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Twilight, Good Night - Carapace

To better herself, Luna has studied Twilight's actions and friendship reports. She never expected to find herself under the microscope in turn.

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29: The Cool Touch of Night and the Warm Glow of Day

Kissing had many variations.

It could be short, little more than a peck on the lips, like what her parents or Cady and Shiny liked to do in front of her to make her gag and complain as a filly. It could be those long, drawn out kisses that looked like the ponies were trying to suck each others’ faces off—which she’d had the misfortune of witnessing more than a few times on walks through the parks in Ponyville and Canterlot, and once when she’d walked into Shining’s room without knocking.

That was one particular event that, looking back, Twilight wished she didn’t have the context she was missing back then. There was just something about realizing that her big brother on top of and kissing the Princess of Love in that manner while they both laid on his bed was a prelude to something else entirely that made her consider self-wiping her memory.

But, on a more pressing—and not just because her lips were pressed against Luna’s—and important note, there was another sort of kiss that Twilight found she quite liked.

It was a sort of combination of the two, really. She felt Luna’s lips moving, drawing against hers as if she were pulling a lollipop out of her mouth. Oddly pleasant. Quite so, actually.

Enough to make her eyes flutter shut and the tingling sensation run throughout her body again as she relaxed and tilted her head to the side just enough that she could reciprocate.

Butterflies fluttered in her chest. She felt Luna’s hooves wrapped around her, pulling her in close for a tight hug.

Twilight gasped into the kiss as she felt Luna lift her straight off the ground with ease and into the chair, encircling her with powerful wings.

The warmth from the night before came back in full force. It was strange, but right. In the back of her mind, Twilight couldn’t help but run through all the ways those old romance novels tried to describe how it felt, each more flowery than the last.

And they all fall woefully short of the mark. She smiled into the kiss, bringing her hooves up to rest on Luna’s shoulders.

It almost pained her to pull back, her lips felt cold the moment they left Luna’s, as if she just had to go back for another. A bit of temptation that Twilight had to fight back with all she could.

The way Luna kept hers parted for a moment before opening her eyes and blinking owlishly suggested that she might be feeling the same. “You … um …” She licked her lips, a smile as bright as the stars in her night sky spread across her muzzle. “You wish to move forward in a more romantic—”

Twilight placed a hoof over her mouth, giving a smile of her own. “Yes,” she said. “But with a bit of an asterisk in that regard. Well, not so much an asterisk, more of a request for how things go from here.” Removing her hoof, she reclined, still held in Luna’s grasp—both feathered and non. “Is that okay, or is that going to be a problem?”

Luna’s smile didn’t falter a bit. “I am not so naive that I thought there would not be some boundaries,” she replied. “This request is in addition to my agreement not to meddle in your dreams without permission, yes?”

“Yes. Though, it’s not quite in that spirit.” Fidgeting in place, Twilight ducked her head. “It’s more of a pacing thing.”


“For this—us.” She rubbed her hooves together. “I’ve never done something like this before, and I’m not sure how it all works. Cadence doesn’t like to give straight answers when I ask, Shiny likes to pretend that I’m a filly, and Rarity will just swoon and give me things I could’ve read out of a storybook from my library.”

With a snort of laughter, Luna shook her head. “Love stories can be silly in that regard. They act as though love, affection, and attraction are things one can define in neat little categories.”

Twilight giggled. “That sounds like something Cady would say.”

“Then my opinion of my niece continues to rise, my dear,” Luna said. “She would know as well as I that love works in mysterious ways. Perhaps even greater, given her connection and nature, but all three of us—Celestia included—have loved and lost many times in our lives.”

“Really?” Her curiosity piqued, she perked up her ears. “Then you remember them?”

Pain flashed in those teal eyes. “Remember them?” she repeated. “My loves come out to shine their light on Equestria each time I bring the night sky, Twilight Sparkle—yes, I remember them all well. Friends, allies, artists, lovers, I remember their names and faces, and their stories too. I will never allow myself to forget.”

