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The Rose Way - Progress Update · 9:06pm Feb 1st, 2021

Oh, hey, I can still log into this place. Cool.

Anyway, what's up people? I mentioned a while back that I've been working on a shared verse with a good friend of mine, Noble Thought, and that we both have stories in it. Her story, The Primrose War (which I cannot link because NSFW, I think? Whatever, go to her page), is up and has been updating for some time now. It's a lot of fun, it's very intricate, and we've been enjoying this process of writing it for the last couple years.

Which brings me to my contribution to the verse - we're coming up on the point in Noble's story where the MCs of mine start to take more of a role. So, we will have a bit of fun with the following roster of ponies, as well as a few others who will join up:

Rosethorn Seed - Lord of the Garden of Love, prodigal gardener, husband to Rosewine Petal

Rosewine Petal - Heiress on the Hill, owner and proprietor of Rosewine Vineyard, wife to Rosethorn Seed

Primfeather Stride - Lance Corporal of the Dammeguard, youngest of Primfeather Wing's children, friend of Cloudy Rosewing and Rosemary Rosethorn, and subordinate/mentee of Primline Collar

Rosetail Rosethorn - youngest daughter of Roseate Rosethorn

Primline Note - Lieutenant of the Dammeguard, member of the Dammeguard's intelligence apparatus

It'll be a fun time. And, yes, for those of you who have read Noble's story, you'll get a look into Stride's head to see what the effects of a certain night had on him and how he sees the world, as well as what his friendship with Rosemary has changed what he "knew" growing up. I currently have 30 chapters written, with the 31st halfway done and another chapter that'll get stuck somewhere early on because of a little plot thread idea Noble and I discussed to give a bit of context to Seed's relationship with someone rather special in his life.

He has so missed his dear auntie.

Aaaaanyway, yeah. I'm doing things. I just hoard them and kinda keep to myself these days. So, look forward to that sometime in the near future.

And now I have to get back to work. I'll be very happy when I'm done with auditing.

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Comments ( 8 )

Have a wonderful day!

And glad to see you alive and kicking!

Is there a group page with the stories in proper reading order?

Oh hey you're alive, hello friend. :twilightsmile:

5445943 Not currently, but I can tell you the order since we only have 2 as it stands right now:

1. The Primrose War - Noble Thought

2. The Rose Way - me.

They run concurrently, but Primrose War starts earlier than mine and covers the lead up to events that affect Prim Stride in mine. We might make a group, because eventually Noble will post the modern era story and I may or may not end up writing an AU thing. We'll see. It really depends on how much we're enjoying it and how much story there is to tell.

Woo! You live.

It's always great to see someone come back to the site. Great to hear from you!

This sounds interesting friend.

👀👀👀👀 intensifies

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