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The Dazzlings have been living in a very poor life since the Battle Of The Bands. And when the Rainbooms ask Sonata, Sonata only if she wants to reform, (they'd provide her with the things she needs, like food and water if she agrees) she has to decide if she wants to live a better life or stay with her only family.

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That was quite a story. I loved the characterizations, and emotion. You have my like.

Besides a quick brush up on some grammar errors (mostly accidentally repeated words) This story is pretty good. I really like the first person narrative. :twilightsmile:

I also love the tragedy aspect of the story. I myself tend to like tragic characters more as they feel much stronger then normal more happy characters.

That was unexpected :twilightoops: But fair :pinkiesad2:


I quite like it, since most of the time, Sonata suddenly turns good out of the blue.. Even if the movie never imply her to be good.
I initially want to say that with how things had ended, it seems possible to snuck in a sequel, since I felt that there are some possibilities hang loose, however I realize that its not the main purpose of the story..

It's a good story, but there are some grammar mistakes and some rushed moments.

Brilliant idea for a story!

This is very, very true to Sonata's character.
She's been with them for a long, long time, despite them being evil. She's the character that I see as not evil, but loyal. Even to the point of doing the same evil things that her family does.
This is an excellent look into Sonata's heart.

I liked the way you wrote the Dazzlings but the Rainbooms felt very out of character here. They wouldn't ask Sonata to leave her... whatever the heck those three are to each other in exchange for food, water and clothes. I had another slight issue with them calling her the "good one" when, going by the movie they never even learned their names much less if one of them was "good". And she wasn't actually good ether, she was just an airhead. I'll give you credit though for giving them a believable relationship and for having Sonny chose to stay with them. That part was good.


If you watched the movie, the dazzling that had the most chance of reforming was Sonata. Even though she was evil, she didn't have thoughts like the other 2. So when Sonata and the dazzlings had to live together, she had grown close to them and started to love them. And I did have a problem with writing the Rainboom's characters. I knew the conflict had to be Sonata getting the choice to leave her family, but the Rainbooms don't seem quite fit to give her the option. But then who else would care enough to reform the dazzlings when everyone's either forgot them or didn't care about them? So I just decided to roll with.

Just found this and... no. This is out of character for the main characters. The good guys do not try to blackmail someone to joining them. Especially when the morals are friendship and forgiveness. Two of them are literally Kindness and Generosity. Which means they would be willing to help because it was right. Especially if it meant keeping three people from starving. Then there's also LOYALTY, which means not abandoning friends and family, even in hard times.

Yes, the characters might hope that the three would change their way, but more by demonstrating the benefits of friendship by actually doing them. So they would help the three get food and possibly shelter, and try to keep reaching out to them as friends. Not blackmail or bribe one of them and encourage her to abandon people she has been with for over a millennium.

Blood's thicker than water after all

Wow... I liked this. The Rainbooms felt out of character but besides for that, it was an amazing story. :pinkiesad2: Gets a fave from me.

7968484 Thank you! I know the Rainbooms felt out of character, this is an old story and I didn't know how to make The Rainbooms the antagonists. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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