• Published 30th Oct 2015
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My idiot - Marshall_Evergreen

The JWA boot camp looks to be the best time of Scootaloo's life. If only she wasn't paired-up with the biggest dork in Equestria: Rumble.

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Rumble had arrived in the great auditorium ages before anypony else. Blame it on excitement. On the walls were banners, displaying the Wonderbolts in flight or posed heroically, goggles pulled over their eyes, making them look even more cool. Each pony looked equally proud to be wearing the Wonderbolt uniform. Rumble couldn't help but think that in a few minutes, he'd be in one too.

Okay, so it would be the cadet uniform. But hey, ain't no shame in that, right?

After admiring the bold decor, he looked to the back wall where a row of pictures were laid out. Rumble walked along the row, from one end of the room to the other. It was like stepping though time. Every photo showed a different set of cadets, ready to take on the challenges ahead. The colour changed from black and white, to a reddish hue, before become more and more true to the actual colours of life. Each team looked proud, happy and stoked to be part of something as incredible as the Wonderbolts!

Rumble certainly knew he was.

Then, something caught his eye. Maybe it had been the black coat or the silver mane, but Rumble soon found himself looking at one of the more recent photos, taken only a few years ago. There he was. Thunderlane stood in a row of young cadets, all smiling, possibly ignorant of what was to come. His brother stood next to another stallion, who was...

Huge! What in Luna's name was that thing?

He was a white mass of bulging muscle, with a short cut blonde mane. He had searing red eyes, but somehow maintained a pleasant smile. He sure looked sweet enough, but one thing was for sure, Rumble wouldn't want to get on his bad-side. Ever.

There were at least another ten ponies after that. Most recognisable was Rainbow Dash. Everypony knew Rainbow Dash. She was actually one of the cadets who went on to becoming a Wonderbolt reserve, before securing her spot on the team only a year later. His brother had always told Rumble that she'd been the most enthusiastic.

'Looks like it paid off.' Rumble thought, noting that enthusiasm would be something to look into if he wanted to finish this boot camp with flying colours.


Flying colours.

Get it?


'Shut up, Rumble.' snapped his conscious in protest of his 'punny' humour.

He gazed on for a couple more seconds at the pictures, fully aware of the fact that in only a few moments, that would be him.

"Pretty cool isn't?"

Rumble turned in surprise, he'd thought he was alone!

The owner of the voice was a young stallion, not one of the cadets, but still in his prime. One of the instructors? He had a dark, windswept mane and tired green eyes. He wore a pleasant smile.

Rumble answered back dumbly, not really sure what to say.

"Yeah. Cool."

Lame answer, but there wasn't really much to say.

"I've seen the look on your face before, kiddo. Seen it every time we get new cadets. It's always a good sight to see." The older stallion smiled back before excusing himself to take his seat on the stage of the auditorium. Soon after, ponies started to fill the room.

Rumble took one last look at the photographs and smiled.

"Yeah." He whispered to himself, "Cool."

Scootaloo couldn't help but think that the auditorium was a bit...empty.

Of course you had all the instructors and supervisors, but the cadet squad only had about 22 ponies. She was sure the room could've actually housed ten times that number.

But it was still awesome. Nothing could detract from that.

Then there was a crackle and hum as the speakers came to life.

"Welcome Junior Wonderbolt Cadets!" Came the voice of the head instructor through the speaker system.

Any extra noise immediately stopped as all attention was diverted to the front of the stage.

"I am Spitfire, your head instructor this boot camp." Came her raspy voice again.

"Let me repeat that cadets. Boot. Camp." She said, pausing occasionally for special emphasis.

"This is not kiddy-camp. This is not for corny cheers and songs around the campfire while toasting marshmallows. This... is Wonderbolt training!"

Spitfire's voice held a weight of authority; it demanded and maintained attention without flaw. It was clear why she was the leader of the Wonderbolts.

"For some of you, this will be your opportunity to fly as a team, in the cadet colours. The opportunity to test your skills, push your limits and excel in your desired field of expertise. For some of you, this will be the start of your Wonderbolt career. For some of you, this will make you a better flyer and help you in your future as a pegasus. Either way, this boot camp is all about opportunity, but more importantly, the seizing of said opportunities. You don't seize the opportunities, you don't learn, you don't succeed."

