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Chrysalis has the perfect scheme to bring Twilight Sparkle under her sway and have all that delicious love to herself. In fact, she'd dare say it's a real page turner.

Written in the spirit of FamousLastWords's "Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord" contest. No, this is not an entry, Alex. I'm not that much of a scumbag >:V

Preread by Cynewulf, Guldane, and Vdrake77.

Original artwork by Ohemo.

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Delightful and silly and sweet.

Also yum yum, timberwolf hearts. :trollestia:

Ah, you're a BatCat shipper. Are you following the current Tom King run? If so what do you think Selina is going to do to Bane when she figures out what he did?

Pretty adorable story o.o I liked it ^^

But i gotta say, DAMMIT CADENCE!!!!! I actually kinda wanted to hear the rest of those details! >.< Oh well, another time perhaps.

Georg #5 · Sep 7th, 2018 · · ·

I can see it now.

"Look, you cowering curs! I'm saving your worthless lives! Do you know who almost heard about you? Rarity!"

"The one who whines?"

"Noo! Not her! It hurts! It hurtsss!"

"Exactly. Now, if you need a few diggers to boss around, I'll send over some of my minions, as long as I get my share of the gems." Chrysalis gave a low, toothy smile. "I've got a dragon to bribe so I can find out a few more little secrets about Twilight."

God I love this pairing so damn much. Wonderful as always carapace

Twilight and chrysalis as always is one of the best ships!

There's never enough Chryslight.

Boy this is a really good story I like this I'm gonna follow this author when I finish yepperooni
oh look it's Carapace that explains it.

A nice quick read, but yet still with that delicious aftertaste that makes me hungry for more.


I have not been following. What did Bane do?


What minions? Everyone ditched her.

I really hope that King decided to ruined their wedding to make a point about how Batman doesn't need to be hopelessly grim instead of playing the thing straight.

Recent Batman comics: Bruce has some experiences that make him realize that maybe, just maybe he can actually balance his life and pursue his own happiness and protect Gotham at the same time. So he finally proposes marriage to Selina. Bane somehow gets wind of this and sets up a series of incidents to manipulate Selina into believing that going through with the marriage would destroy Batman and she breaks up with him in a Dear John letter on what would have been their wedding day. It has been noted by the writer Tom King that the story of Bruce and Selina's relationship in his run is far from over.


Ugh. Still, not as bad as selling your marriage to the devil, I suppose.

Huh i never though about but I ship it... huh no flying pigs?

TwiSalis/ChryLight? Instant fav!!

:3 :twilightsmile: :yay: :heart:

Why ISNT this for the contest? It’s hillarious and a lot of fun.

I admit before I caught on to the Batman thing I thought it was Sailor Moon...

And I really like the idea of a Changeling feeding off someone’s love for a book. Or a stuffed animal.Twilight is lucky Big Mac still has Ms Smarty Pants.

But it worked out alright in the end...

Favorite ship? Check. Cute? Check. Silly? Yup.
Have a thumb up.

Very good, and extremely well written. While I've always enjoyed TwiDash a bit more, this does have my curiosity peeked.

9157647 They are very nutritious for changeling. o3o

9157671 I don't mind WonderBat or IvyBat either, actually, but I grew up with B:TAS, so, this was an easy choice. I'm not keeping up with the series atm, sadly. I do want to.

9157679 I'm glad you enjoyed it! And noooooo details for youuuuuuuuuuu

9157735 So many.

9157753 Eventually, Twilight's going to be the awkward co-General of an army.

9157760 Thanks!

9157828 This is a first for me, but I'm glad it worked out! :>

9157868 :0 I did not realize there was still such a fanbase for this ship! Yay :>

9157907 The fact that you say this as a changeling after the fact that Chrysalis was going to feed on story love is just amazing lol. Thanks :>

9158103 Not in my area, anyway!

9158152 Ayyyyyyyyyyy

9158364 Because I'm a judge. Also, I'm glad you liked the notion. I've sorta been thinking that changelings might be able to feel/feed upon the love ponies and other creatures can put into their creations. Sorta weird, but I figured it'd go well.

9158384 \o/

9158433 Thanks! I'm really glad you gave it a chance!

Ah, THAT would explain it :facehoof:

Regarding Twilight as Awkward Co-General:
"...Is it extortion if they offer to buy us off before we even have time to make any threats?"
"Yes, but it takes all the fun out of it."

“Well, the territorial attitude is rather …” trailing off, she turned to Thorax and Pharynx and brought a hoof to her forehead. “She mauled a timberwolf and ate its heart because it went chasing after some foals who wandered too close to Everfree Forest a few nights ago.”

The changeling brothers shared blank looks, then shrugged.

“That’s pretty normal for us,” Pharynx said.

Thorax raised a hoof. “In fairness, we both ate a grizzly last month for trying to maul a few nymphs.”

“Mmm, yes!” Pharynx licked his lips with his long, serpentine tongue. “It was delicious.”

Me: I LIKE YOUR STYLE, GUYS. It's good you still have some nice traits after this "reformation" thing.

Territorial Chrysalis is best Chrysalis.

Nooooooo! >.< Meany! Just because of that I'm gonna go disorganize all the books in Halla Eolais >.> and I'll leave a note saying Carapace did it!!

But anyways =P Thanks for this adorable short story XD

“And again, Discord has broken the minds of how many ponies and made this world his own personal funhouse, not to mention what I’ve heard of his efforts to aid Tirek , of all creatures.” The deposed queen shook her head. “The mad god helped the bane of magic, and he still walks free.”

