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As the earth of universe 7 has been in peace for 7 years Goku had a great life, his wife and he had a son and a friend reunion has been planned for years and Goku was excited to see his old friends. That was until a man with a monkey's tail arrived on earth and threatened to destroy it and saying he is Goku's brother. In the magical land of Equestria, sunset shimmer has had enough of Princess Celestia and has found the magical mirror and has activated it. Before Goku and Raditz died they have been transported to the world of Equestrian girls, now the two rival brothers will have to learn to care for one another or leave each in the dust (Yes the dragon ball characters will be toned down a bit. that will make them all more reasonable and fairer for other characters to not be forgotten)

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So I’ll be honest. As a dragon ball and my little pony fan, I genuinely enjoy this and wonder what plan you have for this story. All I can say is good luck with this story. And make the best colorful characters

Good to see this story is still alive. Can't wait for more!

I read All Four Chapters so far. And I like to have some questions.

Since there in their Teenage Years. Goku/Kakarot and Raditz are a Little Weak. But, are still Strong. So WHAT kind of Dragon Ball Z Arc/Sagas are you putting in your Story?

Will Prince Vegeta and Nappa arrive? Will they Go to the Planet Namek and facing down Lord Frieza and his Army?

Will they face Dr. Gero and his Ribbon Army Androids and even Cell? Even facing Majin Buu, Babidi the Evil Wizard, Dabura, Super Buu, and Kid Buu later on?

Will Movie Villains show up: Turles, Cooler, Movie Broly, Bojack, Android 13/14/15, Janemba, Lord Slug, Dr. Wheelo, Hirudegarn, and Garlic Jr. ?

Will you Have Gohan, Chi Chi, Vegeta ( Good Guy/Anti Hero), Bulma, Piccolo, Krillin, and the rest of the Z Fighters and Friends coming to EQ. Girls World? And helping Goku/Kakarot, and Raditz, along with Befriending the Mane Human 5, Sunset ( Redeem), and Sci Twilight/Spike?

And FINALLY having Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, Gohan, etc. of getting Kaioken, Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission and the Super Saiyan Forms: SSJ1, Grade 2-4, SSJ2, SSJ3, Maybe even SSJ4 (DB GT) with their Tails!!!


@OP Omni God Emperor DOOM

Hello i am glad you enjoyed my story but if I mention anything about the future of the story with anyone else i maybe risking surprises or even great events that will or could happen. all i can tell you is just be patient and with due time your questions maybe answered

- Gamerpony


Thanks. One last thing. Rainbow and Rarity NEEDS to STOP being Paranoid or Hostile to Goku and Raditz. They should APOLOGIZE when they do find out the truth. And Sunset is being FRICKIN STUPID!!! Why is she turning the CHS School's Students against Goku and Raditz??!!

She seen what they are capable off. And while Goku might forgive. Raditz will just give the MOST PAINFUL BEAT DOWN OF HER LIFE! :pinkiecrazy:

Plus, they STAND NEGATIVE 999,999,999,999 chance to face the likes of Vegata, Nappa, and Frieza and his Army later on, WITHOUT Goku and Raditz's help. So they should APOLOGIZE and be Friendly with Goku and Raditz ( And later on the other Z Fighters.)

I really like what your doing honestly really do. And I’m curious how far you’ll go with this story, little nit pick you do repeat certain words. But other then that keep going.

@Celestial King Turles
In all honestly I have to thank you, when I posted the first part I was worried no one would read it since I seemed to be the first one to bring Raditz into the story and it was very different from I felt that was being used over and over and I didn’t know if anyone would feel the same. So when I posted it and it didn’t get as much views or likes as other stories I kinda felt sad that no one seemed to want to read it. So I put it on the bookshelf with stories people may never like. But when I returned to this fic I saw your comment first and that is the spark that reingnited my flame for my story. So thank you. You helped make this happen along with all my other supporters so please enjoy my story and give me more pointers. Now to the reply. Well I can’t spoil much but I will tell you it will have similar arcs to the og story lines from both fandoms, there are androids but it’s not the same, there is a frieza but it has another secret within it. There is a god of destruction but he will be more adapted. And I plan to take this to the point I last saw dragon ball and mlp for dragon ball it would be DBS Broly movie, for mlp it was the season twilight started a new school. As I said, the stories will be different. Thank you for reading this and understanding and thank you for your support. In all honestly I am so glad others like something I wrote! So thanks guys.