There was no denying it...

"You all got that?" She finished, eyeing the group menacingly.

"Yes Ma'am!" Rang out their voices in unison.

Spitfire was one tough-cookie.

After a few more introductions from members of staff, the cadets were lead out onto the drill ground, eagerly anticipating the first test of the boot camp. Rumble stood in the midst of them, stretching his muscles before he did anything rigorous. They had been lead out to the main air strip, where they'd been instructed to wait for their drill sergeants.

"Front and centre, cadets!" Came an authoritative voice.

Some eyes widened in shock at the sudden demand for attention, then they scrambled around till they formed a line. Rumble stood snapped-up straight, with his eyes focused ahead of him. He hoped it made him look tough and less like a novice.

Hoof steps could be heard as the voice's owner approached the cadets. Rumble's focus wavered and he shot a look down the line to see who was addressing them. He immediately recognised him as the stallion he'd talked to earlier while he'd been admiring the photographs.

The group waited in silence, but Rumble sensed the tense atmosphere. There was a mix of emotions: fear, excitement, nervousness and eager anticipation. It felt like forever before the stallion came to rest, standing in front of the group, watching them intently, a somewhat grave expression on his face.




All of them seemed likely.

Rumble tried not to, but he was sweating up a storm, as were the other cadets. Knees buckled, eyes darted left and right restlessly.

Tense silence.

"Give it a rest Soarin."

Everypony turned their head to look at the new arrival.

Soarin's expression faltered before it was cracked wide-open by a laugh, eventually settling into a pleasant smile.

"Aww..." Soarin said, chuckling, "but you should'a seen their faces."

"You don't wanna scare away the newbies do you?" Came the voice in a cocky sneer.

"Oh, now I'm sure you don't need my help with that, Rainbow Dash." Soarin answered back, teasingly.

It was Rainbow Dash!

The mare Rumble had seen in the photographs. The mare who'd gone on to becoming a Wonderbolt was here!

of course she was just like any other pony, but there was still this feeling of honour that came with seeing her here. Once a cadet, now a Wonderbolt. She embodied the success story that Rumble so wanted to be his own.

Some gasps and mutters were heard among the group of cadets; some out of shock, others simply because they didn't know quite how to react. All except one mare. She stood tall, with a smirk on her face, as if nothing about this display was new or surprising. She shared a few friendly marks with Rainbow Dash before returning to her former position. Rumble looked at her more closely, noting the confidence that seemed to radiate from her. She looked kind of familiar...

Rainbow Dash laughed and joined Soaring where he stood.

"Alright, cut the banter, Dork. Remember, professionalism. Who else is gonna beat these foals into shape?"

Soarin nuzzled her.

"I guess you're right, Dashie." He said, smiling.

Rainbow blushed lightly at the simple, yet affectionate term of endearment, before returning attention to the cadets, all of whom had been watching with mixed expressions.

She shifted uncomfortably, then audibly cleared her throat in an attempt to brush aside the awkwardness of the moment.

Darn it, she just couldn't concentrate with that dumb stallion around.

"Alright guys, listen up!" Rainbow called out, regaining her composure. Remember, professionalism. "In case you didn't already get it, this is dweeb is Soarin, and I'm Rainbow Dash. We are gonna be your drill sergeants. While you are here, you will work together and cooperate. You can't work as a team, you won't get through two hours of this academy. in order to do this, you will be split into teams of three depending on your speciality."

"Your speciality will be determined by a series of preliminary tests." Soarin took over. "Once we've assessed your performance in said tests, you'll be given your results, then advised on how to best perform during this boot camp. These results will help us split you into teams, like Rainbow said. Remember, it is vital to work as a team. Consult with them on how you can not only work better as an individual, but as a team member. You each have something to bring to your team, so give your team your all."

Rumble concentrated intently on what was being said. His eyes were stern and focused. This was serious stuff. If he failed, so would his team. Well, his team better make sure they don't fail him...


He was probably taking this too seriously.

Yes, there is such a thing.

This was going to be a breeze.

Just fly and make sure the other guy doesn't fall too far behind.

Nothing to it.

Satisfied with what had been said, Rainbow spoke again.

"Then without further ado, let the games begin!"

Rumble smirked.

Time to win. Time to be the best.

He was so ready.