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Luna has a brilliant idea to cure Twilight of her ophidiophobia. Twilight thinks there are far too many hypothetical coils involved in this plan.

Preread by KevinItk

I blame Blissey1, Silfoe—the former because he commissions snake princess pics, the latter for drawing them so gorgeously—Fractalman, and also Damaged. Y'all know why.

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I’m surprised Mr Snuggles was able to even get near Twilight before inevitable screaming and running.

Shippy and adorable and a feast for the imagination, picturing all these scenes playing out.
Truly a delight

snek ponies are always a win

Thus was good Snek story. Much like, very yes. :twilightsmile:

This is adorable. Snakes are my third favorite animal, right after Eagles and Foxes, so I really loved this :pinkiesmile:

Carapace, I really miss your TwiLuna, this story reminds me so much of Twilight, Good Night, at least in the way the TwiLuna is written. It makes me hope you'll continue writing more of this ship, also this story was great, after seeing the Lamia pics you posted in a blog I was curious if you had something cooking, was great to see you did.

Cute, fun, and adorable. A well done short and fun pokes all around.

This was a very enjoyable read.

Would you say this is a sequel to She Dap? It certainly seems so. Regardless, it's a lovely story! Great work.

Totally adorable :yay:

Curious, she tried to flick her tail, and instead sent a third of it whipping across the room and promptly knocked over a nearby stack of books.

It had worked.

She was actually a lamia.

Also, she'd have to reshelve those later. Drat.

In any case, that is some Silfoe-grade Tuna. Lovely stuff. Thank you for it.

Downvoted for lack of cover image, 0/199 would not snek.

9738531 Would you consider danger noodling tho

Lol at Luna failing at explaining how to move:

“I… is it not simply a sort of…” Luna bit her lip and wiggled her hips. “Sort of thing?”

Great story :)

Well... book horse turned danger noodle... neat.

Wait, wouldn't the addition of wings make her less lamia and more... coatl?


I’ve always liked the idea of snake ponies/pony lamias. It’s a shame they never really caught on.

9740649 Or Kukulkan.

9740649 Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

“For snickerdoodle bribery, I have suddenly developed short-term memory loss. Must be my age.”

no wonder you were featured. That line alone just made my day. Priceless!

Oh my gosh this was a fantastic read. Lots of cuteness with extra noodles!

I absolutely LOVE those ads

I loved Twilight figuring out her new naga body. The descriptions were great and conveyed the character personalities really well. Even though I'm not a huge fan of TwiLuna, I liked them here.

They're almost the same thing - Quetzalcoatl is from Yucatec Mayan mythology, and Kukulkan is from Aztec mythology. Other than that, Quetzalcoatl has 2 wings, while, depending on the source, Kukulkan has either 4 or no wings, from about 10 minutes of googling.

I like Blissey's ideas. Seriously though, great story! I saw the Silfoe pictures before I even discovered this story, but it does indeed have that feel that the Silfoe pics also have.

Snickerdoodles will buy almost anything.

how am I the firsst to ssay thiss?

I kinda want more.

Thissss was a very good ssssssnek twi story.
Also I agree with blaming the nerds.

Snek Twi! Cute! Thank you

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