• Published 27th Mar 2015
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Pure Shadow - Crystal Night

After being accept to live in Equestria, Sombra goes to Ponyville to receive lessons about friendship. Instead, he learns something else.

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Chapter Eight: Conversation

Once more, Sombra and his pet, Snow, trotted down the street towards Carousel Boutique. Twilight almost caught him and the gift for her, but was making him wonder was the reason why Twilight went to the spa, especially with Rarity.
Probably was nothing to much, maybe a friendly talk between mares, that's all, so he hoped. That wasn't the only thing his mind was busy with.
He thought what Cadence told him, he really wanted to tell how much she meant to him but, how? For now he knew the basics, get a gift and find a proper place to tell her. He pondered about telling her in the library, but Cadence dismissed that idea. Instead, he should find a place that looked romantic but, where? So many questions with so few answers.

Learning friendship was one thing, but love was something entirely new to him.

Maybe Twilight had some kind of book about that subject, since apparently she had books for so many stuff.
Perhaps a book wasn't the best solution. According to Cadence, love comes from somepony's heart not a book.


"I have a heart, right?"- he asked himself. Even now, Sombra wondered about him and what he did in the past.
Now and then, he still had those horrible nightmares. If wasn't for Princess Luna helping, sleeping would be a hard task to do.
Sombra was too deep in his thoughts to hear his dog barking, was if he was trying to tell him something. When he heard was already to late.

Loud smack was heard and two ponies collapsed on the snow.

"Ouch, I'm sorry, I wasn't...Fluttershy?" - he inquired as he rubbed his muzzle while looking at the yellow pegasi. "I'm so, so sorry." He helped Fluttershy up.

"N-No, it's alright. I wasn't paying attention." - the yellow apologized, cleaning the snow from her wings.
He dismissed with a hoof.
"It's my fault, I got distracted. I guess my dog tried to warn about..." Before Sombra could even finish that sentence, he was thrown into the air, his muzzle meeting the cold snow. Quickly getting up, he wiped the snow from his muzzle and looked at Fluttershy. For a pegasus, she sure had strength. Meanwhile, Fluttershy was gently hugging the small dog.

"What's your name little one?" In response, he barked. "Snow? That's a nice name. Where did you find him?" She glanced at Sombra, who approached them.

"In the Crystal Empire," - he answered while petting Snow's head. "But don't tell Twilight, it's a surprise."

"Okie." She dropped him on the ground. "Where were you going...if you don't mind me asking?"
The stallion smiled, she really was a kind mare.
"I was on my way too see Rarity, I got a gift for her. I already gave one to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash." After saying that he noticed that she lowered slightly her ears. He looked at Snow, an idea crossed his mind. "Consider Snow a gift from me to you, after all you insisted that a needed a pet right?" He finished with a smile.

Fluttershy was once again smiling.
"I'm glad you found one and if you need any help, come see me." The dark stallion nodded.

"I will." Sombra could feel the coldness was returning. "I should go deliver this, it's going to get cold soon." After a quick hug and a 'thank you' from the shy mare, they went separate ways.

The small dog was laying on Sombra's back, under his red cape. "Almost there Snow." The dog barked.

The door of the shop opened, hitting the bell, indicating somepony arrived. "Miss Rarity?" - he asked.
From what he learned from Rarity so far, he knew she was a lady with some fancy desires. He always tried to address her with formality.
A few seconds passed and he heard a couple of hoofsteps coming from the back room.
"Yes?" - the mare in question inquired, taking a quick look from the door. "Oh, hello Sombra, how are you?"

"I'm feeling fine, how are you?"

"Fine as well, what brings you here?"
Using his magic, he reached for the saddlebag and retrieve a small white package. "It's a gift for you, I already gave one to the others."
Rarity grabbed the box with her magic and opened it. She let out a gasp. He smiled.
But there was still one gift left, Applejack, which he had idea what to offer. Maybe he would ask Twilight later.
Inside the box there was a necklace in a shape of a flower made out of crystal. Before say or do anything, he felt being trapped in a tight hug.

"I assume you like it?"
Rarity let go him with a smile on her muzzle.
"Darling, this is beautiful, but I wonder, what did you get for Twilight?" - she asked with a different kind of smile, one that he couldn't quite place his hoof on.
"It's a suprise but, I'm sure she'll like it." - Sombra replied with a comfortable grin.

The white mare giggled.
"I'm sure she will my dear. You should go, I bet somepony is waiting for you. Somepony to snuggle with." Rarity ended her sentence with a teasing smile. As for Sombra, he felt his cheeks warmer. The sudden thought of him and Twilight snuggling in each other's hot embrace.
Unfortunately, a bark from a certain dog broke his thoughts.

"What was that?"

"Oh, I almost forgot, Rarity meet Snow, my pet." He levitated Snow from his back and placed him on ground.

"Glad to meet you Snow," - Rarity petted his head. "but really, I have a feeling tonight is going to be freezing." Sombra followed her gaze, she was looking at the window. Snow was starting to fall.
"You're right," - he levitate Snow onto his back. "See you soon, I hope." He gave her one last hug.

"As do I, bye Snow."

After a nice hot cup of coffee and some blankets, Sombra was focus on reading a book about adventure. Apparently the main character was a pegasus mare, looking for some kind of old treasure while being chased by a tiger, a panther and a...cat.
Usually this wasn't his type of reading ,but after learning that Rainbow Dash loves reading this, he had, at least, to try. It was a nice book.
Next to him was Twilight, also reading a book under a purple blanket that had her cutie mark on. Spike was already on his bed sleeping or maybe reading some late night comics.

At first Twilight seemed normal, but after a few short glances he noticed something was bothering her, not to mention the quick glances she gave him. Something was definitely troubling her. If he knew her too well, she wouldn't stay like that for too long, he just needed to be patient.
Pacience is key.

"Sombra," - patience always pays off. In her voice, he could tell she was hesitating. To make sure everything was alright, he grabbed her hoof, gazing at her in the eyes with a comforting smile. "H-How did you learn dark magic?"

His smile fadded a little, he knew she would ask this one day. Still holding her hoof, he answered.
"Books and practice." He tried to be evasive on his answer, but that didn't satisfied her curiosity.

"I mean, how you really learned." Sombra sighed, her hunger for knowledge was impressive. "I can't seem to find any book about that subject."

"And you shouldn't. Dark magic is something you can't study, or even practice. Look at me and want I have done." He closed the book, remembering the number of the page. "You know dark magic is forbidden, right?" Twilight nodded.

"Dark magic feeds on the negative thoughts of the user, in this case me, after she...passed away, I became lonely, my heart was filled with sadness and soon hatred, hatred for those of didn't know how to save her. Days passed and I felt my mind breaking into a million pieces."

Twilight lowered her head, realizing that wans't a good question, especially for a pony who suffered so much.
Sombra raised her head with his hoof, wearing a small grin.
"I know you use dark magic before, because of me and I'm sorry." - he moved his hoof to her right cheek. "I just don't want to see you hurt or worse...I would feel terrible..." He looked away from Twilight for a second before looking back at her again. His heart was beating so fast and his cheeks are getting warmer, a slight blush.

"Twilight, want I'm trying to say is..."

"Twilight, you got a especial letter." Twilight turned around, seeing his number one assistant holding a letter.

"What is it Spike?"

"Princess Celestia gave us tickets for tomorrow's party at the castle." Twilight smiled ear to ear while Sombra dropped his head. He could swear he felt a tear running down his muzzle.

"I was this close...Sombra, you fool..."