angelsribbon says is true about the rise of Hitler, I would think it was originally established as something low-key so that it could seep into homes and be viewed as a positive suggestion. And then when the government finally caught on and struck back, the people thought the government was trying to rob them of some rights. So they resisted and the concept of the Nazis grew in solidarity until it became large enough to reveal it's true plans.

But that is just me and my experience with 100s of stories.

5318312 No, tolerance just lets it grow like a weed. See the state of the world today.

Yet both sides are turning into fascists because of no tolerance. You have side A; the fascists against everyone not them. Then you have side B; the fascists against fascistism. Did B start out that way? No. That is what is so sad about the hole matter. It sits and festers and before you know it you don't recognize the thing in the mirror. It is not hard for a person in a negative place of mind to jump from "you're not helping" to "you're an enemy".

I am not saying to not defend yourself and your culture. I am not saying that they won't climb over the proverbial wall. Their ideology will fail. Communism couldn't last. Nazis couldn't last. The fascist ideology can't maintain a stable peacetime society. When they crawl over the fence, or attack your friends, beat them down with a strong stick. Driving them before you and destroying their crumbling society because it is negative in your eyes will make you the fascist.

"War makes fascists of us all"

5319322 Hi there, Kafka, that's a nice trap you've set. No, we don't have to tolerate intolerant ideologies. Especially not those who would, y'know, fucking love to kill us as stated in their mission statement.

You'll notice I'm not calling for a murder-death-kill campaign on people acting or writing this nazi/confed/soviet/kkk shit. That's because I'm not about the whole culling thing. But I see no problem telling people advocating those ideologies to fuck right off and not granting them place in my circles. And if that makes me a fascist in your eyes, well, why don't you toddle off? Because you're not gonna get me to give even the slightest inkling of a damn about someone who actually subscribes to that belief system.

I am not calling you that and I resent that tone your taking. I am warning that you might become that. That distinction is key.

There's a whole torrent of 'The Libruls are the REAL Fascists' and 'Black people are the REAL racists' and 'there are very fine people on both sides' that what you're saying sounds an awful lot like, so even if you don't mean that? Putting it that way is going to get what you might call a reaction.


And there's your fallacy. Nazi ideology does not deserve to be tolerated. It has no place in modern society and certainly not in a fandom built on a show about peace, love and NOT MURDERING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

I’ve had fascist douchebags tell me to my face that I’d be the first they’ll line up against the wall once they rise to power. I don’t see why I should be courteous and tolerate them if that is how they feel about me.

Nicely put.

What's your stance on Islam, then.

5320527 The same as my stance on Christianity because I've read that book too.

"The Nazi Story at the top of the featured box"
You know that was both a clopfic by a popular author and a parody, right?
He wrote the story in support of the artists on Derpibooru who were getting their stuff banned, because he believed that artists should be able to create art about whatever they want, even if its about Nazis (a group he himself denounced.)
Shit, if you read it, you know that the main character runs off at the end because Aryanne is an insane Nazi.
At no point does it make the claim that Nazis were something to respect or support. The main character is essentially raped and then he runs away. Not exactly the kind of Nazi propaganda you're implying.

Motherfucker really comin' in hot on this two week old blog huh? Sorry, Nazi shit can be banned and it doesn't matter who makes it. I'm sure he gives fantastic lip service to not liking Nazis while defending their presence in the fandom and I'm not going to """"debate"""" you on the merits of a fucking Nazi porn story.

Comment posted by Changeling404 deleted Aug 25th, 2020
Comment posted by Changeling404 deleted Aug 25th, 2020
Comment posted by Changeling404 deleted Aug 25th, 2020

That's fair but, I was already responding so... here's what I had, not great but if you don't want to get into it I'm not going to work more on it, I can understand not wanting to get into it.

After a month of this I have little patience. He has no point. This deliberate ignorance towards actual racism in the fandom just enables it to spread further. The """"free speech"""" art pack was a sham to make actual racists look good by donating to charity instead of, ya know, just not being racist. It was entirely performative, they're nonstop goi ng on about how "Hey look we aren't bad people, we donated to charity!" while the head of the group is an actual white supremacist.

But think of this, If we count up the things you did, that someone else believes is bad... im sorry, but your probably screwed too. Sometimes people don't realize they did something bad until someone says something, that doesnt make them a bad person. Remember, ITS JUST FICTION.

Hating Nazis doesn't make you a Nazi. The problem is people are saying something but the people doing it continue anyway. I don't know why you think some fictional story glorifying Nazis is fine just because it is a fictional glorification of Nazis.

In their mind, its probably not disrespectful. They are trying to take something bad and turn it positive for people to enjoy to lighten the mood.

Jokes aren't free from criticism and are not inherently good. This is a complete deflection of all criticism. It is disrespectful, that's the point. They're making fun of things for giggles. There's a lot more to this with how real Nazis use this as cover and they also make these jokes to test the water, see what people will accept.

Deleted. I conceed.

I'm not going to block you. You could cosplay as a nazi and i still wouldn't. That is tolerance. You have the freedom of speech and you are using it. Some people make the mistake of thinking a tolerant person will just roll over and let injustice happen and they would be wrong. Being submissive and tolerant are two different things, they can go hand in hand but are not joined at the hip.

That is the problem with today's culture. It is a cancel culture. It rejects anything that is not itself. How is that good? How is that in line with the show's attempted message? It's not. It is like Discord; he was never evil but just had an extreme lack of empathy. Twilight herself suffered from the same problem (still suffers i think) and so when Celestia wanted him 'reformed' she turned not to Twilight but to Fluttershy; the most tolerant of the group.

Twilight was all set to stone him because he didn't subscribe to her ideals. Indeed, the remaining four were of the same mind. Fluttershy did succeed in reforming him. He replaced apathy with empathy. Mostly directed at one person but he came around once the others removed the metal poles from their asses.

Despite my misgivings and how the show warps things by bad writing a great number of its lessons are true and wholesome. Lessons we should more often take to heart.

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