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Winner of the Macindash Community Fanfic Contest

Who is Big Macintosh?
That's always been a bit of a mystery.
Aside from 'the big, red, quiet stallion at Sweet Apple Acres', not many ponies actually know.
Rainbow Dash is no exception.
Sure, she's seen him around a bit, but their relationship doesn't span much further than 'the brother of Applejack'.
One night, she talks to him.

This story is primarilly Slice of life, but does suggest romance and shipping.
So the romance tag is more for 'light romantic themes'.

This is a fiction written for the MacinDash Community contest by KarmaDash, following prompt B.

Cover art credit: This fantastic piece of art is all thanks to the colab of darkflame75 and earthsong9405. Kudos to you both.

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Set a couple years from the present, the Junior Wonderbolt Academy boot camp is in full swing, and it looks to be the best time of Scootaloo's life.
If only she wasn't paired-up with the biggest jerk in Equestria!
He's arrogant, brash, proud and UGH!
Frankly, just settling for jerk would be the understatement of the century!
The JWA boot camp would be ten times better without Rumble.

A romance, slice of life story with moments of light comedy and humour (thus the comedy tag).
Please enjoy!

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Sitting outside in the quiet night, in a small clearing by Sweet Apple Acres, Spike relives the best moments of his life: the moments which he spent with his beloved, Applejack. As the rain falls around him, he contemplates his own existence, realising he has many years to go before he is finally reunited with his beloved mare.

A quick, Applespike one-shot fiction.

Cover art credit goes to mt on Derpibooru.
Here's the link: https://derpibooru.org/137465?scope=scpe671f0769fa691570e54f07a9e5160f1463f75901
Cheers mate, lovely piece of art work.

Got a message from Solar Pony with a link to his dramatic reading of this story! It's kinda overwhelming, but I'm super grateful to him for it.
Here's the link to the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkBwrVsKqwg

Seriously guys, go check him and his channel out! Even if fan fic readings aren't your 'thing', it was certainly a pleasure to listen to.

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This story is a sequel to Friendzone ain't magic

"Welcome, friend, to Friendzone 101; a declassified survival guide for all our fallen brethren in the dreaded frienzone. With each chapter presenting a step-by-step guide to surviving the loathsome loneliness, the tenacious temptations, the forever forlorn feelings. Join us brethren, you are not alone..."

Set before the events of 'Friendzone ain't magic'.
Warning: This story isn't supposed to be a serious piece of fiction. It's a humorous, light read. Just something short and fun, written for the enjoyment of others.

Book 2 in the friendzone series.

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"I dunno man, maybe it's not me. Maybe, it's...the rest of Equestria, ya know?"

Suffering badly from the almost inevitable rejection of his long time crush, Spike chooses to man up and cry in a bar instead of his bedroom. Looking to cheer him up, the squad assemble to help him realize he still has a place in the world; even if that place doesn't include Rarity.
Hopefully Soarin and Discord will be able to bring him around, as well as resolve some of the new tension between him and Applejack (who has had to put up with his insufferable brooding for four nights straight).
And what better a way to do that than over a couple pints of the Apple family's infamous Sweet Apple Cider.

Edit: This is meant just as a random, slightly mushy, humorous, light read. Just something that came to mind and thought I'd write just to see how it goes down. I have added a sentence or two and slightly revised the description, so that you all get a slightly better idea of what to expect. This does include Applespike.

Book 1 in the friendzoned series. Prequel has been written. The link is in the final chapter, 'The survival guide'.

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