Wincing, Twilight let her ears droop a little. The memory of Cadence’s ire leapt to the forefront of her mind.

So, too, did Shining’s explanation. He accepted Cadence for who she was, and for the future she would have without him.

“Perhaps you could tell me about them someday?” she asked, offering a smile.

Luna stared at her a moment. “I would like that, I think. But perhaps not quite yet.”

“Not comfortable telling me about them?”

“There are some things that I must still come to terms with before I can share them. Someday soon, I should like to tell you, though.” Luna took in a deep breath and sighed. “But I think it best that we stay on topic. What is your request?”

Twilight started. “Oh, um, right.” With a little cough, she looked off to the side, glancing at a painting of a much younger Luna playing in the field with Celestia, each wearing bright smiles as they ran together. It was soothing, strangely enough, to see them both portrayed as young and innocent as she had been.

Perhaps Luna would understand her quite well, then, if she still looked upon her younger days so fondly.

“Twilight?”Luna’s voice jolted her from her thoughts.

“Er, right,” Twilight said, giving a crooked smile. “I was thinking … would you be okay if we maybe took this slow?”

Luna blinked and tilted her head. “Have we not taken this slow? I am aware things have changed in the past millennium, but I did not realize that kissing one another after the time we spent previously was going too fast.”

Twilight couldn’t help herself. She brought a hoof to her forehead and laughed at herself. “No! I didn’t mean it like—” she stopped short at the slight tugging at the corners of Luna’s mouth. “Oooh! You’re having me on, aren’t you?”

The grin that made its way across Luna’s muzzle told her everything she needed to know, but Luna was hardly one to be content with that. “You are quite fun to tease, and quite cute in the way you scrunch your nose,” she replied, pausing to kiss Twilight’s nose. Her grin widened, she laughed and nuzzled Twilight. “Yes, just like that. But I truly am curious as to what you mean by ‘take things slow.’ I’m afraid the only modern relationship I have witnessed for myself is that of your brother and Cadence, and I believe they are quite farther along in theirs than we are presently.”

Despite the burn in her cheeks at Luna’s teasing, Twilight pressed onward. “F-Fine! What I meant was that we do things like going to dinner, or the park, or to plays, or things like other couples do before the … um …” The burn spread throughout her face. Twilight pinned her ears flat against her scalp. “The other parts.”

For a moment, Luna stared, furrowing her brows in thought.

Then her ears twitched. She sat up straight as comprehension dawned on her. “Oh!” she cried, releasing Twilight from her hooves so she could clap them together. “I do know what you mean, then!”

Twilight felt a weight lift off her shoulders. “Really?”

“Yes!” Luna beamed. “I have much experience in such relationships, actually! You wish for us to let things progress through courtship and dinners, yes?”

Blinking a few times, Twilight nodded.

“Then I do understand!” Again, Twilight found herself wrapped in a hug and squeezed against Luna’s breast. “Oh, huzzah! I—wait a moment.” Luna loosened her grip enough to pull back and tilt her head. “Pray tell, does this mean that you would prefer that we—what is the term?—‘hold off’ on kissing until a later date?”

“No. Um, I wouldn’t be opposed to kissing.” Twilight raised a hoof. “I’ve found that I’ve grown quite fond of kissing the last couple days—more so than the first time.”

There was a beat of silence.

“May I kiss you again?” Luna asked.

Twilight leaned in, wrapping her hooves around Luna’s neck. “I would like that. Very much, in fact.”

Luna smiled and nuzzled her snout before closing the distance. Their lips came together once more, filling her entire being with warmth.

It was even better than their last … and well worth it.

With a happy sigh, Twilight let her eyes close slowly and pressed herself up against Luna, tilting her head to the side so she could draw against those sweet, succulent lips.

A thought came to her. Twilight broke the kiss, gasping for breath. “Princess Celestia is going to say you stole me,” she teased.

