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Thinking Horse Noises


When Macintosh was a teenager, him and Applejack both tried to take charge of the farm once their parents had left it to them.

Macintosh succeeded, and now Applejack lives a more carefree life whilst Macintosh shoulders the stress of the harvest, the bills, and keeping his family together alone.

It's not easy.

Editing help provided by Red Parade. Art by kenket. An entry to 2020's 'Secrets' Roleswap contest.

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Comments ( 7 )

Very nice story. I love the changes you made and it really does fit! Was hoping for a bit of MacDash, but still it was a very well done story!

Please mention that this is an entry to Secrets: A Swapped Roles Contest in the description.

10362384 Ah, my bad. Will do!

10361889 Cheers, very glad you enjoyed it! It was something of a rush job, as is apparently my MO these days, so it's nice that someone liked it. : )

Judgey judgmental Judge mode, go! And congrats on your 3rd-place win!

Swapping around Applejack and Big MacIntosh has to be one of the oldest conceits in the fandom. That's not a critique by any means - as I said in another review for this contest, sometimes the obvious choice is obvious because it's the right choice. In this case it means that not a whole not needs to change in the fundamental dynamic of the Mane-6 while still introducing something that, well, fundamentally alters the dynamic of the Mane-6.

Big Mac isn't Applejack, he doesn't respond to things like Applejack does. You definitely got this across in this fic. It was a neat idea to basically re-write one of the earlier episodes of the show as well to show off how Big Mac would deal with the situation differently than Applejack would. Big Mac is hyper-focused on the farm, and his quiet nature would indeed most likely result in him being less likely to be called upon by his friends to help with baking or stunts or the animals. Of course, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have problems of his own. Likewise I like how showing that Applejack without being in charge of the farm is sort of...listless, I guess is the right word? Taking away her responsibility over Sweet Apple Acres won't make her love the place any less, but it'll also not really leave her with much direction in life. She has no rudder - wind blows north, that's where she's heading.

My only real complaint with the story is that since it's obvious very early on that we're looking at "Applebuck Season" with swapped roles, it's pretty easy to guess how the story is going to end. But that's a minor complaint here - it's about the journey, not the destination, and just because I knew where we were heading that doesn't mean that I knew how individual scenes or plot points would be handled.

10363302 Cheers for the thoughts. Hope you enjoy the other entries as well. : )

I’ve reviewed this fanfic in this blog.

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