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This story is a sequel to Dusk Shine in pursuit of Happiness

Second season of the adventures of Dusk Shine, with more characters, more villains, more drama and more romance

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Comments ( 55 )

First things first, loving the new cover for the season! I especially love how cuddly Pinkie and Dash are with Dusk. :pinkiesmile::rainbowkiss:

Secondly, this is a great start for the next season of this incredible story. I'm especially interested in seeing why Sunset wants to reconnect with Dusk after all this time and after she thought of him in the past.

In any case, let me know when you have the next chapter done and I'll take a look at it for you, as always! :twilightsmile:

Hooray! Season 2 is here!

wo the new story is out. yay.

Fantastic opening chapter! Season One was the story that got me back into MLP fanfic after many years away, and it's great to see it continue!

16 THOUSAND words only in the first chapter, that's a lot of freaking dedication

Ooh dang I did not see that coming, sunset shimmer is one clever girl.

Oh, I am loving this already. I can only imagine what's going to happen now that Sunset is involved. Though, from has been seen, I can tell she's gonna try to pull Dusk away from his friends. Hopefully, Dusk lays down the law soon. Something like this:

Sunset: You need me, Dusk! I am your fiancé! Your only real friend!

Dusk: No, you're not! You only saw me as a means to an end! A lackey for you to toss away when you no longer needed me! Well, you know what Sunset? I realize that I no longer need you.

I'm glad you like the drawing :pinkiehappy:
To tell the truth, I was very indecisive in the face that Dusk had to have :rainbowhuh:haha but I think it was the right choice :rainbowkiss:
and yes, we'll soon learn more about this strange relationship between Dusk and Sunset :pinkiegasp:
as always, thanks for your help and thanks for commenting:yay:

Thank you very much, I'm glad that you like my story and it motivates you to read more about the MLP universe:yay::pinkiehappy:

haha yeah:twilightsheepish: I wanted to make a shorter chapter, but there were many things to tell about Dusk's past, and I wanted the readers to know well the context of Dusk's old trauma, as it's an important point.
I hope you like the chapter :pinkiehappy:

yeah, for better or for worse, Sunset is one of the most cunning ponies in this story.
We'll see more about it in the following chapters:twilightsmile:

I'm glad you liked the chapter :yay::rainbowkiss:
And yes, soon we'll see more about Sunset, she's a character that will have great relevance these first chapters, so soon we'll see how Dusk and his friends deal with this new character :pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:
thanks for commenting :pinkiehappy:

I wonder if Cadance still keep Sunset's diary, that would be a good blackmail material.

I wonder if Sunset really fail the last spell or if it was a setup.

Since this is just one chapter I'm gonna wait it out until at least it got 5 chapters so it could be worth reading!.

That's a lot to take in

At long last, the prophecy has been realized. I am glad to see you back and I can't wait for future updates.

Hope those bullies gotten taken care of

Don’t think about wanting sunset in the harem now

Jerk whining, if he keeps this attitude during the wedding hen I hope cadance publicly and loudly chides him and tells him what a bully he is to his brother

Ngl, it's starting to get really infuriating how much of a beta male Dusk is.

What a great way to start off this story’s second season! Keep up the great work!

The plot thickens! And I love it ! Sunset and Dusk's story was very epic and sad
Is it just me or are the nobles more cretins than I expected? I'm dying to read your reactions when Dusk turns into Alicorn and prince, it's going to be hilarious.:twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy:
Season 1 ended with honor enrollment friend! You are doing great:scootangel::raritywink::twilightsmile:

who knows, maybe we'll find out in the future.
Although it must be remembered that it wasn't the original diary, but a copy made with magic.

Apparently Sunset tried to cast too big a spell, but failed. Maybe at some point they will talk about it :raritywink:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:

well, there are 16 thousand words, I would say that it's enough to entertain yourself reading :raritystarry::scootangel:
but of course, you can wait if you like :twilightsmile:

it was time to find out about Dusk's past
and yes, there was a lot to tell :twilightsheepish:

I'm already working on the next chapter, I hope it won't take too long :rainbowdetermined2:
thanks for the support :twilightsmile:

haha well, several events will happen before the big wedding, so many things can happen :pinkiehappy:

well, there are no perfect characters, the nice thing is to see how characters grow :pinkiehappy:

Thank you very much :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you liked this beginning of the season :yay:
soon more chapter :raritywink:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:

Wow. Poor Dusk. No wonder he was so traumatized against seeking friendship. Sad as it is to admit, I can easily see Sunset doing something like that at this point in her life. I think I can predict what's going to happen over the course this season, but I'll try to not make too many assumptions. After all, you make an ass of you and me when you do that.