Luna gave a wicked grin. “So I have, my dear.” Her hoof cupped Twilight’s chin. “For you have stepped out of the warm light of day, and into the cool embrace of the night to shine with the stars in my night sky.”

She drew in for another kiss. Twilight felt her face burn as soft, blue lips touched hers. A shudder ran down her spine.

“And I plan to make you see how precious you are,” Luna whispered, her lips brushed against Twilight’s. “Each and every day and night, you will know that you are the most precious star of all in my dark and jeweled sky.”

Twilight made to reply, her bottom lip quivered against her will, as if already giving up on words and just surrendering in favor of coaxing Luna to kiss her again.

With a chuckle, Luna fixed her with a hooded stare. “The most precious of all,” she repeated, before capturing her lips again.

This time, Twilight simply melted into it, her hoof trailed up to cup Luna’s cheek.

An unnamed star, closer to the moon than all of its brothers and sisters, shone brighter than ever before.

The plan was to get up early, then say goodbye to Princess Celestia and inform her what they’d come to agreement the night before. The early part of that was more so she could do so after taking the time to watch her raise the sun as a bit of appeasement, to hopefully stem the playful, melodramatic accusations that Luna had stolen her student.

Oh, it happened, of course. Princess Celestia was many things, habitual being one of them. Far be it from her to pass up the chance to tease both her little sister and her favorite student at the same time.

But it didn’t stop at snatching Twilight into a near rib-breaking hug, faux wailing that her student had been seduced by the dark side, and vowing to bring her back to the light—though that did lead to Luna suffering what could best be described as a uncontrollable coughing while trying to hide a far-too-obvious grin behind a hoof.

Once the “you stole my student!” joke ended, Princess Celestia’s smile turned a bit … calculating. Twilight felt her blood run cold in her veins as her mentor held her close and regarded her as if judging her worth.

Far too much like those admissions test moderators all those years ago.

“So,” she began, using a tone normally reserved for her days in court. “You know I have to ask—”

Luna groaned. “Oh, stars! Not this again!”

Out of the corner of her eye, Twilight noticed her new girlfriend burying her face in her hooves. “Huh?”

Princess Celestia paid her no mind, instead turning to Luna with a mock frown. “Now, Lulu,” she chided. “I’m your big sister, you know how this works!”

“You have done this literally every time I have begun courting or somepony has courted me,” Luna deadpanned. “Please. Just this once, could you not?

Twilight looked between the pair, scrunching her snout. “Could she not what? What’s going on?”

“Glad you asked!” Princess Celestia beamed, then schooled her expression into a stern frown. “What are your intentions toward my sister, Twilight Sparkle?”

“I am over two thousand years old!” Luna snapped, a deep red blush colored her cheeks. “Would you stop treating me as though I were but a filly?”

There was a flash of gold as a small spark of Princess Celestia’s magic pinched Luna’s cheek. “You’re so adorable when you’re trying to be a big mare!” She cooed. Her grip around Twilight’s shoulders tightened. “I seem to recall a rather presumptuous little filly demanding that each and every suitor I had be brought home for her approval.” Bringing a hoof to her chin, she frowned. “Now, who was that filly? I could’ve sworn I knew her name …”

The blush spread throughout Luna’s face until her midnight blue coat turned purple. “Th-That was when we first took the Dual Throne and ponies sought to influence our decisions! A completely different time! These are entirely different circumstances!” She jabbed a hoof at Princess Celestia. “And you are already quite familiar with Twilight Sparkle!”

“Ah, but as her mentor.” Princess Celestia waggled her hoof at Luna. “Not as elder sister judging her little Lulu’s newest suitor.” Glancing at Twilight, she gave a wicked smirk. Her brilliant purple eyes danced with mirth. “We have much to talk about in that regard.”

Twilight squeaked and made to pull away, but found herself held fast.

This is the one variable I neglected to account for. She swallowed a lump in her throat and forced a smile despite the cold feeling of dread creeping into her chest. “I w-wouldn’t mind.”

