• Published 30th Oct 2015
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My idiot - Marshall_Evergreen

The JWA boot camp looks to be the best time of Scootaloo's life. If only she wasn't paired-up with the biggest dork in Equestria: Rumble.

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Rumble's problem

Author's Note:

Hey y'all.
I know this chapter is majorly overdue, but what the hay.
It's here now!

Hope you enjoy.


Rumble, the Wonderbolt Cadet, was flying high up in the clouds, trying to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the late afternoon sky. He needed a bit of peace and tranquility around now; hopefully it was contagious.

For 'free time' the cadets had split up and gone their separate ways. Some went home, others to the mess hall or a study lounge.

Well, Featherweight did anyway...

So he had decided to do some flying, just to relax and clear his head.

Being completely honest, the first day had been an absolute mess!

Despite having the fastest time, he'd still managed to botch his landing on the tailspin exercise, making him look like an absolute foal! Okay, so maybe it hadn't been that bad, but it was to him and the humiliation was still his. Had it just been nerves? Maybe, but Rumble still felt horrible; guilty almost. Thunderlane would have landed that perfectly, no sweat!

That last thought just made him feel worse.

He'd let himself down, but it was more than that. He'd let his brother down.

Rumble flew on silently. His expression stern and serious; deep in thought. A small tear trailing down his cheek, being pushed back slightly by the rushing wind.

"No." he whispered to himself in quiet defiance of his thoughts.

He was an excellent flyer! How else would he have gotten into the academy? He had been applauded when he landed. So maybe the landing hadn't been a perfect ten, but he'd shown speed and fast reactions. He was aware of his surroundings, and had at least recovered somewhat for a less than perfect landing. But that was okay, everypony has an off day.

And what about the other exercises? So yeah, the Dizzitron thing still bothered him, but he'd done incredibly well on all the other drills, showing expert agility and reaction speed. He should be proud of himself!


So why couldn't he feel proud?

Rumble slammed his fore hooves to his temples, shaking his head and yelling out in rage.




Stupid emotions.

Stupid academy.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Rumble felt a sickly blend of emotions that he could sworn, should never be stuck together; it was an ugly mix.

Frankly, if he could take anything home from today it was this:

Hormones suck.

Thunderlane was at home, sitting at his dinning room table, sipping a cup of herbal tea. He was starring at nothing particular, lost in his thoughts; or rather, lack of. He was utterly and completely at peace. Nothing was as soothing as good cup of...

The door opened and Rumble walked in.

He stood in the door way as if he were lost, his eyes darting around, trying to spot what was out of place.

"Am I missing something?"

"The door." Thunderlane spoke softly.

Rumble looked behind him, his face expressing his realization.

"Oh yeah," he chuckled weakly, "neat."

He stood there awkwardly, feeling his brother's eyes look him over, up and down, trying to find what was out of place. He straightened and held his head high, puffing out his chest. Rather than making his current mood however, it only made his upset attitude more noticeable. Thunderlane picked this up instantly but said nothing, just stared at him blankly, watching him make a foal of himself.

Didn't he know it was useless hiding his feelings from him?

Thunderlane shuddered.

'This is so wrong.' He thought grimly.

Thunderlane knew what his brother was doing, because he had done the exact same thing as a young colt. It was nothing to be proud of, in his opinion. It meant they were alike. Two apples that didn't fall far from the tree, nor land far from each other. Rumble was just one of those ponies that didn't get sad, they got angry and arrogant...or at least, that's what they were on the outside. Really it was a defense mechanism, not wanting to give into humiliation and embarrassment. But years of experience had taught Thunderlane that living in denial didn't help anypony, especially not yourself.

"Rumble." He addressed him calmly.

Rumble stiffened and tensed as he turned to meet his brother's blank face. He met his brother's gaze and felt himself being studied and scrutinized, locked in a tense game of masks. Thunderlane showing no emotion. Rumble, trying fiercely to keep himself from looking suspicious. His gaze wavered nervously, as sweat started to form on his brow.

Thunderlane smirked.

"You butchered it didn't you?" He asked with a wry smile.

'Gosh dang it...' Rumble thought glumly as his heart sank to his stomach.

"No!" Rumble huffed indignantly, "I did awesomely."

He wasn't lying; he had done fantastically well. But something still nagged him, something that cast a shadow over what would have been a perfect day, and it wasn't the landing. So why did he feel so...sad? Disappointed? Angry?

"That so?" Thunderlane pressed, sipping his tea in a manner that was intimidating and mocking, keeping his unblinking eyes on Rumble, still wearing that smug grin.

Rumble gave in. He knew his brother was aware of his mood already, and if there was one person in Equestria that could understand him, it was his brother.

He'd always looked up to his brother. He was Rumble's hero, though he never told him. For him, Thunderlane was somepony he had to make proud. He felt good when his brother was proud. He was also very thoughtful and perceiving, just what a big brother should be, but he was also fun and cool. As he'd gotten older, he'd become more reserved and...old.

Well, mature.

So if there was anypony Rumble could talk to now, it was Thunderlane.

He sighed and hung his head, allowing his emotions to get hold of him. Truthfully he never really had been in control of them. Thunderlane smiled. It wasn't mocking or smug, but kind, compassionate, genuine and inviting. He then tapped the seat next to him, prompting Rumble to sit with him.

He sat down as his brother put an arm around him.

"Listen," Thunderlane began in a soft but serious tone, beckoning his brother to listen, learn and take comfort from his words. "You don't have to tell me what happened today. But you need to understand what I'm about to say: self-pity does little to solve this problem. It's okay to feel sad, to fail and feel disappointed because it allows us to want to get better. What matters is that you do get better. You are an amazing flyer! Faster and more agile than I ever was, but you cannot let your pride get the better of you; trust me on that one."

Rumble looked up and nodded silently. He didn't really have much to say.

Thunderlane smiled again.

"You and me are two of a kind, little bro; we gotta stick together."

With that said, the embraced. Rumble felt better after that, not that he need hugging, but...

It was nice.

Thunderlane was right, as always. When he got back to the academy, he'd give one hundred and ten percent! He wasn't going to dream of success, he was gonna work hard at it! Even he was stuck as Wing pony, he'd be the best flying Wing pony Equestria had ever seen!


Rumble froze in his brother's arms, the weight of this thought finally setting in as he realised...

He was the Wing pony.

As the sun continued to set over the little town of Ponyville, ponies could be seen finishing their business for the day. This was the busiest time of day. Some were on their way to the stores, some on their way back. The smell of fresh pastry still hung in the air around Sugarcube corner, as it always did.

Scootaloo and her friends could be found outside talking, their laughter and voices blending with the general sound of trotting hooves, bits jangling in bags and the unmistakable sound of a young stallion roaring in rage and fury, somewhere in the no longer quiet town of Ponyville.