So, regardless of anything else, this was a great opener to the story!! Thank you for posting it (FINALLY!!!!!)

you're definitely not wrong, the nobles are cretins :rainbowlaugh:
haha and as you say, we'll have to see if Dusk ever becomes an alicorn, definitely the nobles would have a heart attack haha
anyway, soon more chapters :raritywink:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:

I constantly reread the previous season. So I am looking forward to this seasons development and reread it again and again as well.

Well done!:rainbowkiss:

yes, Dusk had a more difficult childhood than Twilight. Sunset definitely left a mark on poor Dusk, which he luckily healed thanks to his friends from Ponyville.
And about the predictions, you're free to make theories :rainbowdetermined2::raritystarry: but of course, I always try to make a continuous story, but with several surprises haha :trollestia:
Anyway, I'm glad you like the chapter :pinkiehappy:
Thank you very much for commenting :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you reread the story (and as always sorry for the spelling mistakes in the first chapters :facehoof:) I think when I write the last chapter of the story, everyone will have to reread it to see how everything actually connects and from old chapters I left certain clues of what will happen in the future :trollestia::raritywink:
I'm very glad you like this chapter and soon many more chapters :pinkiehappy:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:

True, but I question if that's ever gonna happen, judging by how he easily accepts Sunset back despite what she did, which goes to further emphasize how Dusk is even more of a doormat than Fluttershy.

I do hope Dusk grows a back bone and fights against Sunset Shimmer. I really don't want to see him fall under her influence.

Glad to see that you're still continuing with this. Normally not the biggest fan of romantic novels, but this has pulled me in.
I will say that I'm not the biggest fan of Sunset's inclusion currently, but it's barely enough to drive me off and I can't say what you can and can't do with your story.

we'll have to wait to see how Dusk reacts:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:

well, it's true that it has romance, but I try to make it a story that has a little bit of everything, adventure, drama, etc.
And about Sunset, she's a character that will bring several surprises, I hope you like this little arc that is about the arrival of Sunset :raritywink:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:


Got to agree with you there, I would at least like to see him snap back at her and call her out on the way she treated him.

Harems with a male lead that can't stand up for themselves tend to get old real quick.

Poor Dusk... he's found himself being pulled back into a toxic relationship and he doesn't know what to do.

Also, I suspect that Sunset has actively put that mind magic to the test, considering that Dusk clearly has an altered memory of his first kiss.

This show you how useless adults are when their kids are bullied or bullies! Than the passive say just ignore and turn the other cheek. That never works for the defenseless. Down vote me to prove I'm right!

I can imagine how Dusk will be when they are all married and the mares are pregnant...

yes, toxic relationships are very complicated, and the hardest thing is to accept that 'that' is a toxic relationship.:fluttercry:
Let's hope Dusk soon finds out who his true friends are:raritywink:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:

yes, bullying is something that is always present and is something that is difficult to deal with, even more so for a child. It's a complicated topic :pinkiesad2:

haha I wonder if this is how the story will end, who knows:trollestia: It would definitely be something unexpected for Dusk haha:twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:

Nice backstory, it help to put a lot of context to Dusk's past. From the looks of it Dusk and Shining Armor don't have anywhere aren't very close and have nowhere near the same relations as with Twilight Sparkles; I wonder how Dusk would get to me Shining first mare, would Candance force the issue between the two. It might seem that Chrysalis might have sights on other then Shining in this story. L oved the idea that Discord was going to turn Zecora into a bureaucrat part. Loved the parts with Sunset, I do like her ambitions in life, even if a bit worrying, I think it represent her pretty well from the comic before EqG, and she did had a lot of gusts in going through the mirror, I wonder where she had been sense she was with Dusk and how much did her magic improved sense then, I am sure she has lots of stories to tell, I wonder if she has been around the Kirins in the period. I wouldn't be surprised that Celestia intervened to try to get Sunset to befriend Dusk, but I am not sure what is written in the diary is true or accurate, from the looks of it Sunset was pretty paranoid(given her 'father') and I wouldn't be surprised that she codes her writing, or a spell that filters the content by using the opposite on meaning or intention, or even was a decoy intentionally planted for Cadance to read through. From the sound of it Sunset isn't really all that impressed by Celestia and I don't think she would have done befriend Dusk on Celestia's request or promise, she sounds too head strong to be a flank kisser like other ponies.

Looking forward to see more of this

I'm glad you liked the chapter :yay:
Good analysis, and as you say, there are still many things to tell about Sunset. She's definitely a character who will bring very interesting things to the story :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
thanks for comment :twilightsmile:

Jesus Christ.... That whole flashback from how they met leading up to how dusk learned the horrible truth that Sunset never cared for him... you definitely started off this new season with the bang, now we wait to see where it goes from here

You know something thatr caught my attention is importance they gave to the starburst in Dusk and shining's CM I wonder if that is gonna be explained

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