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Shadow rift

"Be normal, and the crowd will accept you. Be deranged, and they will make you their leader." - Christopher Titus


Shadow Rift, an amazing Pegasus, died in a battle with Discord. With everypony mourning his death, Celestial and Luna combined their powers to resurrect him. Resurrected, Shadow's memory eluded him. As a powerful Alicorn of the night, Shadow now embarks on an epic quest, slaying dragons and fighting his own demons, while banging a few mates every so often just for the hell of it.


This is my third attempt at writing a story for my OC. If you don't give this story mass likes, I'll cry.

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For the longest time, you had a crush on the school's most well known and most attractive girl, Rarity. Seeing as how you both share a third period with one another, you've been trying your hardest to make sure she knows that you're intelligent. After all, if you can't be interested in fashion or be friends with her friends, seeing as how you can't really talk to them either, then the next best thing is hope and pray she likes smart guys.

But after one of the longest nights you ever had doing homework, you soon discover that this next assignment may bring you both closer than ever before...

This is a collaboration between me and Miss Dr. Aqua Light. Most of this story was based on the title picture above.

Rated Teen for swearing, some sexual innuendos, and more to come.

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Manehatten, once seen as a city of wealth, now will be seen as a city of crime and corruption. The Governor has passed an ordinance that outlaws all types of alcohol intake, possession, or purchase to bring down the cost of taxes on it's citizens In the city. Some accept the ordinance, others don't but say nothing out of fear. And in Manehatten, the two biggest rivals of alcohol production will not see that their way of profit is taken from them because of a broken politician, and thus begin to work underground to maintain their way of life.

But the two have decided that maintaining their way of life isn't enough, and thus opt to go to war with one another to become the strongest production families.

In the midst of this comes one stallion who, though may not know it yet, is about to have his life changed forever, and become a symbol of one of these families for fear, he is about to be thrown into the middle of this war. He is about to become...

The Manehatten Typewriter...

UPDATE: 3/4/2016
The story will be going into hiatus until the following Sunday. Once that passes, then story continues.
UPDATE: 5/12/2016
New Cover Art!!! Big Shout out to this dude. Check out all his stuff!!!

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For some of us, it can be near impossible for us to change, especially if we had faced the evils of discrimination for things we have no control over. This is no true than for Rain Storm, an honorably discharged Pegasus Soldier who lost his wing during battle and has lived with ponies who fear him day in and day out, some even calling him names and doing other various acts to further the deterioration of his mind. With the fear and attacks, Rain Storm lives in constant anger, believing that all ponies are not to be trusted and believes them all to be evil.

On the polar opposite lives a Batpony who lives in near peace and harmony who always sees the good in ponies by the name of Night Blossom.

Fate brings these two together, but Rain Storm still has his believes rooted deep into his mind and finds it hard to trust the Batpony. Night Blossom is reluctant, but goes on to help him see the good in other ponies and find peace. Will the two survive, or will Rain Storm's deep rooted philosophy and anger finally destroy him?

Thanks go out to my co-writer: Lazydrill

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Meet Astra Aquaduct and Neodymium Bolt, two scientists who want to be remembered for their contributions to science and the world around them. In the process, they each meet their own special somepony and make their own mistakes in the long run. But in the end, it will all be worth it.

This is a collaborative effort between me and E-Tec. Who also did the amazing art work

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Professor Astra Aquaduct is well respected in his field, even if he is the first Pegasus to be a scientist, and the youngest to become one as well. For 4 months, the professor has had his eye on a work partner, and decides to ask the mare out. When he discovers she is already proposed to somepony else, he contemplates under a large tree in the park under the stars...
And meets another mare in the process

(One shot story on an OC of mine)

Cover art provided by: http://stefmenda.deviantart.com/

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Rarity, Ponyville's greatest dress maker, has been working day and night (literally) to finish her latest creation. With it finally done, she decides to let sleep take her and enters the dream world of her mind

Too bad somepony else has decided to pay her a visit as well...

This is my first story, I am open to criticism but not hate

It is a repost of a story of the same name on pastebin.com by myself

Chapters (2)
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