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A girl who loves to read, mostly generes that contain fantasy and wacky adventures. She would love to be your friend!

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Stuff I like: I am a fan of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, School For Good And Evil, and The Land Of Storie series. I also like greek mythology, fantasy, and fairy tales.

What I wanna be when I grow up: Pediatrician.

Favorite animal: I like all.

Favorite color: Cyan blue.

Favorite pony: Fluttershy.

Favorite food: Pizza.

Favorite show: Girl Meets World and Teen Titans Go.

Cutie mark: A book.

Avatar description: Coat- cyan blue, mane- straight tye-dye light pink and red, race- pegasus

Now here are some pics that I like:


My Very First Story! · 5:10pm Jul 15th, 2016

I published my very first story yesterday. It is called My Little Titans, and is co-authored by Sparkletop Rainbows. Please check it out and give me some feedback. Thanks!

My Little Titans

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Oh; and thanks for the follow. :3

Thank you for the follow

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, a fine welcome to you!
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, I say how do you do?
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, I say hip hip hurray!
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, to Fimfiction todaaay!
Hi there, rook, Sparkletop sent me.:pinkiehappy:
I see we have some fandoms in common.
Nice to meet you.:twilightsmile:

Edit: Thanks for the watch.


as a fellow newbie here, I know it can be hard sometimes.

if you ever need a good gore story, check me out. I will have more stories coming soon.

Welcome to Fimfiction! Leave your sanity at the log in page!

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