I'm bit disappointed with this chapter. I mean Goku and Raditz of all Sayains ALMOST got their butts kicked by two measly jerks from a nasty Martial Arts School that resemble something like the Crane School from Original Dragon Ball. And Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid Series.

Are they really Nerfed or were holding back the whole time. Those stupid bully kids, Sombra, and Sunset WOULDN'T last a couple of Seconds against Saibarmen of all things. VERY Much less against Prince Vegeta, Nappa, Lord Frieza, his Ginyu Force, and Army.

Please, hope they get REALLY Strong with their Zenkai.

Op Omni God Emporer Doom

They are both nerfed and holding back, if you realize they were not using energy blast which is a adargar giver in a few episodes. The Shadow Crystal clan is a bit of cobra KAI, (hence the name Sensei Cobra) and the craneo school. I am kinda using the kid Gokus power level as I go through the story. I will making them stronger but with all good things patience is key, once they return to the dragon ball world, you will see them to their strength.


I just DON'T like Nerfing on Badass Overpowered Characters like Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super For example. And I did say that the Shadow Crystal Clan reminds me of the Crane School in the Original Dragon Ball. And Cobra Kai in the Karate Kid Movies and T.V. Series.

But, I really like to see Sunset, Human 5/Rainbooms, Mai, CHS Students, the Dazzlings, Crystal Prep, Shadowbolts, Sombra, Phoenix, and Wind Striker's Faces, when they will DROP THEIR JAWS, and Pissed/Pooped their Pants on seeing the TRUE SAIYAN'S STRENGTH and POWER!!! Plus the Terrifying and Horrible might of Still Evil Prince Vegeta, Nappa, Frieza, his Frieza Force and Cold Family, Dr. Gero and the Androids, Cell, Majin Buu, etc.. :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:

@OP Omni God Emperor DOOM

Well sorry but that power might come in later, for now this is the dragon ball point. Goku is as strong as he once was as a kid. They will both grow and become stronger but in all honestly. Goku didn’t become the strongest in the universe in a day. He was a weak saiyan and grew upon the ranks of gods. I understand that you may not like this but believe me when we do get to it the wait would be worth it.


Okay just found this story and i'm enjoying it keep up the good work

Huh. A fic where Raditz plays more of a role than simply being the evil brother who got Goku killed. Will keep tabs on this.

Oh? Interesting. Is the elderly one this world's Sunset?

Comment posted by CarolMAssphault deleted Apr 2nd, 2021

...Wait, Sunset *insert humorous snicker here* is trying to turn everyone in the school against them? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, this is going to be priceless! I can't wait to see what Raditz does to Sunset, as well as everyone else who she manages to turn against him!

First, AWESOME CHAPTER!!! Love the fight and the reactions to it, as well as it spreading far and wide. Secondly, is this the Sombra that was an Equestrian Tyrant also come through the mirror portal, or is this earth's version of Sombra?

...Actually, at teenage age, Goku was somewhere between a power level of 200 to 500. Not even Equestrian magic, save for an alicorn, can boost a creature up to that level of power. A power level of 300 is all that was needed to blow up the moon.

I really, really like this story and truly hope that you will continue to see it through to the end. Even though the power levels were completely wrong, I enjoyed it and hope to see the next chapter up soon!

This is earth sombra, I would explain if it’s a equestrian sombra or a equestrian villain

Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up. So...is the next chapter where Raditz gets pissed and uses his full power, thus Double Sunday-ing Sombra-leaving him alive but extra crispy-and half the parking lot after sending Sombra rocketing over the railing and into said mall's parking lot?

I actually wrote the next chapter and have it ready to post but I am holding off trying to finish the whole arc. I asked if that would be better but never got any response. So I assumed others would like it

Oh good lord, I wish I had, then. Waiting until you finish an arc before uploading the chapters isn't very fun for a lot of people, myself included.

Heck, it's been so long that I was afraid that you had just abandoned this impossibly glorious story altogether.

No sorry about that wait in all honesty I have a hard time writing sometimes and I am also in college(now university) and it will take a while to get to the tournament of power, and I got other stories I am thinking about writing but for now this one is the only one I feel okay posting here

Gamerpony611...do you think that not stooping to others would be enough in getting Raditz to back off? You just need to make it a teensy bit more realistic. I mean, I get that he is changing, but he wouldn't back off so easily at being smacktalked. Vegeta, even in his later years, backhanded someone into a building for just an offhand insult despite having changed. As for him losing to Sombra...Raditz can fly. All he has to do is just stay airborne and either take potshots with his ki or use hit-and-run tactics. If it gets too bad, then at the very least he can just stay out of reach by floating high enough. This outcome doesn't make any sense. You need to change the outcome of this battle. If not Raditz winning, then at least change this ending to a draw due to Raditz's ability to fly.

