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This story is a sequel to Becoming One With the Night

It was supposed to be a good day. Twilight and Luna were sharing the news of their relationship with their closest friends and family. However, Celestia's largest secret yet finally came out. Now, relations are strained between Celestia and everypony else. After all, what's Twilight to do when she finds out her second mother is actually her birth mother?

On top of this massive bombshell, soon Twilight will be sporting a pair of wings of her own. If she thought things were complicated now, just wait until Canterlot gets wind of a new alicorn. Life is about to become one giant nightmare for Twilight. But hey, at least she has Luna, right?

As stated above, this is a sequel. I highly encourage you to read the first story (the writing is extremely rough early on, mind you), but it's not entirely required to understand most everything that will be going on here.

EDIT: Takes place during S3, when it was originally conceived, thus the Alt. Universe tag. There was no redemption of Discord. There was no ascension. Yes, the Crystal Empire is back, and Cadance and Shining Armor are the leaders there. This should cover the more critical aspects of the season in regards to the story.

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A solid start. I am looking forward to this.

Keep up the good work!

Woo! It's here! :yay:

And now you have my attention again, Space. I'm ecstatic you got around to this!

All I needed to hear was "sequel" for this to be an instant favourite. Can't wait to see more.

Well won't the whole Shiningcorn be a pleasant surprise for Twi...

In other news, GG Celestia, you told your daughter who she is and gave her a hand-me-down castle as a conciliatory gift, hope you're proud of your A+ parenting! Which is actually really ironic is retrospect, considering how good a surrogate parent she seemed before this whole debacle happened.


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Thanks. This is more of a recap of sorts while moving forward, trying to pull in new readers without saying "Oh hey, you need to go and read 85,000 words of this other story too!" Always a tricky thing to do. I'm hoping to get this up to around 20,000 words or so before moving on to one of my many other stories.

Thanks for coming along on another ride as well.

Yup. It's going to be drama (healthy amounts, nothing absurd) among other things driving this story. Romance too, gotta love that pillar of support. It is sort of ironic, huh?

i am NOT crazy about the shipping but i absoloutely love the idea of the story.


It's not for everyone, and I appreciate your honesty. I hope you do enjoy the story though, working on the next chapter right now for some more set-up and further exploration into things.

EDIT - here, have an upvote on your comment. Silly people downvoting a comment that's simply one's opinion, especially when they're going to read the story anyways.

Yes! More glorious TwiLuna!

Don't be too hard on Celestia, she can be incredibly dense, even with all her knowledge...

Huzzah! I am very much looking forward to seeing how this plays out.:pinkiehappy:


Yup, TwiLuna is still one of my top 3 pairings, ever.

As for Celestia, can't say too much, but there will be tension, and it will take time. I won't go out of my way to dump on her, mind, but it won't be all kiss and make-up instantly.

Glad to have ya along for another one. xD

I don't expect forgiveness to be given so soon...
From the description it sounds like politics will be involved...

And I will be the first to predict some Twilight craziness!~:pinkiecrazy:
Possibly Twilight will show some badflankery in the future...

Not only Twilight is Celestia's daughter but also Luna's niece?


I am just happy more good TwiLuna is out. Especially ones that deal with things after they become a couple. So many stories just is the buildup to them becoming a couple and then the story ends...

Let us see how this goes!


The origins of the alicorn sisters is explored in the prequel. Long story short, they're not blood related. It's like how you might have a really close friend you consider to be a sister / brother.

4119490 The heavenly sisters don't seem to be genetically related in this fic. Making the situation awkward, but not illegal.

Luna was jolted from her recollection by Spike, who was wiping the stretching, arms wide to the sides as he entered the kitchen.

:rainbowderp: Um...
:rainbowhuh: What?

4119507 4119490

It's like how you might have a really close friend you consider to be a sister / brother,

then convince your royal parents to adopt.:moustache:

Holy shit! Spacecowboy invented the Orphanlestia!


I actually yelled 'buck yes' when I saw this.

reading now


Critical failure during the copy/paste into FIMFic. Fixed now, thanks for pointing that out.

And yup. Orphanlestia was indeed in the prequel. lol! Back then, I thought it'd be something completely different for once.

Hope you enjoy it. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Like I’d want to be the one to wake her up after yesterday…”

Poor Luna...:trollestia:


Back then, I thought it'd be something completely different for once.

Wait, it's not?!:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::unsuresweetie:


“While I do not forgive you just yet, nor will I for some time, you are still my sister, even if by adoption.”

That's a pretty fucking cold thing to say.

It's interesting how I only found and read Becoming One With The Night yesterday, followed you, and then the sequel pops up the next day.
Meh, magic.

