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To better herself, Luna has studied Twilight's actions and friendship reports almost religiously. However, she never expected to find the tables turned and be under the microscope herself, nor did she realize that a pony would go so far for one they called friend.

Pre-reading/editing by auramane, Habanc, Foals Errand, Meridian Prime, and Timaeus

Cover art commissioned by me and done by Silfoe and can be found here. Thanks a bunch!

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Took you long enough.

Finally! Glad to see this published and polished, Big Z. Flustered, nervous, self-deprecating Twilight FTW.

Also, edit that last line. NVM, Skype'd you.

Ooh, this looks good Zom. I'm kind of glad I haven't seen this before - means I'm not spoiled for anything!

Finally. You're almost as slow as I am :ajsmug:

She had had more than enough time to work everything out.

Perfectly correct, but often trips up the reader. Personally, I prefer to use "She'd had" in this situation, for ease of reading.

Well, that was a thing. Here's to there being an actually good TwiLuna story finally. Hopefully.

5624075 I swear, you and your Sweetie Belle memes :rainbowlaugh:

Wonderful beginning. I always liked these almost magical Luna slice of life's.
It is an art to tell a story this way. To picture all her insecurities this clear while also always returning to the present through means of her heightened awareness.

You captured the atmosphere, and in it Twilight's awkwardness, very well.
I hope to see the next chapter soon.

Fav'd, like'd and put into 'Golden Slice'

I look forward to the next chapter ^^

Off to a good start. :twilightsmile: Faved!

Wonderful character interaction. Truly outstanding in this regard. :twilightsmile:

woo! new chapter!

and adorable squee.

Oh god Zom this was way too adorable

Great update! I'm interested to see their relationship develop from here. :twilightsmile:

Really nice story so far. I like how you have portrayed everyone. Please continue soon

This story is a truly good example at the need for a friendship tag, as well as romance.

“He was scratched pretty badly, it would’ve been… a lot worse if I hadn’t been there to stop them.” A whimper escaped her throat as she wrung her hooves together. “Oh, I just wish he wouldn’t pick fights like that!”

“Well, if it’s not much trouble, I suppose.” Fluttershy fiddled idly with her teacup. She stayed quiet while Twilight drank, but surveyed her closely. Her hesitation gave way to concern as she noted the dark circles beneath those purple eyes. “Um, Twilight? Have you been sleeping well?”

Is there a paragraph missing between these two?

5733508 Yes there is. Thanks for catching that. Time to go back through revision history and see what happened.

hmm, well while this chapter was very pleasant to read,....it kind of fell...flat? I guess. I mean no disrespect by that statement, it just felt like "a quick chat and a bite to eat". no real progression I guess for the plot. it could just be me, you stated several times in there that luna wanted to meet fluttershy, so that made plot sense, but I felt the chapter could've been longer, had more to happen? I don't know, i'm probably over analyzing it ^^.

still, altogether it was very...cute.

I agree with Backlash. There wasn't anything too objectionable here, but there wasn't much reason to read it, either.

The harshest thing I can say is that it wasn't clear to me until it was almost over that the two of them were just meeting as friends. I thought Twilight might have invited Fluttershy to talk about Luna, and then I was curious why she kept asking about animals rather than getting to business. But right when they got to Luna and had a chance to get another character's perspective on the main plot, it's over.

I know you split the first two chapters from one bigger one. Was this the same thing?

5733963 Yeah, I was more focusing on Twilight starting a bit of her research into helping Luna at the beginning, then just her getting a small hint that agreeing to be friends with Luna was met with excitement (via the owls seeing her little dance). And yes, this one was longer at first but got split up.

I enjoyed it. Feels like a bit of bracing to fill a gap. It also shows a bit of Twilights perspective on not only Luna but her interactions with her friends.

I feel like this chapter was a setup to something else (and bigger) in the next chapter. While it was a bit short, it was still a pleasant read. :twilightsmile:

I'm really liking how this fic is shaping up. Good work ZOMG! Luna is pretty darn adorable, can't wait to read more.

