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This story is a sequel to Friendzone ain't magic

"Welcome, friend, to Friendzone 101; a declassified survival guide for all our fallen brethren in the dreaded frienzone. With each chapter presenting a step-by-step guide to surviving the loathsome loneliness, the tenacious temptations, the forever forlorn feelings. Join us brethren, you are not alone..."

Set before the events of 'Friendzone ain't magic'.
Warning: This story isn't supposed to be a serious piece of fiction. It's a humorous, light read. Just something short and fun, written for the enjoyment of others.

Book 2 in the friendzone series.

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 15 )

OH ya, I get the reference!
Man that show is awesome in my childhood!:pinkiehappy:
Too bad the show didn't got a spinoff since it got overshadowed by other nick shows.:pinkiesad2:

Kaneki_Ken-Ryu, I agree with that statement. I think however, that Spike, being unfamiliar with the subject, doesn't quite yet know what to expect from a possible relationship. Maybe his only reasoning for not being with Rarity is there is something holding her back. Really, it's more an interprutation of Spike more than my on views of women, if that's what you meant. Though I'd appreciate if you would edit your comment to being 'profanity-free'. Feel open to express your view, just without the language please. :pinkiehappy:

6284343 I'm glad the reference was clear!

6285806 Alrighty then...I guess? Thanks for commenting anyhow :rainbowlaugh:

:duck: Spikey remember when you were that horrible beast and wrecked Ponyville?
:moustache: Shoot, Friendzoned!
:raritywink: Spikey Remember the bridge?
:raritystarry: Precious Scales?
:twilightoops: He fainted

:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel: Awe COME ON ! KISS HER ALREADY!

Wow. 7,777 words. I should just end it there because this is such a perfect number.
Didn't even try :rainbowdetermined2:

omg i want a sequel to the first one with discord being friendzoned :DD
and then soarin and spike help him
cause they already got their mates
(just no fluttercord please o.o)
that would be sooooooooooooooo awesome

6296380 I'm glad you enjoy this so much! Although I really have no intention on writing another friendzone story. :twilightblush:

:twilightoops:AJ and Spike?
:raritycry: No he's MY Spikey Wikey!
:applejackunsure: Well yea
:rainbowlaugh: Spiked Apples
:duck: I'll get him back
:fluttercry: how?
:raritywink: With gems!
:moustache: can I have both I'm a good boy!
:trollestia: You can have as many as you want son

Did someone just go through the comments and Dislike all Hillbe's comments? :derpyderp2:
...Come on guys. :ajbemused:

A well done fic- Thank you :pinkiehappy:(I have haters who lurk in the shadows):pinkiegasp:

I write Sparity & the haters need a target I guess. Do they need me to feel good ?:fluttercry:


I'll just sick the dragon on them. . .:derpytongue2:

waitr im confused now
so it is Fluttercord?
goosh i had hoped so much that wont be the case

Gonna make a sequel to these 2 stories?

7416196 Probably not, although I really should be writing more Applespike.
Heck, I should be writing more period.

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