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Twilight Sparkle was hoping to spend the morning snuggling with her loving girlfriend, Luna. But princessly duties demand their attention, and Luna has no intention of letting her sleep. Naturally, it's time to object. Creatively. And she's determined to come out on top of things.

Figuratively speaking, at least.

A oneshot voted on by my patrons.

Preread by Timaeus.

Artwork by Silfoe for her Tumblr blog, The Royal Sketchbook, and used with her permission!

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Oh, Twilight. You reap what you sow, and what you've sown is pain sitting down tomorrow.

You poor fool.

This was a very fun story... and boy howdy, is Twilight in for it now. :trollestia:

Yep, Twilight's doomed... To a very good night with the Moon that is,

Very nice. I especially enjoy Celestia's restrained amusement through it all.


Or a night beneath the Moon. :trollestia:


Quite adorable, and it honestly gave me a few ideas for how to deal with my own significant other.

As the last wisp of Luna’s beautiful starry tail disappeared

You sir, are a turd.

I enjoyed this.

Welp, that certainly exceeded my daily recommended intake of goofy grinning. :rainbowlaugh: :heart:

Looking at the cover I had a thought, one the author confirmed at the end of the description. That image is from my favourite Tuna blog

My heart!!! Stoping!!!!

I want my relationship to be like that! Ugh! This story!!!

In all seriousness. This was well written, and I loved the dynamic you set up with the three princesses. This was very delightful!

Fun! Reminds me a bit of Court by Silver Scrolls.


Oh my. That's about all I have to say. Twi gon' get it now. In the best way.

Hang the deal,” the Night Princess scoffed as she drew in near, that wicked, vulpine smirk grew into a toothy grin. “Tonight your rear belongs to Luna.”


I loved it. Funny flirty Twilight is best Twilight :twilightsmile:

Who wants late replies? Well, too bad, you're getting them!

8432046 I know, right? You mess with the Night Princess, you get exactly what you asked for ... though I don't think Twilight will complain~

843207 She's in for a loooooooooong night >:D

8432093 Hahaha indeed. And Luna's passion is ... well, Twilight knew what she was getting into lol.

8432127 Thanks! I sorta wondered how to portray her, but I figured that she might just sit back and be like "yeah, I'mma just sit right here and enjoy the show until it gets to the part I don't need to see."

8432137 Twilight always comes out on top! Even when she's on the bottom!

8432300 Thanks :)

8432338 Godspeed o7

8432734 D'oh!

8433085 :moustache:

8433763 Consult your doctor if grinning lasts more than eight hours.

8433928 That blog inspired this fic! And Sil is a great friend ^^

8433984 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

8434330 Oh man, that looks like a ball XD

8434344 All night long~

8434385 :trixieshiftleft:

8434813 :rainbowwild:

8435176 There needs to be more flirty, take charge-y Twilight around here!

This is kind of ironic now, if you've been following the artist.

i was smiling like a wolf the whole time. loved it xD


LOVED IT! Also, nice choice of cover art. I love Silfoe's work.


But to be on top of the Moon would require going over to the Dark Side of the Moon.

Sequel please

This was hot and cute in all the good manners. Kudos :twilightsmile:

Hah! This story reminds me of certain shenanigans I've been on the receiving end of, from time to time...

This was soo good!! I love their interactions, very playful and very much in character :raritystarry:

I never knew I could smile so big and so much as I did reading this fic.
Thank you.

The only way this could have been better is if it had been the start of a longer story. Other than that it doesn't get any better for a one shot.

You know I almost feel bad for Twilight. Or rather I meant I almost feel jealous of Twilight. Such play with Luna would be awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Just lovely. The only possible complaint I can give is I wish it was longer

When they find my body, the computer will be on this page. Cause of death, an overdose of laughter. :rainbowlaugh:

This is amazing, Brilliant and hilarious.

How is it that I've only just found this...?

This so deserves a sequel. If only for Luna to do the same to Twilight. Well written and well played.

I swear this is the best twiluna fic I've ever read...i especially loved the ending.💜

Just read this is second time, sad to see there isn't a sequel yet. :fluttercry:

i would love to see a sequal of this!

Can I do a fanfic reading of this XD?

Be my guest ^^

i cant stop reading this what have you done to me

Hehe sorry to bother you again so soon, but stuff is in the whirl right now and now I'm entertaining the idea of turning this into a comic strip as well/ or instead of a fanfiction reading. Still cool with that? Thanks!

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