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"She think she's missed the train to Mars,/She's out back counting stars." -Hum, 'Stars'

After a night of drinking, Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash spend the evening together, however, neither can remember what exactly happened. While Rainbow brushes it off as if it was no big deal, Big Mac can't shake a strange feeling about that evening.

Image created by DespisedAndBeloved on deviantArt.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 126 )

Next one, please! I want to know what happened and if they have consequences!!

4083474 Sorry, you're going to have to follow along to find out! The story is going be updated two to three times a week.

4083502 nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

ok, I wait. :P

Hate to break it to you Miss Dash, but Her Serene Majesty contrary to popular belief prefers a nice good beer.

So far a good start, really the only issue I have is Mac calling Rainbow Miss Rainbow Dash, that's bit of a mouthful to me.

Beer, you say?

The way I see it, is that Big Mac is always trying to be formal to each and every pony. That's just my opinion, however.

Yes beer, goes with growing up as part of a medieval Earth Pony clan. I'm sure he would formal, I'm just saying say Miss Rainbow Dash is a mouthful to say. Miss Dash is less of one.

5 bucks to a future pregnancy

its good so far so ill give you a like so far there was an error here

” Big Mac half-heartedly agreed, “Still, ah’m curious of what happened of what happened. Aren’t ya curious?”

and i think he would try to be formal to everypony too but i think he would just say miss Dash not miss rainbow dash thats just my opinion though

I like where this is going. Have a like and a moustache :moustache:

This is the problem with you auslanders. You can't hold your alcohol. Then again, I've been drinking since I was 5... >_>
Don't judge me! Do you know how boring East Germany was? There was literally noting to do but drink. Any ways, I'm pretty sure my liver is dead, because I don't get inebriated... I should probably go see a doctor about it one of these days.
Good story as always, Sunny, can't wait for the next chapter.

EEEEEEEEE!!! MacDash pregnancy fun! Gotta love it!

This never happens when I get hammered... The only thing I ever forget are the Bar-Fights and those victims I left behind... True story: I'm a vicious drunk when provoked - Envision a 2.3 meter man who has had a lifetime of physically fighting people, and who's so wasted that all you can make out when he talks is that he's incredibly furious, and you've basically got me in that situation...
I need to stop drinking so much...

I knew it!
Applejack is going to kill them! And I wanna read that muajajajajajajaja!!!!!!
Two weeks for the next chapter, right?

I did say I was to copy-paste here from DA:scootangel:
So I know next one comes friday!:raritywink:

And somehow no one saw it coming. Herbivores have such terrible eye sight.

Two to Three months? Well, good thing they caught it early.

:rainbowhuh: Ooooh snap, she got the D allright ^^

Babies shall be graced! :eeyup:

AJ took it pretty well. You know, I think I'll check out some more MacDash...

First time I've Seen AJ took something like this well. In some other fics like this she just gets mad or done thing along those lines.

I still want to see Applejack killing both of them XD
I would totally react like Dash if that was my case. XD

So, when is the next one? XD

4114316 exactky! Most people forget she's Mac's sister, not his friggin mother! :facehoof:

Not the reaction I was expecting but still a good story, can't wait for the next update to this story

My goodness they're both incredibly dumb, aren't they?

Go after her Mac! Tell her how you fell! Believe in your dreams and dear Super Kami Guru what movie am I quoting?!

Great story so far! Cant wait for more!

4133563 pretty much every cliche 'believe in yourself/romance' movie ever :rainbowlaugh:

Dang, I wouldn't be able to look at anyone in the bar after being shot down so hard like that.

Go after her, kiss her, and then walk away like a boss

Big Mac, you know what you did.

Aww don't worry Mac, it'll all pan out :heart:

What just... ah? Oh come on!!!:facehoof:

I knew there was a mistake here!!!

The small bump on her stomach had grown slightly, but if it was bothering her everyday routine, she didn’t let it show.

Ha! pregnant's mares don't show until the 8th month! I read about it las month and research it again when I read that. You can know the sex, but don't show it.

Just saying!

4152084 Well I won't lie, I'm using both human and horse biology for this story. 12 months for a horse, but the physical properties of a human. I'm mixing it up a bit. And honestly, it's not like the show is going to prove us wrong. (what, its going to now because I said that).

4152147 But to answer, yes, I took some liberties with this story and science. I mean, it's for the sake of entertainment, no?

4152163 I still enjoy it! So don't mind me!

Title drop and a great chapter! Makes me feel a bit guility for not updating as fast as you.

Love it!

4167979 Well, I have set Tuesday and Friday as the update days for this story.

And thus the cover arts :D So good

I feel like maybe everything will be wonderful after all.”

No, no do not speak the forbidden words!!

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