• Published 27th Mar 2015
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Pure Shadow - Crystal Night

After being accept to live in Equestria, Sombra goes to Ponyville to receive lessons about friendship. Instead, he learns something else.

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Chapter Two: The Reunion

Sombra was now facing the purple alicorn, both ponies had their eyes wide open.
The rest of the five ponies stared at the dark stallion. Celestia and Luna stood by Sombra side by side.

Sombra felt anger growing inside of him, but he didn't wanted to screw this up.
"Calm down Sombra!"- he thought to himself. Remaining his composure.

He bow with a slight anger.
"Princess Twilight Sparkle."
Twilight was surprised by his sudden action. She looked at Celestia, calling her for a secret meeting.

Clearing her throat, she spoke.
"Excuse me Princess Celestia, but why is he here?"- almost yelling.

Celestia just giggled at the question. That moment remembered her when she brought Discord. She looked around, but he wasn't there.
"Where is Discord?"

Twilight thought for a few seconds.
"He said something about painting or I...don't know. It's Discord."

But the truth was that Discord wasn't painting or anything else, from far away, hidden in a tree. Two eyes peeled from the branches.
Discord was glancing at the meeting. This was an important meeting, which he didn't wanted to crash into since Celestia and Luna were there, also with King Sombra. He knew about King Sombra's history because Fluttershy told him.

Regardless of that, he decide to watch.

The Princess of the Sun continued.
"Do you remember the letter I sent you this morning?"

Twilight nodded.
"You said about somepony wanting to change? You mean...Sombra?"- she said with some uncertainty.
The letter didn't mention about Sombra. Celestia always had her way to send letters.

"Yes, I believe he can be reformed, just like Discord."

"I don't know about that."- she thought.
Celestia poked Twilight's shoulder to get her attention. She snapped from her thoughts.
"I think he's waiting for you."- she pointed at Sombra, still bowing.

"Oh, um...you can rise now King Sombra."

Rising from the ground, Sombra spoke with a soft voice, or at least he tried.
"As you wish Princess Twilight and please call me Sombra."

Just now Twilight noticed Sombra wasn't using his royal clothes. Also his crown was missing.
The purple mare was looking at Sombra's face, he looked to be calm.

"If you don't mind, we must return to Canterlot."- she continued. "I trust you and your friends."
She nodded.

Celestia entered the chariot, she glanced at Luna, she was talking with Sombra.

"Before we leave, I have something for you."- levitating from behind her, a red cape. Sombra looked at the cape.
Last time, he saw his cape it flew off towards the frozen blizzard.
"How?"- he stared at Luna.

"Long story."- she answered.
Prince Shining Armor also had his armour back at the castle. He spent some time looking for his cape.
"It's yours."- bringing the red cape closer to him.

"I can't."- he said quickly. "That thing brings bad memories."

"But now you can make new memories, better ones."
Sombra glanced at the red cape, he grabbed with his magic.
"You're right."- he smiled with the two fangs. Luna gave him a hug, before heading for the chariot.

The two princesses waved goodbye, the group of ponies waved back.
The royal chariot disappeared from far away. Sombra turned around to see six ponies who stared back at him.

"This is going to be interesting."- he thought to himself.

Applejack approached Twilight.
"Now what Twilight?"- she asked still looking at Sombra.

Twilight thought for a while until she made a decision.
"Alright, let's go to my house to discuss with Sombra."

"I don't trust him!"- said Rainbow Dash.

"You said the same thing about Discord."- Fluttershy smiled.
She was right, but even now she still had problems trusting him.
Twilight and her friends waited for Sombra to enter first, just for caution.

Sombra was surprised, Twilight didn't had a castle, but a library? He was used to read books, his past life.
He could see shelves full of books. Standing in the middle of the room, there was a round table. The next thing he saw was a purple baby dragon. He seem to be stressed, he knew why. The last time they met was back at the Crystal Empire a few years back.

The six ponies gathered and they're debating about something, himself of course.
Sombra laid his flank on the wooden floor. He looked around, inspecting the interior of the library. That was truely a diferent kind of library, basically inside a tree. Also a strange place for a princess to live.

Twilight took a quick glance at the dark stallion, Sombra smiled back with his fangs, she returned back to the subject.
He cleaned his forehead, smiling was something difficult for him.
During his studies, Sombra read a lot books, spells and did a lot of practice. Some of Twilight's books he could recognize.
One of the books brought a smile. He looked at the group of ponies, still talking with each other. Looking back at the book shelf, he levitated a book and brought closer to him. Using his hooves, he grabbed it. The book seemed old with a brown cover.
The title was "Magic for Young Unicorns" by Star Swirl. Sombra remembered reading that book so many times.

When he looked up, the six ponies are staring at him, he still had the smile in his face. Carefully, he placed the book back on the shelf.
"Next time, I ask for your permission, I promise."

"I hope so."- said Twilight. "Now, returning to the subject, you can stay in Ponyville."

"Alright."- he said with some satisfaction.
Twilight smiled.
"With one condition of course!"
Sombra sighed.
"Let me guess, don't do nothing evil or I will be sent to Tartarus."

"Well, I wasn't going to say that, but it's better than I thought."- she continued smiling.
Applejack stretched her front legs. Rainbow Dash still had her suspicions. Somehow, Fluttershy seemed to be rather calm, as usual.
"I better hit the hay!"- said Applejack going towards the door, passing next to Sombra, taking a quick glance at him. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy followed Applejack.

Rarity got close to Twilight.
"You sure you will be fine? Alone? With him?"- she said, whispering into her ear. The purple mare nodded.

"I'm watching you mister!"- said Pinkie staring into Sombra's eyes.
In a few seconds, the house was empty leaving Sombra, Twilight and Spike.
"Unfortunately, I don't have a second bed."

"Hm, if you don't mind I can sleep on the couch."- he said pointing at the couch.

"You sure?"- she asked.
Sombra laughed.
"My dear princess, I have been sleeping in the ice mountain for almost thirty years, I think I can survive sleeping on the couch."
She giggled.
"I suppose so."
Twilight and Sombra looked at each other, Spike was in the middle, still confused.
"This is going to be really interesting."- Sombra thought with a small grin.