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I am the author. I write words. You are the reader. You bring the words to life, along with my messages. All I ask of you is that you bring my words to life...and learn from my life.

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Discord · 7:31pm Jun 27th, 2018


I don’t know why you would want to join my server, but I’m making these to slowly get back into writing.

Join if you want.

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I cannot remember, but are you the Deathfox I know from Discord? My mind is somewhat blank these days.

Do you take requests/commissions?

Hey! Thank you for following The Phoenix and the Headstone! :twilightsmile: I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for giving my first attempt at horror a chance, I hope you like it when you read it. :raritystarry:

Thanks for the fav!

  • Viewing 183 - 187 of 187
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