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Welcome to the one and only group providing and supplying member support of a FIMFiction Great, GreyWhooves

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410539 I know right?
Tis I the Great and Powerful Trixie!

410537 Check out my new name and icon. Maybe now Jesse will get around to fixing this group.

410535 I now have a better name idea in mind for myself. Maybe Jesse will fix the group name.

410534 How about Do , like dr.whooves

410533 You can call me by Loner, Whooves, or LW101.

410532 oh I'm sorry... I got confused... Ok Loner

Oh I can't call you that
It feels mean...

410531 I wasn't Grey Whooves. I was Unflinching Star. There's a fine line between me and Grey, now called Zerum.

410530 but your name was that
And that's what I'm used to calling you.... I can't do that...
I do the same to rusty
She doesn't mind
Yukari doesn't mind

What was wrong with grey ?

410529 The name of the group isn't correct. The link leads to my page. I'm LonerWhooves101. Not GreyWhooves.

Yeah :3

Grey grey he's our man

If he's not happy no one can!


  • Viewing 1 - 13 of 13
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