• Published 30th Oct 2015
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My idiot - Marshall_Evergreen

The JWA boot camp looks to be the best time of Scootaloo's life. If only she wasn't paired-up with the biggest dork in Equestria: Rumble.

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Some things never change

If it hasn't already been mentioned within the last 3,000 words, Scootaloo was excited.

The atmosphere was electric and she was buzzing with it, ready to just get out there and fly!

Best of all was the opportunity to spend some time with Rainbow Dash. They hadn't seen each other much in the last couple weeks and it was nice just to be in each other's company. Not that Scootaloo idolised her as much as she used to, but she still looked up to her as a mentor and big sister figure.

Everypony grows up and dreams mature in time. Although being able to live now, what she would have given her cutie mark for then, still filled her with a content, peaceful feeling. Nostalgia? Maybe it was just her mind saying she had it good.

And she did indeed, 'have it good'.

She was happy with where she was. Not just here and now, but with life in general.

Sure, she didn't always see Rainbow Dash, but that's life. Ponies grow up, have things to do; doesn't stop you from being friends or looking up to each other. In the end, they were still sisters.

...Well, sorta.

But any time spent with each other was time to be valued, and Rainbow Dash being here just added to Scootaloo's excitement.

She was content.

Everything was A-OK.

"So how ya been, squirt?" Rainbow said, flying alongside Scootaloo.

They were doing a couple warm up laps around a patch of clouds, making for roughly 800 metres per lap. Foals play really, but effective nonetheless.

"Been good." She replied, smiling, "Nothing much to report. Everything I'd have to tell you about is currently happening as we speak, so yeah. I'm good."

Rainbow Dash nodded, content with the brief answer.

"Same-old, same-old then, huh?"


It may have seemed pointless making small talk, but sometimes that was all that needed to be said, just to see how they are and where they are. Nothing more, nothing less. Didn't stop the two from having a treasured and deep relationship.

She began again, hoping to get a bit more in-touch with the present goings down in Ponyville, while discussing a matter that was still relative.

"So what about the rest of the girls?" Rainbow asked, before clarifying, "AB and Sweetie Belle I mean."

Scootaloo fell silent, deep in thought.

"Dunno...I guess they're alright, they would'a swung by if something wasn't." She said after considering the question.

It wasn't that the girls had fallen out or anything, but it's like what was said before; Ponies grow up.

Rainbow looked like she'd just flown into a brick wall.

"Don't get me wrong, we're still friends!" Scootaloo elaborated quickly, hoping to put RD's mind at ease. "Heck, we're still best friends and always will be. But Sweetie's been looking into career options, Apple Bloom has been held up with Apple bucking - yeah, she can do that now - and I've been working for the academy, as one might have guessed. Plus, it hasn't been weeks, but it is true we haven't really done anything together much lately. We just..."

"Grew up." Rainbow Dash finished, a sympathetic and understanding smile on her face. But there was something else too, something like remorse or sadness, but she couldn't be sure.

"But it's all cool!" Scootaloo perked up, showing a broad smile. "We're meeting up soon, once I've found out which group I'm in and feel comfortable with my surroundings, we'll hit Sugarcube Corner or something likewise."

"You'll do great, Scoots. I know you will." Rainbow Dash said proudly, "Just remember to-"


Rainbow Dash shot over to the side. Scootaloo moved in the opposite direction, but was too slow and only narrowly avoided contact. It was close. The flash of black and grey swiftly swerved around her, evading with expert agility. But it was sloppy. It was cocky and brash, just showing off speed.

The pair came back together, flustered and shocked, only to see the culprit, shooting off down the track.

"Jerk." Scootaloo grumbled.

"That colt is gonna break his wing flying like that. All show, no training." Rainbow said sternly, naturally assessing the speedster's performance. "It was sloppy. Kid's got skill, talent and potential, I'll give you that. But it's raw; untamed."

"He's still a jerk."

Rainbow Dash laughed.

"Yeah. Unfortunately he reminds me of me." She said in amusement. "I wasn't that big of a show off, was I?"