She was alone, no pony was there to see her. So no pony would judge her for dropping all pretenses. She pranced in place, doing a sort of jig as she let out a rather unprincess-like squee!

Can't wait for Twilight to be around for when Luna starts to act less and less "princess-y" around her.

Great start to this one too, and it looks like I'm fortunate enough that there are two more chapters already available.

Hahaha, that's what you get for showing up at the library and demonstrating that you're a pony in need of help, Luna. You get helped. :moustache::twilightsmile:

Savoir Faire somewhat stole the chapter IMO.

I am continuing to enjoy this.

My, my. I feel like a broken record today. One chapter to praise after the other^^
That was quiet a nice development. Luna returning the favour and wanting to help Twilight be more self-confident is coming earlier than I expected. I'm looking forward to how they're relationship will play out and if Celly will become more of a character and less of a symbol too.
You did a great job in that area too with letting her admit having been stupid in not teaching Twilight about certain things more distinctly.

Nice chapter. Its good to see this continued.

Celestia and food :rainbowlaugh: Its always good see her and cake in stories.

biting of ears *blushes* and cuddles. all of my "daaaaws" to this chapter.

And now we really get to see them interact... Can't wait. :ajsmug:

I love the pancake breakfast tradition, it's a really nice idea.

This chapter brings up a really good point that canon MLP:FIM has yet to address (at least, as far as I've watched it). Princesses Luna and Celestia are fairly big parts of the story, with almost every episode ending with Twilight (or one of the other mane 6) sending Celestia a letter and the occasional episode devoted to Luna. But their powers/past are almost completely unknown. All that's been confirmed is that they're at least over a thousand years old, and can raise either the sun or moon. It's been hinted a few times that as Twilight's magic instructor Celestia knows how to perform every spell that Twilight can, but very rarely shows it.

Great to see another update on this.

Hmn. I wonder at this point if Luna doesn't have her dream management powers back or is somehow refraining from using them, and if that could be what she is trying to recover. I've wondered ever since that aspect of Luna's character was detailed in the show if the Nightmare part of Nightmare Moon was more literal than first expected, and that might be why she feels like she has many things to answer for.

Meetings with Luna to discuss their common interest in classical music? That would be an excellent way to start building bridges towards her.

Until, of course, she simply tapped Pinkie on the back and softly wrapped her hooves around her withers, muttering “Um, caught you… if that’s okay with you” and was promptly declared the winner.

That is full on adorable.

Good to see the update! For some reason, I'm guessing that Luna had a special somepony that she lost before her fall. Perhaps that has something to do with how she became Nightmare Moon. I could be way off, but that's just where I'm speculating right now.

5866249 Find out on the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z!


Wait a minute.

Luna flicked a droplet of juice at her giggling sister. “Away with your teasing, you wicked mare!” She levied a glare as Celestia only broke into full-blown laughter at her demand. “You know that is not my intent in the slightest!”

There's something very fun and very satisfying about seeing a lighter, more teasing side of Luna coming out to play as opposed to her rather formal appearance back in chapter one. I can only assume that's because she's comfortable around Celestia, whereas she's very awkward and therefore very formal around Twilight. The way her somewhat "rustic" dialogue blends into her teasing and banter was enjoyable to see, though, and I'm liking the angle you're taking with Luna's motivation to get closer to Twilight.

Only Rainbow and Pinkie could start up a game of “hug everypony” and have there be a winner, Twilight chuckled as she shook her head. At least they all had fun. Sure, it was different than their usual pet playdates, but a little change of pace could be nice.

Patches of dirt matted her coat, her fur was ruffled and stood on end from where she’d been hugged, ruffled, and snuggled every time she’d been caught.

Only you could think up a game like this.

Yay for big sister Celestia!

Oh, god the d'awww is over 10,000 on the scouter... HNNNGGH!

all the adorbs.

all of em.:heart:

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