She hadn’t thought it possible for the smirk on her teacher’s muzzle to grow any more wicked.

She was wrong.

To their left, Luna worked her jaw wordlessly and fell back on her haunches. Her face paled, taking on an almost chalk-like blue complexion.

“Excellent!” Princess Celestia cheered. She nosed into Twilight’s mane. “Perhaps we could go out for tea together, hmm? Just you and I, like when you were a little filly and we would give Donut Joe a scare when I just walked in with my guards! What do you say?”

“Um, well—”


Twilight ducked her head, letting out something between a laugh and a timid squeak. The temptation to cast a quick teleportation spell on herself and Luna reared its head.

But as though she could read Twilight’s thoughts, Princess Celestia patted her head. Right near her horn.

“I think I’ll just have to borrow my student for the day, Lulu,” she said. Her horn lit up in a vibrant golden glow. “I’ll return her to you in a couple hours.”

Luna leapt to her hooves. “I will not allow it!” she cried, stomping her hoof. Cracks spiderwebbed out from where she hit, breaking several innocent tiles. “You will not play your games this time, ancient sister of mine!”

For a moment, time stood still. Twilight turned slowly, fear gripped her chest as she caught the way Princess Celestia sucked in her lips and grimaced at the slight.

“Ancient, am I?” she asked in a sickly sweet voice. “Well, then! I suppose you’ll just have to guess where we go, Lulu!”

Twilight felt her coat stand on end as the warm gold glow wrapped around her. The telltale prickle of somepony else’s teleport spell brought a shudder through her body.

“Catch us if you can, Lulu!”

Luna’s horn wreathed in a teal glow, tendrils of magic shot toward the pair, ready to snatch them up and hold them in place.

Too late.

In a flash of brilliant gold, they were gone.

Twilight blinked her eyes a few times to chase away lingering spots of gold. Slowly, she brought a hoof up to massage her forehead. “Ugh! I forgot how much being a passenger could hurt!”

“I think that would be my fault,” Princess Celestia said, unwrapping her hooves and wings. “I went a bit faster on that one so Luna couldn’t catch us.” She stood and gave her wings a little rustle. Then she cast a wink at Twilight. “Besides, this gives us a chance to have that talk I mentioned.”

Letting her ears droop, Twilight ducked her head. “So,” she began, tapping her hooves together. “You were serious about that?”

Princess Celestia let out a laugh and shook her head. “Twilight, I’ve known you since the day you got your cutie mark. Why in Equestria would I need to grill you about dating Luna?” Humming to herself, she gestured to the room she’d teleported them to.

Bleach white walls, deep purple curtains and white satin to accent the high windows that let warm sunlight pour into the room. Bookshelves lining the walls, a large oak desk in the middle of the room facing toward the door. The desk itself was stocked with papers, quills, and with several books stacked on the left side. A red cushioned swivel chair rested behind it, with two smaller chairs before it for visitors to sit.

Against the wall, there was a fully stocked cabinet and a stove, with a rather ornate white and gold trim teapot and matching cups resting on a tray.

They were in her study.

“I just wanted a bit of privacy to talk with you about Luna.” Her magic wreathed her horn again as she trotted over to the stove and began floating cups, saucers, a bowl of sugar cubes, cream, onto a tea tray while she filled the kettle with water. She waved a hoof toward the chairs before her desk. “Please, sit. I’ll have everything ready in a moment.”

Twilight thought to speak up and offer to make tea herself, but stopped short. If Princess Celestia wanted to make tea for them, she would damn well make tea.

Many a castle newly hired staff pony had panicked the first time she’d scoffed and waved them away while she set things up herself.

It was a losing battle.

With a defeated sigh, Twilight flicked her tail and moved to take her seat. As always, they were so soft and plushy that she seemed to sink into them.

Almost like my hooves when walking through the streets of Cloudsdale with the girls.

“So, dating my little sister, Twilight Sparkle?” Princess Celestia’s voice made her ear flick. She turned to find her teacher fixing her with a sidelong glance.