4119344 exactly. i just don't like the twilight / luna pairing. it's ok just not my favorite. it's my opinion. i don't hate it. or the people that like it. thank you and i look forward to reading more

4119580 good start, fave'd and liked

*WolfGrin as my Eyes glow a Bright Gold*

Ladies, gentlemen, Stallions and Mares. I hearby say we have LIFT OFF on a Great Sequel here!!!

and Launch in



Well this is a thing. I am very happy this is a thing and I can't wait to see where you take it.

>> Have a great female friend in your childhood;
>> Have your parents adopt that mare;
>> Have the adopted sister overshadow you in every way;
>> Become jealous to the point of insanity, letting a Nightmare possess you;
>> Have your adopted sister banish you for a thousand years;

>> Have your future marefriend free you from the madness;
>> Suffer an awkward misunderstanding with your future marefriend;
>> Get together with that marefriend;
>> Learn that your marefriend is your adopted sister's daughter;

>> Freak out because ALL THE PONIES IN EQUESTRIA ARE C-RAZY! :twilightoops:

oh horseapples this is now two books im reading that are not finished and god dam it the waiting kills me

MORE need more FoE PH is unfinished still waiting for next chapter and i liked the Prequel ALOT plz hurry I like long interesting storys and a PISSED OFF TWILIGHT

Nice to see the sequel finally posted! I know I'm gonna love this just as much as BOWTN. Keep up the great work, Space! :heart:

A) Celestia's both a twit and a bit of a twat
B) Wow Spike, dick move on that last bit of line haha
C) I'm going to enjoy this...:twilightsmile:...Thoroughly...In every way conceivable...Except that one, pervert...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:...Okay, no, yeah prolly a bit of that one too should my imagination run stray.

I do believe I shall read the first one as well.

Why not, right?

~Skeeter The Lurker


I cant wait for the rest of this :twilightsmile:


Hmm, now that I think about it, I guess not many people have orphaned Celestia, as least not quite like this? I mean, most stories people don't even talk about their (Celestia+Luna) parents at all. Who knows.

It may seem a mite so, but given the circumstances, and the fact I needed to get that bit of info out there, so it was. I would think being told that one is still family, even if they were adopted, would typically be more a good thing though. Who knows. /shrug

Thanks. Hope you enjoy

I made a thing? Awesome! Glad to have ya along again, Wilson.

Thanks, Spark.

One would think a long life would bestoy some sense of common sense to those living it.... Nope! Hope you enjoy it!

Hope ya enjoy it as much as I do writing it. xD


This deserved its own fucking reply, cause that is an amazing comment.

And thar be Skeeter!

4122732 oh I am... I followed your "Becoming one with the night" very closely, and I was waiting for a sequel. I cant wait to see more

“Nay, I simply ask that you track down Twilight’s your friends and family and meet up with them.

Doesn't this make TwiLuna incest?

How disgusting.


Glad to hear it. Working on the next chapter now.

Good point, I'll go and look at that line a bit closer. Depending on if Luna is focused solely on Twilight, or if it's more general, that may need to be changed. Thanks.

Not really. Made it pretty clear about the adoption bit. The prequel goes into even more detail as to how they are not related in their origins, and a chapter in the near future helps to further point that out.

4122732 I can understand why you'd want to slot in that information somewhere for the purposes of telling the story, but the little bit I bolded is pretty much an incredibly cruel thing to say. It implies that Luna categorically considers adoptive family members to be less family than those related to her by blood -- if she didn't, why would she need to append that little qualifier? And when you consider that she's hooked up with Twilight, herself the adoptive daughter of a unicorn couple whom she loves dearly and they her, that's a rather monumentally fucked up sentiment to express.

Huzzah! Words have been shed this day, and even more shall be shed in the days to come! :pinkiecrazy:
First things first:

“’Twould appear that you are at least aware of some of what you have done at least, this much is obvious."

Do you really need two of them there?

Also, totally getting a NMM vibe from this:

"Oh, to think if your subjects could see you now, weeping, sniveling Princess Celestia…”

The whole calling her Princess Celestia vs Celestia, and the sniveling. I'm feeling the bitterness man.

Anyways, always good to see you writing. It means I always have something to bug you about. :twilightsmile:

4125139 Twilight, the pony Luna loves, (shouldn't have to tell this), was lied to by Celestia about who her mother is, of course there's going to be some bitterness between them for awhile.

4125593 Yeah I totally get there's supposed to be bitterness there. I was just pointing out that Luna's remarks to Celestia in her dream really show that emotion well. The whole "...sniveling Princess Celestia…" bit seemed to really pop out at me (and reminded me of something Nightmare Moon would say). When Luna says "Princess Celestia" instead of "Celestia", that's just like digging the knife in deeper. She essentially removes all the intimacy between them as sisters and just calls Celestia by her title. So, whether it was intentional or not, props to Space for being good at capturing emotions with his words.

I do not think I could be happier to see a sequel, nor the return of an author. Many, many hugs to you sir!!

4122732 I wouldn't miss it for the world.

shit's gonna go down soon, I just know it:trixieshiftleft:


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