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Sitting outside in the quiet night, in a small clearing by Sweet Apple Acres, Spike relives the best moments of his life: the moments which he spent with his beloved, Applejack. As the rain falls around him, he contemplates his own existence, realising he has many years to go before he is finally reunited with his beloved mare.

A quick, Applespike one-shot fiction.

Cover art credit goes to mt on Derpibooru.
Here's the link: https://derpibooru.org/137465?scope=scpe671f0769fa691570e54f07a9e5160f1463f75901
Cheers mate, lovely piece of art work.

Got a message from Solar Pony with a link to his dramatic reading of this story! It's kinda overwhelming, but I'm super grateful to him for it.
Here's the link to the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkBwrVsKqwg

Seriously guys, go check him and his channel out! Even if fan fic readings aren't your 'thing', it was certainly a pleasure to listen to.

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I love how you portrayed this. It keeps us in the dark until the end, and I like that, Sad story, but beautiful at the same time.

6379752 Thanks :twilightsmile:. I'm glad you liked that!

:fluttercry:I hope you all brought your permission slips.


Half way through the emotional roller-coaster, I was wondering if I should really publish something that's only gonna invoke tremendous amounts of feels. Oh the feels! :raritydespair: I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

Gosh darn it, ya went and made me cry. Well done.:pinkiesad2:

It's so sad :fluttershysad:

But it's truly beautiful, this is the story I'm looking for. Keep your good work :heart:

6384617 Is it wrong to say that I take pride in that? :rainbowlaugh: Rather, I'm glad my story had a powerful effect. :twilightsmile:

6384914 Thanks! :moustache:

Oh god, too many feels. But you still deserve this upvote and favorite.

I just want to thank you guys for all the likes and attention you've given this story. I'm so happy! :pinkiesmile: And I appreciate all the comments and feedback; good to know I'm doing something right.
I am stunned that only after 3 days, this story has gotten way much more love than my other stories got. Which is great! :pinkiehappy::yay:
I know this is all really sappy, but I had to say it. I just...

This story is almost poetic in a way. The first few blocks of text have a nice "cadence" to them, a very beautiful atmosphere is created with the way you describe everything, it's actually relaxing to read.

Far below him, valley's rolled endlessly on, fenced by mountains and hills, and in the middle of it all, sat a town. A small, cozy looking town; warm, yellow lights glowing and pulsating, shinning out from windows and street lights.

Other paragraphs are short and simple, but you use a powerful choice of words. As far as sadfics go, this here's a good one. :3

6661886 Thanks Miranda. :twilightsmile: Glad you enjoyed it.

Man nice job just a bit of a tearjerker tho :fluttercry:

This is truly beautiful, I can barely say this to most fanfics on this website they are too cheery and airy, bug this is truly and honestly amazing literature, it messes with your feelings and that's how you show that if means something to you, the way something affects you shows how much you actually cared for some thing. And this it made me think that dying request are important and guilt stays carved into you heats like words on a gravestone. The structure of this increases the dramatic effect of this. This is a gorgeous story.

6863693 Thank you so much! :raritydespair:
I'm honestly very touched by your comment. :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry:
It is the most satisfying feeling when someone deeply appreciates your work.
It's a great experience. :moustache:

Such Applespike shipping brought a tear to my eye, shoulda left a comment earlier so im doing it now! :twilightblush:

Author Interviewer

Likely too late to point this out, but your description spoils the entire story.

7032467 Agreed.
Wow...why did younger me have to do something noob-ish? :unsuresweetie:
So the future me could learn from it, I suppose.

I've now changed it up a bit.
Thanks for pointing this out and I hope it hasn't 'ruined everything'. :pinkiesad2:
Gosh, this is embarrassing :facehoof:, but necessary if I am to ever learn I suppose. :twilightblush:

If you have any further suggestions, please do just comment again, it's constructive criticism like this that helps me (or should) improve my fictions. Although for me, it is just a hobby, might as well do it correctly, right?

If you have read the story, I hope you were still able to enjoy it to some extent.

Thanks again PP. :twilightsmile:


Author Interviewer

There was a lot I didn't like about it, but it's almost entirely content-related. ._. If I hadn't heard Solar Pony's reading, I definitely would have skipped this.

7033211 Meh, that's cool.
I understand that what I write isn't going to be everyone's cup-of-tea, and even then it isn't great.
I appreciate your honesty, PresentPerfect.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day! :twilightsmile:

Holt crud, does that hit me right in the feels. Well done!

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