Twilight sunk into her chair. “Are you upset?”

“Upset? Heavens, no!” With a laugh, she swished her prismatic tail. “A bit surprised, and yet, contrarily unsurprised? Certainly.”

Huh? “Why would it come as a surprise?”

Princess Celestia set the water to boil, then stepped away from the stove. “I won’t lie, I had expected you both to wait a bit longer to enter relationships. That you two should enter one together is surprising, but not overly so.” She floated her crown off her head to rest on the counter. “I thought you would wait a few more years to date, honestly. Not that you shouldn’t, mind you. But that you didn’t seem to show much of an inclination.”

Licking her lips, Twilight shifted in place. “I didn’t think there was a point to making friends before the Summer Sun Celebration, either.”

“A very fair point.” Princess Celestia nodded. “But, as Cadence would be happy to tell you for the umpteenth time, those are rather different things.”

She brought a gold shoed hoof up to touch her chest, letting out a sigh. “On Luna’s side, I admit that I may have spent quite a bit of time worrying how long it would take to let another pony into her heart again.” Her eyes met Twilight’s, brimmed with tears. She took a deep breath and wiped the back of her hoof across her face. “I don’t know how to describe the joy I felt when she came home after Nightmare Night in Ponyville, or when she told me that you called her friend the night she snuck out to visit you.”

Twilight stayed silent a moment, biting her bottom lip. That explained the surprised bit.

But how in Equestria did that work alongside being unsurprised?

Her curiosity simply demanded to know. “Then how can you be unsurprised if you’re surprised that either of us would enter a relationship so soon, discounting that we’d end up in one together?”

“Ah, but that’s the answer!” Princess Celestia smiled and waggled her hoof. “With respect to Luna, at least. If I were to sit down with Cadence and consider what pony might catch Luna’s eye in this lifetime, I would likely come up with a very minute list. Your name would be the first and, if I can be frank, the most likely.” She gave a chuckle. “That, my dear, was without the benefit of current events being known.

Twilight couldn’t help but tilt her head. “I’m not entirely sure I understand. How—”

The whistling of boiling water shooting out through the kettle spout cut her off. Princess Celestia’s ears perked up. “Ah, just a moment!” she said, hurrying to float the kettle off the stove. As she set about pouring the steaming water into the pot, she swiveled an ear toward Twilight. “Sorry, what were you saying?”

“I was going to ask how you would put my name on the list,” Twilight replied. “If you didn’t expect me to enter into something like—”

“I think you missed the operative phrase, dear.” With a flick of her magic, Princess Celestia levitated the tray and carried it over to her desk. “I said that you would be at the top of the list for ponies to catch her eye in this lifetime—as in, your lifetime.” She pointed a hoof at Twilight as she poured three cups. “Cream and one sugar?”

“Yes, please.”

With a nod from the Sun Princess, a single cube of sugar floated from the bowl and into one of the cups, followed by a small splash of cream. Her golden aura wreathed around the saucer and brought it to hover before Twilight.

Twilight readily took it in her magic. “Thank you,” she said, taking a small sip.

Perfect, as always. The right blend of warm, bitter tea with the sweetness of cream and sugar added to soothe her soul and chase her troubles away.

She watched as Princess Celestia sat back in her chair and raised her own cup to take a sip, sighing in content.

Then her eyes flitted to the third. “Are we expecting somepony to join us?”

Princess Celestia smirked. “I do hope so. She should catch on soon enough, and I know she’ll need a little something to help take the edge off the little trick I played on her.” She paused, shrugging to herself. “Or she’ll just turn my tea into vinegar or something equally foalish. Either way, yes.”

Twilight blinked. “Luna?”

“Who else?” Chuckling, she took another sip. “No doubt she’s gone to check any coffee shop, tea parlor, and restaurant I mentioned the two of us visiting in my tales in a blind panic because she’s afraid I’ll do something silly like show you her foal pictures.”

