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Big Mac is usually quiet, reserved, and thoughtful. But he has had it and he's about to let his family know what he really thinks. Will his views end up getting him kicked out of the family?
Not related to any other stories I've written.
Thanks to LoneUnicornWriter for helping improve this story.
The cover art comes from the Pinkie Apple Pie episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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You tell 'me Mac!

Nice little story here!

I think there is one fanfic where AB says that she'd kill for a banana... :applecry:

Thanks for the feedback. You might also enjoy the story I posted yesterday, Merry Christmas!!!


Pretty cool! Like it.:twilightsmile:
Have a follow.

The next day Mac cooked breakfast again the smell was a smoky sweet and savory a smell never before dancing on the tips of the family's muzzles.
:applejackconfused: Mmmmmm crispy!
:applecry: Yummy salty sweet!
:eeyup: It's great!
:ajbemused: what is it called?
:eeyup: bacon!
:twilightsheepish: Spike loves bacon!:raritystarry:I thought he loved me..........................

I love the end.
Could we get a family reunion chapter where all the mares cry in happyness about all the apple-food?

7818620 RealityCheck had that line in one of his stories. I believe it was Cherille's Class

7818979 bacon's overrated, it's far too salty and I like salt but i have my limits and bacon passes them.

The limit goes like this, if a foodstuff is saltier than I am then it's not good food.


Yes, it was. I'm glad you remember.:twilightsmile:

I liked this quite a bit, and I can completely sympathize with Big Mac: even if you're growing something for a living, it's going to get old eventually. I imagine he actually liked apples, but has has so much exposure to them that they just grew more and more disgusting with time.

A nice departure from the normal "Apple family has everything apple", and you had excellent characterizations and dialogue all around.

Thanks for the feedback! I wrote it months ago and have been tweaking it ever since. It's nice to know people like a story that I put a lot of work into.


Was not expecting that at all. Pretty cool

Actually, if you notice, pears were in the mixed fruit:

“What’s in this bowl Big Mac?”  Granny Smith gave it a suspicious gaze.
“Mixed fruit.”
“Oh, like different kinds of apples?” asked an eager Apple Bloom.
“Nnope.  Peaches, pears, kiwis, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe.  Even a few cherries added in.”
“And apples?” asked a hopeful Apple Bloom.
Apple Bloom pouted.

I did not forget pears at all!


Thank you all for making Big Mac Speaks His Mind the second most popular story I've written after Dreams of the Heart!


I'm guessing Mac's "date" went off without a hitch that morning too.

Consuming on a specific food source cause multiple deficiencies, cause under development of body and mind, inhibits thinking capabilities and shortens life expentency significantly. That explains lot about the state of Applejack.

Wow! Five hundred views! My only other story to achieve that, Dreams of the Heart, took weeks. Thank you all for your views and feedback!


:eeyup:Everything is apples! WHAT IS MY LIFE?!

7819197 Now I'm imagining Cheerilee pretending to be from Maris (/mehr'-is/).


Shortens life expectancy? :applejackconfused:
Didja hear tha one, Granny? :ajsmug:

7863917 it is a scientific fact that if you subside on certain food group it will casue undernourishment which eventually causes significant health issues, decreases mental capacity and physical strength. That leads to decrease in the life span.

Even if granny had a long life, the mental capacity of apple family is not very high as it is demonstrated in many episodes, there is a clear correlation between their apple diet and their decreased mental capacity, for example: Big Mac's inability to talk properly, Applejack's stubbornness and hostile behaviour to unknown and new, Applebloom's near suicidal tendecies during crusading and lastly Granny is mostly senile.

Having mainly apple diet at each meal is equivalent of a slow death but of course that is not displayed in a cartoon which fails to provide proper reasoning for its plots most of the time and says ''f:yay:k it, it is magic'' to justify its absurdity.


I was attempting to be facetious. My apologies. :twilightsmile:

Let's not forget Matt Damon lived off potatoes for months when he was stuck on Mars.

Also, Applejack is my favorite, so let's cut her some slack.


I'm honored! :pinkiehappy:


7864418 I am very busy nowadays, so my capacity understand humor and sarcasm is little damaged.


I can't believe this story has already hit 1000 views! Thank you all for making this the most popular story I've written. Check out my other work for other great stories! And be on the lookout. In the next few weeks I'll be publishing some new material!


I've always wondered why they did everything apple.

Thanks for reading! (and I'm guess the Like) I'm glad you enjoyed the story. If you enjoyed that, you might enjoy some of my other works.


Big Mac is now the Gordon Ramsey of MLP :P

I've never watched GR, but that sounds interesting.


finally coming out of that lonesome shell of his......good job

Poor Big Mac. lol

Excellent story. The line about the apple brandy had me crying. Too funny. ^^

I liked this story, and it was very mature of Big Mac to be so proactive in setting things right. Some would just complain, then do nothing to fix things themselves. I like the way you wrote this, it really immerses us into the Apple family's day-to-day life. Thank you for sharing! This made me smile! :twilightsmile:

Thanks, your comment made me smile.


... I'm curious if anyone ever pointed out to the Apple family that technically, apples are a natural laxative. Especially when made into juice and cider. I learned this many years ago from... Unpleasant experience.

Which amazes me since apples are part of the BRAT diet, which is used to stop diarrhea...

I myself love apples to where if I have enough I eat about 5 a day. Mainly as snacks.
But to eat it for meals to the point where I forget other fruits even exist would make me hate (not like as much) apples too.
Also, for some odd reason I think this deserves a sequel.

Honestly Big Mac, My reaction would be the same. Except i would be annoyed starting from breakfast

I think that was the only he could solve the problem considering how clueless the rest of the family was to the point where the idea of not eating something with apples was a foreign idea.

The brat diet (bread, rice, applesauce, and toast) isn’t necessarily just for diarrhea it is also to help prevent nausea and vomiting because all the items that are implemented in the diet are easier on the stomach

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