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Just an introvert who likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I also like to write MLP fanfiction. Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony.



Princess Celestia ascended Twilight into an alicorn without giving her any notice, then she left her to return to Canterlot to make preparations for the newborn alicorn's coronation, leaving Twilight's mind reeling from the sudden change of species and what it means.

Twilight can't sleep because her over-analytical mind is plagued with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. But maybe a visitor can help ease her worries and comfort her enough for her to fall asleep.

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I liked this story, sometimes it's nice to read a story with a slower pace and more relaxing tone.

I personally am not one that reads much twiluna but I have no problems with it and in this case it was enjoyable.

I wouldn't mind more one shots in the future.

Tuna cuddles!
Very nicely written too :twilightsmile:

You did wonderfully. I'm not one for twidash, but I love twiluna.

I'm glad that so many people have enjoyed this story. I wasn't sure what to expect, but, while I had hoped for such a good response, I wasn't sure I'd get one.

I'm tentatively planning on writing more one-shots in the future with other pairings, maybe even more Twiluna. I did enjoy writing this a lot.

I really liked it! You wrote them quite well!
You should write more Tuna, it suits you.
And I think you were describing this at the end:

I'm glad you like it... I've had practice writing cuddles. A lot of practice, mostly from writing Twidash.

I kind of had that picture in mind, but not quite that, although I do really like that picture. Luna's not really laying on top of Twilight, they're spooning. (I think that's the right term? Luna's on her side with Twilight back tucked in against her body, and Luna's head holding Twilight's head in place...)

I wouldn't mind writing more TwiLuna. Calling it Tuna seems weird though... :twilightblush: Haha, story title idea- Tuna in a Bottle...

I can understand that well, I've been a Twidasher before I converted to TwiLuna.
Now I can't go back.

Tuna is a funny shortening of TwiLuna that somebody in the TwiLuna group coined.
And yes, it's a great source of fish humor.

It was kinda late so I picked this shorter story to read.

I am kind of curious, why do you consider this and the Sun Lights the Future your best work? I haven't read your other stories yet, I'm still getting around to reading your stuff, so I can't actually compare any of your stories.

Also on an unrelated note, I left the Nightly Discussion early to do my dishes, which I could have done at 1 AM, but I wanted to do it early so I could talk with you when you ended the RP. However, when I went to do my dishes is about when you ended the RP and left. :/

A lot of my other stories have flaws to them, sometimes it's a small, minor flaw, but this and the other story don't feel flawed. I can read them without groaning or cringing at something. And, they're both cute.

awe this story was so cute ... good job

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

i would love to see this be made longer and in to very cute story with lots of cuddles

i would love to see this made longer with lots of cuddles

'Princess Celestia used her magic to ascend me...' she thought to herself

Errrr .... wut?

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