“… I’m almost afraid to ask because of the implication,” Twilight began.

“Go ahead.”

“Did you even have foal pictures back then?”

Princess Celestia’s smirk grew into a full, toothy grin. “No. She’s more afraid that I’ll tell you all her stories.” Pausing a beat, she added, “Would you care to hear them?”

Sipping at her tea, Twilight considered the prospects. “Will Luna be upset?”

“With me? Yes.” Her grin turned wicked. “She’ll also be so adorably embarrassed when she finds out the ones I told you.”

“Will she be upset if she hears that you told me this and I said yes?”

“Only if I tell her. And it’s more that she’d seek retribution by asking for your embarrassing moments.”

Twilight kept her face neutral as she stared at Princess Celestia for a moment. “Would you tell her?”


Of course. “I think it best that I not, then.”

Princess Celestia heaved a sigh. “Pity. I had several dozen I could’ve picked from.” She tutted and shook her head, taking another sip of tea. “You were asking about why I would place you on the list of likely suitors, I believe.”

Twilight started. “Yes. I still don’t quite understand why me, even if we’re discussing Luna’s prospective relationships in my lifetime.”

A familiar gleam shone in Princess Celestia’s eyes, her lips curved into that maddening, knowing smile. “I may have made one or two assumptions on the matter,” she admitted. “Namely, with how highly she spoke of you, I gleaned that she held you in higher regard than the few ponies she’d interacted with since her return. Even her own guards.”

“That’s … an awful big assumption to make.”

“True. So perhaps we’ll call it ‘an old biddy thinking she knows things.’”

Twilight’s lips tugged into a smile. “Luna would probably call you ancient.”

“Yes,” Princess Celestia said, eyes shining with mirth. “And then I would have to tell her most embarrassing stories as punishment.”

The pair shared a laugh together. The visage of Luna sucking in her lips, her feathers fluffing up as her cheeks burned a deep red, mixing with her coat to paint her face a shade of purple that looked utterly adorable on her.

Unable to restrain herself, Twilight let out a laugh. “I doubt she’d appreciate that too much.”

“She’d get over it. Eventually.”

Perhaps. But as fun as this was, Twilight had to steer things back to the point. “So, if not to interrogate me or embarrass Luna …” Something from those old romance books floated to the forefront of her mind. Whenever the suitor caught the lovely mare’s attention and began to court her, the first hurdle they had to pass was being accepted by the family.

It clicked.

She swallowed a lump. “I-Is this the part where I’m supposed to ask for permission and try to convince you that I’m worth Luna’s time?”

Princess Celestia let out a snort of amusement, wrinkling her snout. “If you’d like to be overly formal, I suppose you could ask. As for your worth—” her smile faded away into a small frown “—I have known you long enough to recognize the good pony you are, Twilight. Please don’t insult the memories I cherish of that smiling, excited little filly I watched grow into a wonderful, beautiful young mare.”

Twilight let her head hang. “I’m sorry, Princess. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I know, dear. I didn’t mean to get so snippy in my reply. Call it a personal weakness of mine.” Heaving a sigh, Princess Celestia set her teacup down. “In any case, no. The reason I brought you here was to ask you a favor with regards to your dating Luna.”

Confused, Twilight raised her head and pricked her ears forward. “What is it?”

The Sun Princess stayed quiet a moment, looking down at her teacup. She took a deep breath, then met Twilight’s gaze again.

The teasing smirk and playful gleam in her eyes were gone. The full weight of Princess Celestia’s attention fell solely on Twilight Sparkle.

“I would ask that you take care of her heart,” Princess Celestia said. “And yours. If you’ll promise me that, I have no issue with any of this.” She gave a smile. “I am happy, but cautious.”

