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"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sherlock Holmes


The engagement of Big Mac and Rainbow Dash is the talk of Ponyville! Everypony wants to know how the proposal happened, when the date is, and how Rainbow Dash reacted! There is only one problem, Big Mac never proposed. Now Rainbow Dash has to try to get through a normal day with everypony trying to find out how the proposal happened and how she is planning her wedding.

This is a very late Valentines Day story dedicated to the one and only Jake the Army Guy. I wanted to have this story done before he came back, but that didn't go as planned. So here you go brother, a large MacDash story just for you!

Big shout outs goes out to Arbarano and The Masked Ferret for all the edits and idea bouncing. I am sure both of them have gone a bit insane because of it.

Art is done by KeyLimePie, go check them out on Facebook!

New cover image belongs to honeyheart23

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 122 )

This fic is blasphemy, and you are a heathen.

Alright, you have snagged my attentions. *Favs for the funnies!*

I think I read baby it's cold outside, this seems good keep it up!

Yeah, Rarity I love ya and all, but I'm totally on Rainbow's side on this. Mac's not stupid, and he certainly doesn't seem like the type to overthink things to the point where he'd forget all the basic qualities of the mare he's in love with AND living with.

Honestly, with these two, I always thought proposing would be a spontaneous thing. You know, like when she's in the middle of work, or in a line at the train station or something. Not quite romantic, but not boring like, I'm sure, Rainbow would find the textbook ways.

This is a great start and I look forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

She would have to get revenge on him somehow for using that name, but it was hard to find a punishment

Options for punishing Big Mac:

One night, right before bed, ask "Hey, Twilight said something about the those cloud-walking amulets needing a recharge every once in a while. How long have you had that thing, again?"

Start asking suspiciously personal and generally inappropriate questions about Applejack. "Where does she store her hair ties?" "Have you ever really smelled her after a hard day's work?" "Do you think her cutie mark actually tastes like Apples? Or do you already know?"

Start stocking up on pears (Only for advanced levels of hateful spite).

Not much for ship fics, but I figured I'd take a look at the premise of this one.

I don't think Rarity would continue to be as heavy handed with the "good news" after Rainbow manages to get her attention and ask "WTF are you talking about?" The gag is funny, but after that point in the story, Rarity's character suffers at the expense of keeping the status quo and loses dimension. While she can be dramatic, and certainly would still make an effort to do so, she wouldn't be so oblivious as to keep pressuring Rainbow like that once she realized Rainbow was clueless. I think she'd tone down the drama and up the sensitivity a bit.

Alas, the story is built off the gag, so sacrifices must be made.

Me? But cheesy MacDash shipping is your thing!
Don't get me wrong, I love your work, but I'm more of a LunaMac guy.

Erg... you... going right after my OTP, are you? Damn, you're heartless. Then I guess I have no choice. PM me your specific terms and I'll give it a go.

This seems interesting. I hoped Rairity bladed and now every pony thinks those two are going to marry. I hope this story updates often.

Can't wait to see how this turns out. Yay! :yay:

Small confetti cannons had also been placed inside. The firing strings had been elaborately tied up so that when Dash opened the locker they would go off, immediately bringing Pinkie to mind for having some part in this.

Ah Ponyville. The only town that celebrates engagements by trying to kill the bride to be! :derpyderp2:

Another good chapter, and looking forward to the next.

Keep on Keepin' on! :pinkiehappy:

Wonder how Mac's day is going.

Think only Applejack would believe Dash since he is her brother.

So uhm... How are Rarity and Big Mac getting in and out of Rainbow's house? It's never really explained and even if there was a permanant version of the cloudwalking spell, everypony would still need a hot air-balloon.

:eeyup: Ah Spike I need a favor from ya
:moustache: Sure wasup?
:eeyup: Rarity. . .Wedding Dresses . . .Rarnbow. . .Day. . .Tux and bow tie. . .
:moustache: ??????
:raritystarry: What? Take my hoof in............????
:moustache: A double header at the hoofball game we got free tickets from Big Mac. . . .!

:rainbowlaugh: thanks Mac that'll keep Rares busy. . . .


who were just as big and strong as Mac!

Wishful thinking girls. Maybe one of them can marry Troubleshoes and the other can marry that one member of the McColts.

Short but nice, can't wait to see what will happen next. :pinkiehappy:
Additionally, I want to see the magical cloud elevator in action, now that you've mentioned it! :ajsmug:

Lol, I love those twin ponies. Cause i have a twin :pinkiesick:

I have the thing you asked for about halfway done.
I already regret this entirely. :raritydespair:

They should call you Captain Incorrigible :derpytongue2:

Why are people usually so mean to Thunderlane? Mostly he is either a rapist, a cheater, or just terrible stallionfriend material, with only occasionally being shipped. And him being in a Herd with CC and Flitter is my favorite pairing.

Hmmm. Since it is obviously not the twins, that means either Twilight or Rarity. Most likely Rarity with some of your other stuff I remember. Which is fine by me. Usually it is Rumble getting the good spotlight in shipping instead of him, and never with the filly I want. At least I know Thunderlane will end up with one of the shippings I like for him... hopefully.
Edit: I tend to ramble when I am tired.

Turn Raritys mane and tail green. That's how to get back at her.

I Approve of the mention of RumbleBloom or at least the mention of Rumble being interested in Apple Bloom.
Such an under appreciated Ship.

1. Rumbloo am the way, but rumbloom sounds cute to.

2. I like this story.

Great chapter. It was funny to see Thunderlane want to be the maid of honor as well as his perception about how a bachelorette party hosted by RD's friends would be like.

7029174 Neon green. Her entire body. ALL OF IT NEON GREEN!!

Nah. Her Hair Neon Green and the rest of her body the worst PLAID ever.

7029699 My eyes are bleeding just thinking about it.

Rainbow doesn't want to see another stallion in drag Thunderlane. Her coltfriend gave her plenty of that as it is.

Ok. Dash should mix dye and itching powder into all of Rarity's shampoos, get fluttershy to somehow get Skunk Stink Extract and put in in her Perfumes, and replace all her gems with rocks and all her fabric with paper mache.

7059711 I whole-heartedly agree with this plan.:rainbowlaugh:

You know, after all the stuff she's been through ... I kinda hope Mac ISN'T going to propose just so Rainbow Dash can tell the rest of the town to shove off and mind their own business.

I have somehow the feeling that the conversation with the two wifes was not very helpful, like at all.

What if Big Mac only plans a normal dinner and Rainbow freaks out because of all these assumptions and rumors which are going on? Might be interesting and hilarious.

Can't wait how this turns out. :twilightsmile:

I personally am starting to think she should tell the whole town to stop harassing her and mind their own damn Business or she will say no just to spite them all. And after tearing Rarity a new one about this to stop doing this shit with her and especially with the others. What if Rarity were to go around telling Ponies Soarin proposed or is going to propose to Applejack? The Paparazzi would be on her faster than you could say scandal and likely crazed fanmares of Soarin's would try killing her before such could happen so that way there is still a chance they could get him in their deluded minds. And don't get me started on what the Nobility and Shining Armor would try to do to Flash Sentry should they learn he might propose before he actually does. Rarity's gossiping pie hole can cause her closest friends and those they care about a lot more trouble than she can likely realize.

Don't worry Rainbow, you won't turn out like them when you're older. Instead of arguing, you'll just whoop somepony for talking about your stallion like that.

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