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Winner of the Macindash Community Fanfic Contest

Who is Big Macintosh?
That's always been a bit of a mystery.
Aside from 'the big, red, quiet stallion at Sweet Apple Acres', not many ponies actually know.
Rainbow Dash is no exception.
Sure, she's seen him around a bit, but their relationship doesn't span much further than 'the brother of Applejack'.
One night, she talks to him.

This story is primarilly Slice of life, but does suggest romance and shipping.
So the romance tag is more for 'light romantic themes'.

This is a fiction written for the MacinDash Community contest by KarmaDash, following prompt B.

Cover art credit: This fantastic piece of art is all thanks to the colab of darkflame75 and earthsong9405. Kudos to you both.

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This was just adorable~!

Aww what a nice story

Simple and sweet. Nice story

Cute ~ There's been a rise of MacDash stories in a row lately. ^^

6933907 There was a contest. :twilightsmile:
It's a fantastic method of bringing in new stories, and proves to be very enjoyable as well.

Ok this story just made me like this ship, congrats because no offense to anyone but I just couldn't see shy, gentle Mac with confident, tough Dash:twilightsheepish:


Thanks guys, for the comments and attention to this story. It feels really good! :yay:

6934894 No problem, I know that feeling myself :twilightsmile:

Gotta be careful of ponies like that Dash. They can be sly as hell when they want to be. Good thing she wasn't careful. :rainbowkiss:

Wow that was beautiful bro!!!!:twilightsmile:

I'm not a macdash ( this that the name? ) i honestly prefer Soarindash, but you just made my day!!!
This is one of the best stories i will ever read!!
you have talent!!
:eeyup: X :rainbowderp: = AWESOME STORIES !!!

You deserve more follows!!!
U are awesome!!

Well done! Another great story by the hands of Marshall_Evergreen! :heart: Btw I think there's a typo here:

"Unfortunately," Rainbow grumbled, pausing to stretch her back further, rewarding her with a series of pops, "you're a bit late for the kiddo."


6949122 Thanks for that, it's all fixed now.

Wow! Do I forget to comment on things I favourite or what?! :twilightblush:

Let's recitify that with a very simple comment.

This was incredibly cute and true to all three of the characters! It wasn't strong shipping, by any means, but that's not important. This is the start of a friendship/relationship and this is a very believabe way to push them together.

Honestly, I've already read this, like, twelve times and it's no less entertaining each time I do. I couldn't even find any nit-picks! And nit-picking is what I do!

A great story that dserves more love...LOVE IT PEOPLE!! :fluttershysad: FLUTTERSHY COMMANDS IT!

Keep on keepin' on!

6992380 Thanks dude! I appreciate that. :twilightsmile:

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