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It's a few weeks before summer, and Ponyville is at it's calmest. That is, until Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash announce that they are dating. No big deal though, it's just some mildly shocking news. How will their friends and family react? How will the whole town react? One thing's for certain, nothing bad will come of this at all, in any shape or form. That is guaranteed.


AN: Official sequel to Fun. It is not necessary to have read that story before this one.

Chapters (6)
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I'm debating reading this just because of how priceless that title is. And I hate shipping.

Sweet. You finally posted it! I'm loving what I'm reading so far and can't wait for the rest.

Finally a story with RD in it that doesn't end that she's lesbian... Still fucked my mind a little, anyway...

I've been looking forward to this for a long time, and it did not disappoint. :rainbowdetermined2::eeyup:

confusing with that ending. will there be more?

I really don't see why any pony would have a problem with them dating.

I also don't like Rarity making Big Mac seem like a thing, and she really seems to be kinda repugnant in her attitude. Honestly, Pinkie's reaction was the only normal one... okay, AJ's reaction is reasonable, but Twilight seems to go off the deep end rather quickly, and Fluttershy.... just :facehoof:

I also don't think Big Mac is any real prize, since (as of season 2 anyway) there are plenty of stallions in Ponyville that are the same size and build as Big Mac.

I'm not sure about this one, but I'll keep an eye on it.

Now time for some positive feedback!!! Good start, like your writing style, Pinkie is insane, was hoping you would have a little more of the title characters in this chapter but they're will be more just for that (right?). With Twilight thinking it was all about the sex all I could think was "Damn Twilight, little presumptuous huh!". This story is looking to be very entertaining. Keep it up!

...i can't even come up with an *EPIC GENTLMAN* saying that'll describe my reacton to this. and that's never happened before.

Dude! Been looking forward to this!
And Twilight is starting to seem a little irrational already. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
I'm glad you didn't decide to make this a oneshot.

931984 It actually has less shipping than I anticipated. It's not as gooey romance as you may believe it to be. After all, I want this story readable to everyone. :derpytongue2:

932010 That is a long title indeed.

932081 Thank you. It'll be a long journey, I assure you.

932086 Hard to tell if that's a positive or negative shrug. You faved it though so I'll assume it's positive. :twistnerd:

932138 You're kind of late to the party. Straight RD ships have become a bit more common now. And I've been helping. :raritywink:

932155 I'm glad it didn't. I was actually a bit nervous about this one all day. :twilightsheepish:

932173 Of course there will be more. :ajsmug:

932250 Is something the matter? I'm not being sarcastic or anything. :fluttershysad:

932405 I wouldn't either, but that'd make for a boring read. :trixieshiftright: And each of the mane six have a reason for their behavior, as you'll soon learn. And I'd believe that Mac is still a sought after stallion for his reclusiveness. Not that I'd ignore the other males either, they're going to have some time in the light as well. :yay:

932718 932728 932816 Thank you all. I can only hope to promise and deliver, and that you'll all like it. :pinkiesmile:

Keep writing.

No, you misunderstand. That title is amazing :rainbowlaugh:

933084 You're welcome, dude. Can't wait to see how Fluttershy reacts.

Ha ha, maybe this will be the return of new Fluttershy. Rainbow stole her man.

It hasn't happened yet.
Oh...well, better safe than sorry, Imm'a stockpile the shelter. Don't want to be caught in the path of a Flutterbitch.:flutterrage:

*Sees notification*
*Sees Title*
*Sips water*
"This is going to be fun."


933084 lol no, when I was reading, and i read everypony's reactions, I just thought of that gif xD.

You sir own the best fan fic title to ever be submitted to this website.

933479 I thought it was better to keep it simple than something cryptic for something that wasn't at all serious. :moustache:

What happened to Change of Pace? But damn man I have been following you since your stuff on fanfiction and it's great! I am very excited for this fic because I love MacDash (opposites attract). Will jealousy be a central theme in the fiction? Because that is what it seems to be

Thumbed, faved, tracked. Do not disappoint me.

Honestly, I prefer Fluttershy/Big Macintosh.
But that did not stop me from laughing at this story.
Anyway, you've got my attention. This is definitely one of my favorite pairings.

AHHH!!!! I NEED A SEQUEL!!! :raritycry::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::eeyup::rainbowlaugh:


A few inconsinstencies and fanon cliches but since they're played for laughs, it's fine.

Meinos Kaen

Ah can accept that my best friend is doin’ mah brother when Ah’m…not…lookin’…
Because watching your brother having sex is so natural and healthy, Applejack.:rainbowhuh:

935131 :rainbowlaugh: It's funny because it's true! Or is it...?

"have a nice long, detailed, and heavy…” her voice began to drag as she listed, “…er, conversation! …with her…”

I see what you did there :trollestia::trollestia::moustache:

“The day I buy clothes from you is the day you were plaid.”

It's wear plaid.

Mmm... More kindling for the fires of the MacXDash revolution. This pleases me.

In all seriousness, I'm glad to see straight Rainbow becoming a bit more common. Lesbo RD is cool, but overdone imo. I'll keep an eye on this. I'm expecting something awesome! :rainbowwild:

I................LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!1!!!!11!1 :rainbowdetermined2::heart::eeyup: THE BEST SHIPPING EVER!!!!


I, for one, welcome our MacXDash overlords.

Big Mac...your calm facade will be put to the test.
A perfect example of a no-win situation.

I'd actually sort of feel sorry for Mac if I wasn't spending all my time laughing at these sex-obsessed (or whatever) mares.

Real Life, of course, is nothing like that. Nothing at all. Not in the least. Never.

Oh dear. See this is what you get for lying Rainbow Dash.

PInkie sees all! :pinkiecrazy:

Though that is kinda of disturbing as it means she has been watching them do it. Creepy.


This is why you don't lie! You have to work harder to keep the lie consistent. With how obsessed with Twilight is though I'm beginning to think she really does need a good roll in the hay.:twilightoops:

Twilight needs to get laid.

Why is everypony doing other people's business? I mean, if one of my friend is "bucking" another of my friend, i wouldn't give a single fuck about it, i'll just say: "Ok, but, who cares?"
By the way, Pinkie is starting to give me creeps... :pinkiecrazy:
I'm laughing like a moron and at the same time i feel ashamed while reading this. LOL!

Hey, maybe that list of bachelor stallions will come in handy for Twilight at some point.

You're in for it now Mac, since Dash dashed away they are probably coming for you next.

Considering the 4th wall breaks it is possible that Pinkie just read that from the story that they were dating (plus all associated info) rather than having to watch in person.

this'll end well.


951805 I agree. Pinkie just read the story that's all. :derpytongue2:

Lucky Big Mac. Getting to Taste the Rainbow. :derpytongue2:

Referring to @$%&ing as "bucking"...
That makes Applejack's job sound very... odd.

So is this an unofficial sequel to "Fun"? Whats happened to Change of Pace? Eh, i still get more MacxDash to read so I'm fine with it... laughing through most of this story :rainbowlaugh:

then delicately sipped from it before spitting it all out, right at Rarity.


“AHHHH!!!” Rarity screamed, “It’s still hot!”

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Rarity, DAT BUCKING BITCH!

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