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*Blinks confusedly* · 6:19pm Apr 22nd, 2020

Uh ...

That's ...

That's a lot of fuckin' alerts for a story I wrote five years ago. The hell's going on, you nerds?

Report Carapace · 1,409 views · Story: A Joke Too Far ·
Comments ( 19 )

I have no idea, but it was a rather hilarious story.

dunno. have one extra upvote on that one I guess :rainbowkiss:

shrugs Don't look a gift horse in the mouth I suppose, right?

This is why:
In case the image doesn't load, Silfoe redid the cover art image recently and linked your story in their comment.

You appear to be using the picture she did just after that as your new avatar. Did you not see it? :rainbowhuh:

I was wondering why it was suddenly popular. That's how I discovered it! The popular section, not the redid pic.

Does this mean there's gonna be a sequel story?

/Sorrynotsorry :rainbowlaugh:

The new artwork looks amazing...
Hence I found the story
And realised I had somehow missed it 5 years ago.

Some Russian bronies found the translated version of the story too.

Yeah, like 5248087 said.
Silfoe redid the art. Must be because of that.

Probably some famous blogger went spelunking for old gems.

It was just in the "popular" tab of the front page... And it seemed fun... So I read it. Lol

5248014 Oh. In my defense, she sent it to me directly in discord about a month ago.

Also it's finals time and I hate my life. what day even is it?

Fair enough. Good luck on your exams!
And if it helps, it's Thursday. :rainbowlaugh:

5248790 Oh, that explains why my paycheck came in today. Christ.

Maybe it's actually that someone's piling on one last prank. Another prank to a large pile of them, perhaps an already-excessive pile in the opinion of some.

what i'm saying is maybe this is truly a joke too far

Ah sweet memories...:twilightsmile:

You know it wasn't until I read "A Village Called Respite" years later that I went back and saw one of the first fics I ever read. It inspired me to look into your other stories and now you've not only become one of my favorite authors on site but you're writing style is my favorite on site.

So yay!:pinkiehappy:

5255274 *sighs the wrathful sigh of a man pushed to the brink*

5255519 Oh, wow, that's very flattering to hear. Thank you very much, I'm glad you've enjoyed my stories ^^

You're welcome.

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