"On a scale of 1 to Applejack, how honest do you want me to be?" Answered Scootaloo, playing along.

"Hit me." Rainbow said, wearing her signature smug smirk.


They both started laughing at that.

Yes. She definitely had it good.

A good laugh with her sister was all she needed. It's always better when Rainbow's around.

Of course Rainbow had always been cocky and brash, but that's why Scootaloo had loved her. She was so confident and fearless, the kind of things Scootaloo had strived to be. To be as strong and as fearless and as loyal as her; her idol and role-model. Plus a good friend is always able to look past defects and shortcomings.

Scootaloo looked around, taking stock of her surroundings, if anything to prevent another run-in with a speeding idiot. Then her eyes settled on Soarin, gliding comfortably, not a care in the world.

"So how's the hunk?" She said with a devilish grin.

Rainbow Dash noticed also noticed Soarin in the distance, lazily floating on his back.

"You mean that dork?"

She watched as the same colt from before whizzed past, spinning Soarin around in the air like a spin-top, his far-off cries of protest caused her to giggle, before he regained his balance and gave chase to the pesky rascal.

Scootaloo watched this all with glee, feeling the need to squeeze something from the cuteness.

It was just too priceless.

"Gosh, didn't know you had it that bad!"

Rainbow whipped around blushing.

"Not that bad!"

"Old habits die hard, I see." Scootaloo said rolling her eyes.

"I don't know...it's just a bit mushy is all, I've only just gotten used to talking about all this stuff. But it's just so... I can't even explain it, Scoots. It's the most amazing thing! It's different talking about girly things, with the girls ya know? The kinda cheesy stuff, it's all so sappy, but that's what makes it sweet!"

"Ew. I think I need to wash out my ears."

"I'm serious! He's a dork and clumsy, but he's adorable. He's relaxed and calm, but still focused and serious. An' you can't tell me that isn't the most manly jaw ever!"

"And such deep and detailed descriptions as well! You haven't been sleeping well lately have you, RD?"

Rainbow Dash laughed. But it wasn't the sort of laugh you give because something is funny, she seemed genuinely happy, more so than Scootaloo had ever seen her.

"You really like him, huh?"

"Yeah." Dash sighed in content, a light blush colouring her cheeks.

She turned back to look ahead of her, admiring the clear, crisp air that surrounded her. She just felt so free up here! It had been well worth the wait, flying was amazing. She noticed a couple other cadets ahead of her, laughing and mingling together. Maybe she should actually start getting to know the other cadets? After all, team work was essential, and how would she be able to 'work to each other's strengths' with ponies she didn't know.

She glanced back at Rainbow Dash who was seemed lost in thought, smiling and giddy, in another world entirely. Since when had she been so...so...girly? Maybe she always had been, but it just wasn't that obvious. Not that there was anything wrong with it; in a way it kind of suited her, this almost teenage giddiness. She had to admit It was cute, seeing Rainbow Dash like this over a guy.

Then she nodded to herself, as if giving her consent; she could ship it.

She was about to fly off to join the other cadets, when Rainbow Dash got her attention.

"Hey Scoots?"


"I know this may be a bit sappy for you but...do you have your eyes on anypony?" Rainbow gave a sly grin, "You know, somepony special?"

As if that needed clarifying.

"As if!" Scootaloo huffed, "Some things will never change, Rainbow Dash and one of those things are colts. There all so *blleecchh* and immature and..."

"Cute?" Rainbow winked mischievously. "There are some good looking ones in the group, ya know."

Scootaloo blushed slightly, but tried to hide her embarrassment. "Yeah...maybe...well, I'm not here to hook up, I'm here to train. Don't try anything sneaky Rainbow Dash! You may be older, but you’re still a prankster at heart!"

"I make no promises." Rainbow Dash laughed evilly, "Like you said Scoots, some things never change."

She laughed and shot off down the track, leaving Scootaloo to cry out and protest in vain.

Author's Note:

Hope you've enjoyed this story so far. I know it isn't exactly 'intense drama', but I hope it's enjoyable nonetheless.

Stay awesome, y'all!