Blinking, Twilight set her cup down on the saucer. “If I might, are you asking this because of Luna’s … history with emotional outbursts, or—”

“Not in the slightest,” Princess Celestia cut her off. “You are both far too precious to me, and watching the pair of you get hurt so deeply is something I can only dread to think of.” She looked down at her cup again. “I find myself in the perplexingly paradoxical position in which I am both mentor and elder sister to the ponies involved, and I want both of you to be happy. If that means you two enter a relationship and it progresses to something permanent, fine. If not, then I would prefer immensely that you both be honest with yourselves and respect each other enough to end things amicably so you can remain friends.”

Heaving another sigh, she let her wings sag. “I’m aware this might all sound disjointed, but those are my feelings on the matter. With that said, I’ll ask it formally.” Her eyes locked on Twilight. “Can you promise me to take care of two of the ponies I hold most dear?”

If the full force of her attention had fell upon Twilight’s shoulders like a weight, her words felt as though she’d pushed down with the full might of her magic. And then some.

All the uncertainty from before came creeping back. There were so many variables in a relationship. All the time they’d have to make for one another, the sacrifices, the emotional bonding, and there was no guarantee it would be lasting. Or that it might end amicably.

Twilight closed her eyes in thought. Cadence and Shining Armor’s faces came into view, along with that blunt colt, Rossby.

All of them said the same thing in different ways.

If it felt right to her, then she should go for it.

She took a deep breath. Here’s to the start of our relationship, Luna. “I don’t know what the future might bring for Luna and I,” she began, opening her eyes to look at her longtime mentor. “But I can promise that I’ll be honest with her about my feelings, and that I’ll always remain her friend and loyal subject, no matter what might come of all this.”

Slowly, Princess Celestia’s lips tugged into a smile. “That’s all I can ask, then. You, of all ponies, more than have my blessing.” Turning her attention toward her cup, she levitated the teapot to refill it. “I believe that my darling little sister should have caught on, and will be joining us right about …”

There was a loud crack and a flash of cerulean. Luna popped into existence between Twilight and Princess Celestia, jabbing a hoof in the elder princess’ direction. “I say thee nay, foul sister! Thou shalt not besmirch my image by telling fair Twilight Sparkle of my younger days!”

“Oh, but I shall! Just not today.” Princess Celestia waved a hoof at Twilight. “I offered, but your new suitor felt it best that she not hear my stories just yet.”

Luna turned quickly, fixing Twilight with a wide-eyed stare. “Truly?” At Twilight’s nod, she beamed, returning her gaze to Princess Celestia. “T’would seem that your game has failed then, sister.”

Princess Celestia simply smiled. “For now, yes.” She levitated the remaining cup for Luna. “Sit down and drink your tea, you silly young mare. I took the time to make it for you.”

“You have my thanks.” Luna accepted the cup and took her seat in the chair nearest to Twilight. She took a sip, then glanced between teacher and student. “If I might ask, what did you converse about while I was … occupied?”

“Things,” Princess Celestia replied cheekily, drawing a snort of laughter from Twilight.

Luna narrowed her eyes, turning her gaze to Twilight. “What sort of things?”

Twilight gave her most innocent smile. “Just things.”

With a huff, Luna raised her cup to her lip. “Fine then. I shall find out later.”

“Perhaps.” Humming to herself, Princess Celestia took a sip of her tea. “Though, perhaps you should focus more on planning your first outing together instead of pondering how to wheedle information out of Twilight.”

Twilight’s smile broadened as she watched Luna’s ears twitch and her teal eyes widen a bit.

“I … yes, I should.” Luna glanced at Twilight, the half-lidded stare returned in full force. “I may have a few ideas.”

“I’ll look forward to it then,” Twilight said in reply. She raised her cup to her lips, stopping just short as a thought came to her.

There was a party in Ponyville tomorrow. And Luna hadn’t spent time with the town for quite some time.

Her ears perked up. Luna would probably love it, Golden Harvest would no doubt enjoy a visit from royalty on her birthday, and the foals would get to meet with their favorite scary princess again. It was her turn to take initiative on something.

“Hey, Luna,” she began. “How do you feel about birthday parties?”

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