• Published 27th Mar 2015
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Pure Shadow - Crystal Night

After being accept to live in Equestria, Sombra goes to Ponyville to receive lessons about friendship. Instead, he learns something else.

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Chapter Five: Seeking for Guidance

Once again, Sombra was sleeping in Twilight's bed. This time he didn't have to deal with nightmares or anything else, instead he had other thoughts, deep in his mind.
Back in the castle, he saved Twilight and lately he was getting strange feelings when close to her.
Somehow, Twilight was filling the part of his life, maybe she was like Cynthia. Almost. If Sombra could recall, Cynthia liked reading books, but Twilight, well she was different, she lived by the book.
Luna's moon was still high, bathing in his light. Tonight is indeed a beautiful night to stargaze.

Twilight was sleeping in Sombra's embrace. Her muzzle was still buried in his chest.
That helped Sombra falling asleep much faster.
Occasionally, she moved a little, in order to get a better position.
Even with that, he couldn't quite rest his eyes. Or his mind.
"Hmm...This really feels nice."- Sombra thought, pulling Twilight a little closer. She moaned low, which made him smiled. "Sometimes you can be really cute, you know?"
With that statement in mind, he felt a sudden blush on his cheeks. Could he possibly love her?

Slowly, he opened his right eye and looked down, at Twilight in this case.
He was said before she was beautiful, but thanks to the moonlight, the vision of the purple mare was better.
Twilight slept peacefully. Carefully, he rested his head on top of hers.
"Still awake?"- she mumbled.

Sombra opened his eyes, maybe she was still dreaming?
"I know you are..."- the mare continued, hugging Sombra a little closer.
He gulped.
"I didn't mean to wake you." Twilight giggled.
Sometimes she was like a secret book, wanting to be open. She lifted her head, glancing at Sombra's green eyes.
Strangely, his green eyes seemed to lost a little bright. Also his rough voice changed, into a more softer one.
He also noticed that, along with his purple embers got a tiny bit smaller than usual. His fur still had the same colour.
"It wasn't your fault, I'm trying to fall asleep too..."- she paused, taking a deep breath. Sombra felt the warm air washing over his muzzle, making him blush even more, fortunately for him, Twilight didn't noticed. He hoped. "I have been thinking about some...things. Mostly about us."

Sombra gulped, feeling a bit tense to the current situation. Truth to be said, he had thought about this during his walks through Ponyville's park. It's been a long time since Sombra had a relationship with somepony. Thirty years to be more precise, but he had to admit, he was starting to get strong feelings about her and vice-versa. Sombra sighed.
"I won't lie, but I thought about the same thing."

Twilight, on the other hoof was new to this kind of relationship. She never dated or spend enough with a stallion in her life before.
Still, she was enjoying Sombra's company, a lot. They both like the same thing, books and spells, maybe much more.
She was getting new feelings, something that Twilight never felt before, love. Twilight only had a small meaning of love.
Fortunately for her, love was something a certain princess or in this case, sister-in-law, knew and could help her.
After a brief moment, Sombra spoke.
"There's a lot to talk, but we should wait for tomorrow."- he paused. "The night is still young."
Slowly, Twilight nodded. Once again, they fell asleep.

With the beginning of a new day, Twilight, Sombra and Spike took breakfast. This time made by Spike, since he wanted to play with cutie mark crusaders, the purple dragon got up a little too early, even for Twilight.
Also, Sombra and Spike had a rough start with their friendship, but they got closer. Spike wasn't no longer afraid of Sombra. After placing his plate, Spike exited the kitchen, not before saying goodbye, of course.
Twilight had a few things planned, according her trusty checklist. Thankful, that gave Sombra a chance for a walk throught the park.
"Why is she so different than the others?"- he mumbled. Sombra didn't noticed, but he was being followed by a certain cyan rainbow mare. The stallion was approaching his favourite place. Near the edge of the park, close to the Everfree Forest, there was a tree with a few bushes. This time, along with everything else, was covered with snow. This spot rarely anypony come by, due to the creepy forest.

Rainbow Dash continued following Sombra closely, she thought he was maybe plotting something evil. Or maybe she was just curious, since she actually finished her training section, for now. Sombra laid his belly on the frozen snow, under the white tree. Carefully, Rainbow slipped inside the tree, going through the branches. A smile appeared in Sombra's face, with his eyes closed, he spoke.
"I must say, I didn't thought you care about me, also I can teach you to be a little sneaky." Sombra remained still. The mare's eyes opened wide. How did he knew she was there? With a strong flap from her wings, she flew out of the tree and landed in front of Sombra.
"How?"- she asked, sounding a little annoyed for being spotted so easily. In response, he chuckled. Now she was more confused, why was he laughing? Also she noticed he seemed to be more...happy?
After a brief moment of silence, he continued.
"I do have my own tricks."- Sombra winked at Rainbow, her eyes grew even further. "Just joking."