SUNSET get rid of RADITZ AND GOKU?! Hah! Even in her demonic form, Sunset wouldn't stand a chance against just one of them, even as weak as they are right now. Unless she manipulates Sombra into killing them, then Sunset doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell to get rid of either of them. Also...Raditz and Goku do currently have a final form. Great Ape, remember?

Really enjoyed the chapter also what are the power level of Goku and Radits because saiyan won't go down that easy even the low class ones

So will both get a zenkai boots or something and will the giant monki show up

I will try to explain it the best I can. As you know this Goku and Raditz arnt the og Goku and Raditz, this Goku and Raditz had been brought back to their teen years as they are in kid forms. They don’t have all their strength as they once did. Not only that but they are in a new world with new dangers, new enemies and with knowing little about power levels or even who they can or can’t trust. Goku and Raditz are hesitant to use energy attacks or even flying around and even try to hide their tails and past thinking that if they are revealed any chance to returning to their old world, sorry if that wasn’t stated better in the story this is my first published story and I reread and edited it thinking it would have enough information

I'm calling it right now but flash is gonna be the Yamcha

If Raditz DOESN'T kick Big Mac in the balls for hurting Applejack's feelings!!!!! I will be upset on this injustice! Seriously, those WEAKASS Students have NO CHANCE against Powerful Saiyans.

Plus, I'm getting tired of these Normal Human Idiots heavily underestimating the Sayain's True Powers.

I mean, WHEN will we see either Sunset/Sombra REGRET for ever insulting/facing/or trying to kill Sayains of all people??!!! IF I were a Saiyan without the Next you put in. I WOULD clap everyone's butts with a finger. And BLOW UP the Moon to desperate my True Power ( And probably have Time Powers to restore the Moon).

That way, everyone will crap their pants over total fear. And KNOWS that messing with me would be a Extinction Event for BOTH Humanity and the Entire Planet Earth ( Along with the Sun and the entire Solar System ) . :pinkiecrazy:

In the words of teamfourstar, “I don’t know what this Yamaha is but it sounds disappointing”

Five things: First, nice! Second, oh no, Sunset learned how to use ki. Why...? Oh well, even with training, she'll still only have a power level of around 15 to 30, maybe a 90 with ki combined with her magical demon form, which was what Roshi finally reached by the time he was elderly, so either of the two brothers will still be stronger. I'm pretty sure that the only reason that Sombra is even stronger than that is because he probably started training at a young age and has most likely then continued to train for at least 7 or more years and is naturally a prodigy. Of course, the Oozaru form will make them grow 10 times stronger than their normal form as opposed to Sombra just being 4 times stronger than they are in their normal forms, so Sombra would obviously get rekt by the giant ape. Third, holy crap, Goku has the Wrath transformation?! Fourth, you should totally pair Goku with Sunset and make them a couple-boyfriend and girlfriend-at some point. Fifth, hey man, I have a question. Since Raditz can just stay out of reach of Sombra by floating high enough to avoid any and all attacks when things looked bleack back in chapter/episode 8 for Raditz, would you be willing to change the last part of the fight between Raditz and Sombra to a "stalemate" in chapter/episode 8 in this story? I mean, Sombra obviously was the victor, but Raditz would have flown up into the sky to be out of range from Sombra before his body failed him. Of course Raditz would still be injured enough and just low enough on energy that once Sombra departs, he'll still pass out and be taken to the hospital. Anyway, if you go back and fix the end of their fight, then the outcome might make more sense and the story may be even better. Unless Sombra can somehow fly too. So my question is would you mind changing that, or would you rather keep it as is?

Now that I think about it, Roshi was able to blow up the moon with only a power level of 139.

Wait, you're not telling me that Rainbow and the others are now as strong as Roshi, are you? Roshi, who has a 139 power level, blew up the moon. The girls' power levels would probably be around 10 to 15. Unless you mean that Rainbow was able to use that form but it was still far weaker than Roshi's.

frieza planet 419 I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!
Still have my money on flash being the yamcha

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