Some very good points are raised :moustache:

I have a weak spot for TwiSalis. This will only weaken it further. Ensure your changeling queen is housebroke and try to moderate her nesting instincts.

Oh yes. Otherwise...

Otherwise green slime. Green slime everywhere.

This idea of a book that changes its story to give the reader the best of experiences intrigues me.


This was rather entertaining.

“Oh? Is that all? Then, little one, convince me.”

(22 seconds if the timecode doesn't work.)

I'm waiting for Shining and Cadence to keep wrecking all the wedding rehearsals as petty, comedic vengeance.

To be fair though he is magically stronger than any alicorn, has reality manipulation as a based power (or control of chaos as others would say), and his unstable mental stability has made dealing with him both touchy and unpredictable.

God I forget sometimes how much better Chrysalis is as a villain in fan work then in the show. If she was HALF this awesome/cunning/sexy in canon I'd have no problem with her being an overarching Big Bad.

Now I just have to get rid of this nagging urge to check MY bookshelf for any diaguised bug waifu :twilightblush:

Well it was funny, I liked it, and I was a little surprised with the ending.

This was very entertaining. Having chryssi be a book is a vwry interesting concept, and I love where you went with it.

Good to know that changelings are violently protective towards their nymphs.

D'awwww ~ and hilarious.

One of my favourite ships. Yes, they all involve Chryssie.

Welp, I'm pretty sure Ponyville is the safest town ever now.

Nice. Felt the batman stuff padded out a bit too much, but then I am not a huge batman fan, so that might be why. Would love to see a sequel, it's good to read a story where Chrysalis' character isn't completely thrown to the wind.

9160172 To be entirely fair, I grew up with BTAS and such, and I was in a very Batman mood when I wrote this because I'd been on a nostalgia kick for the Arkham games and the old cartoons, but I can see why it might drag for those who weren't/aren't fans. ^^

Oh, I was the same, grew up with BTAS too... I guess I have just gone off the whole DC thing since, well, most of their recent cinematic work. Also, I watched Batman and Harley Quinn the other night because it was on netflix and was severely disappointed.

Actually, I kind of miss the old BTAS series. Maybe I should rewatch them, renew my interest in a time when batman was cooler. Also, Mask of the Phantasm was my fave movie growing up.

9160198 Ugh, please don't get me started on the DC cinematic universe. Zak Snyder can seriously go fuck himself.

I have mixed feelings on Batman and Harley, tbh. I get why it's not as beloved, but I don't think it's as terrible as the rage train would say. It's just not quite what I, as a fan of 90s BTAS (and early The Batman [only because I need to damn finish it]), wanted out of it.

Also, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are my Joker and Batman and I will fight for them. Though Heath gets the live action nod.

Newsflash: Carapace sucks at consistently replying to comments. Details at 11.

9158637 ... shit, that sounds exactly how that interaction would go.


9158715 I like to keep them as more omnivorous after the change. One day, I'll do a silly fic to show how the whole love sharing affected their diet. I tend to headcanon that they still need to feed, but they also need to share in some sort of odd feedback loop thing.

9158853 Territorial changelings are great. :3

9158865 Ikr? That moment when the evil queen has a point you just can't deny.

9158899 She'd like me to inform you that she'll adorn her dwelling with changeling slime and cocoon herself with her lover if she damned well pleases and if you have a problem you'll be hanging upside down for a week.

She's very insistent on things being done a certain way.

9158908 See above :p

9158913 I kinda borrowed it from Minds Eye's X is a Changeling series. Not an exact copy, mind you, but he came up with something rather fun with changelings and books. I recommend it.

9158933 I'm glad :>

9158978 I will resist brainworms. I will resist brainworms. I will resist brainworms.

9159216 I advise warding them off with bitter food. Stale bread might also work, but don't quote me on that one.

9159464 Yaaaaaay! And yeah, I was in a rather silly mood 8D

9159539 Heh, yeah, it seemed like the best way to have her plan and logic that out and still somehow miss the mark lol.

9159869 Hehe yeah, don't wanna mess with those~

9160031 When they're not being pulled into maniacal shenanigans/Friday nights somehow. Twilight had to do a lot of work convincing them that she had to make a deal with Chrysalis that she gets one night of troublemaking in a non-permanent fashion. It didn't help that she also had to pay Spike off to not blab when he burned the slime off the doorknob one night. Poor drake.

9160071 Wellp. Brb, going into diabetic shock.

I like the story hope for more

Comment posted by Crack-Fic Casey deleted Sep 9th, 2018

9160276 A couple things:

1) That's tragic and I wish his family well.

2) Nowhere in my statement did I wish harm on his person or his family. I just said he could go fuck himself because he didn't pay attention or show any level of respect to the source material beyond "that guy has an S on his chest, that one has a bat. Oh, Superman's already dead, beeteedubs."

I can dislike what a man did to something I rather like without taking pleasure in his personal misery, believe it or not.

I never thought one could threaten with giving details. :rainbowlaugh:
Besides that, what a cute/silly/funny story! I'm really glad to have made time to read it.

> Gives an upvote


ward them off with bitter foods

Warding them off? We're trying to attract them!


I guess we'll just have to put up with a slime covered house. WORTH IT. :P

This needs a sequel where Chrysalis meets Twilight's parents.

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