She had several questions, but after that moment they seemed to disappear.
"Let me guess, why I'm here by myself?" The blue mare nodded in agreement. "Well, that's simple, to clear my mind. From what you ask yourself?" Again, she nodded. "Me and Twilight, basically we live under the same roof, but lately we got, lets just say...closer to each other."- he said with a embarrassed tone.
Rainbow also noticed that, along with rest of her friends that Twilight was acting quite different than her usual.
"It's been a long time since I had a relationship with somepony, but I feel strong feelings for her." Sombra took a deep breath, before resuming. "The only problem is I don't know to tell her about this."
She continued in silence, waiting for Sombra to finish.
"And that's why I'm here."- he smiled.

"Pff, that's sooo easy!"- she smiled back. "I don't really understand alot about love and feelings, but I do know somepony who does."
He thought for a good couple of seconds, until he decided to give up. She gave in a deadpan expression.
"Daah! Princess Cadence, you silly." Sombra lifted his ears, she was right, If there was somepony who knew about that, was her.
Sombra needed to talk with her, in order to get some help with his...issue. But for that to work fine, Twilight couldn't know about his trip.
"Thank you for the help Rainbow!"

Rainbow continued smiling.
"Everything for a friend."
That statement left Sombra confused. Did she just said friend? Before he could ask about anything, she flew off, she waved back at him. Sombra returned the gesture with smile. Now all he needed to do was ask Cadence for some guidance. Lifting from the snow, he trotted back towards Twilight's house. By now he knew Cadence was Twilight's sister-in-law and Shining Armor was her brother. Interesting family.
Returning back home, he noticed the library was too quiet. No sign of Spike or Twilight. Spike was at Sweet Apple Acres with the three little fillies. Twilight probably was still doing her stuff. Which left himself alone in the house.
"If I know her well, she must have the train schedules around here some where."- he whispered. After all, she had almost everything.

Going through a bunch of books, scrolls and papers, he finally found it.
"Alright, let's see. " Suddenly the front door opened, revealing a purple mare levitating a few bags.
After placing the bags near the round table, she glanced at Sombra, currently laying on the couch.
"Hi Sombra, is everything alright?" Shifting her eyes from Sombra to the paper. "What's that?"
Using his magic, he showed her the paper.
"A train schedule."
Twilight got more curious.
"Where are you going?"- she asked. This was the moment, he had to play this right, Twilight couldn't get suspicions.

"To the Cry...I mean to Canterlot."- he said a smile. Twilight wasn't really convinced. "Nice one Sombra..."- he thought.
Twilight pondered.
"May I ask why?" The alicorn gave him a questioning look. Sombra pulled his ears back, he was starting to get a little nervous.

"Think fast Sombra!" Twilight got closer and closer.

Finally, Sombra thought how to answer her. The perfect answer.
"Visiting a friend of mine." He waited for Twilight's reaction, which was a good reaction, she gave him back his space. Sombra took a deep breath. "During my stay at Canterlot, I met somepony to talk with."
She smiled, in other words, he managed to convince her.
"In that case, it's fine for me."- she paused. "I'm glad you found a friend before coming to Ponyville. What's his name?"
Sombra gulped, definitely he didn't predicted that question.
"Crystal Knight. He's a-a royal guard."- he quickly answered. Twilight thought for awhile.

"Strange, I thought I knew all of the guards..."

"He's a new guard."- he quickly added, waiting for Twilight to take the bait. Fortunately for him, she did.
She turned away from him, picking her bags, she trotted towards the kitchen. Sombra's eyes rested on Twilight's flank, gazing at her cutie mark. Twilight noticed that Sombra staring at her. The stallion all of the sudden changed his gaze, he had a huge blush on his cheeks.
"Something you like?"- she asked with a giggle. In reply, Sombra's blush got worse, his dark fur was now a tone of red, almost like a apple. "I'm just kidding." She looked away with a slight red on her cheeks. "Right?"- she thought while placing a hoof on her chest.

During her shopping, she dropped by Rarity's boutique to discuss something very important. After a long discussion, Rarity gave her a good advice. Seek for Cadence's help. Hesitant, she agreed. What she didn't mention was that Twilight was gonna write her a letter, still that would work just fine.
Returning to the matter at hoof, Sombra looked at the train schedule. Finally, he found the right one. He still had ten minutes before the train arrive, but better sooner than later. Lifting from the couch, he placed the paper on the table. "Better get going." With his magic, he grabbed his red cape.
"Here, you need this." Twilight grabbed Sombra's hoof, placing a brown bag. "This should be enough to buy the tickets."- the alicorn said a with a gin.
Silence took place between them, staring at each other eyes, still holding hooves.
"T-Thanks Twilight."
Twilight looked away from Sombra, trying to hide her blush.
"N-No problem."
Seconds later, Sombra left, leaving Twilight by herself. She reached for her desk, glancing at the paper, she thought.
"Now about that letter."

Author's Note:

Here's your fifth chapter, I intended to make longer than this, but I will add the next part in the next chapter. I hope you like it.