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Big Mac has been asked out on a date by Rainbow Dash. He thought he was nervous before, but then Rainbow Dash's parents show up. Can Big Mac handle Rainbow's overenthusiastic parents? Will Rainbow Dash die of embarrassment?

A commission fic for Jake The Army Guy

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This was surprisingly sweet. I liked it.

Jake, wtf we do have similar tastes in authors.

Jaaaake, your ship sank like a rock! You alright?

Jake would commission this, wouldn't he?

Very fun read. You did a great job with Mac’s accent

Very cute, sweet, and fun. Exactly what I asked for. Thanks, man.

Quiet, you.

Since when has canon ever stopped anyone from anything?


I write fanfiction that flings canon to the ground and dances upon it, dude, you tell me.

This was way too daggum adorable.:rainbowkiss:

That was nice and cute.

ima ship it

That was super sweet :yay:

That was a great story.

I liked this. Very sweet. :scootangel:

Aww this was cute

(Nice to see my art being used for fics again ahahah)

Adding this to the list of random ships that I didn't expect at all but ended up liking. And I generally hate shipping. Color me impressed.

There’s tags for her parents now!

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