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Do you feel depressed, lost, lonely, abandoned, like the world is against you?
Dare we say suicidal?
If you, like many on FIM these days, have something keeping you down, regardless of what ails you, we have found that simply finding someone to talk it over with can help to ease your troubles.
If, for whatever reason, you find yourself in a situation of depression, please don't let it get worse.
Seek some support.
We are here to help in any way we can, even if you only need somepony to listen.

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I would be most happy to help anypony or anybody in need, having been through my fair share of depression, I like to think I would be speaking from experience.

402958 I'll be happy to help out.
My PM is Always open to anyone who needs to talk.:eeyup:


Any help is most welcome. If you know any who could use this help send them here. If you want to help those who need it I any who are willing to support and lend motivation should let me know.

It is a good idea. :eeyup:

I'll do what I can, with what I have. :rainbowdetermined2:

This is a very good idea.
I'll be happy to be of help if I can.:eeyup:

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