• Published 27th Mar 2015
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Pure Shadow - Crystal Night

After being accept to live in Equestria, Sombra goes to Ponyville to receive lessons about friendship. Instead, he learns something else.

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Chapter Ten: The Royal Party

Sombra was pacing back and forward. Right now, he was in Carousel Boutique, and his pacing sure wasn't helping Rarity taking care of his outfit. Finally deciding to put a stop, she spoke.

"Sombra, could you please stop doing that? You look like Twilight when she's nervous."
He stopped at the sudden mention of her name.
"I do?" Rarity just nodded. "Hehe, sorry, it's just...I'm very nervous to say the truth."

The white mare dropped her tools on table and turned to glance at him.

"It's the first time I'm going to meet the Princesses after a long time." He drew a circle with his hoof, unsure if he should continue. "...and I kinda hate crowds." Rarity simply raised an eyebrow at that statement.

"Stage fright?" - she inquired and Sombra nodded his head. "But you were a king, how can you be afraid of that?"
He sighed.
"I know, it's a dumb fear, but there's a better reason." He sat on his haunches and took a deep breath. "It's Twilight." After a couple of seconds, he continued. "I know she was tasked to help me reform, like Fluttershy did with Discord, and I'm afraid to screw everything at the party, especially with so many ponies around since most of them know what I did." Sombra glanced at the floor, still drawing invisible circles.

"I don't wish to disappoint her because..."

She probably knew what he was about say, but she needed to confirm for her own sake.
"Because..." - she said while gesturing with her hoof.

"Because...I...I..." Sombra lifted his head. "I love her."
Rarity squealed in delight. She quickly got up and with an amazing speed, she gave Sombra a huge hug.
"I'm glad to hear you say that."

"Thanks, I guess." After that, they broke the hug. "But..."

She tilted her head to the side.
"I'm not sure she likes me...I mean, why would she? I did horrible things, things that I can never change."

Rarity returned back to her seat and resumed to her job.
"Trust me when I tell you this, you don't need to worry about that." - she said with a wink.

Sombra smiled.
"I thought you were the Element of Generosity."

"I'm a mare with many talents, especially when it comes to dresses, which also, means your tuxedo is ready." She lifted the tuxedo and show it to Sombra, whose jaw almost fell to the ground. "Impressive isn't?" Sombra just nodded, unsure what to say or even think. Twilight was right about her dressing skills.

Two Hours Later

Everypony was at the train station, they arrived more earlier then expected. Well, almost everypony, a certain black stallion was late.
"Dear, are you sure Sombra is coming?" - asked Rarity.

"Sombra said he was getting ready and he needed Spike's help." - Twilight glanced at Rarity with a frown. "You think he's not coming?"

"I don't think so sugarcube." They turned their heads to meet Sombra using his new tuxedo, Spike was also wearing one.

"I'm sorry for the delay, I hope we didn't miss the train."
Rarity shook her head.
"Don't worry, the train isn't here yet." She glanced at Twilight, who was like a statue, to make things even more funny she had her mouth open. Sombra approached her and closed her mouth with a slight giggle, while Twilight just blushed.
"Sorry about that..." - she tried to apologize, but Sombra cut her off.

"No need for that, but I must know, do you like it?" She kept glancing at him, she had to admit he looked rather handsome. Tuxego sure gave him a certain...charm.

"I do." - she answered with a smile. Now it was Sombra's turn to see her dress. Which was obviously made by Rarity. The colour of the dress was matching her coat, with some blue stars here and there.
"And you look like a shining star, if I may say so." - Twilight rolled her eyes. He grabbed her hoof giving a soft kiss, which Twilight blush harder, while the rest for her friends looked away, minus the white mare. A few minutes later, the train arrived.

Everypony was excited about the party, however Sombra was still nervous. The chances to ruining everything are high.
Twilight noticed this and leaned next to him with a reassuring smile.
" I'll be by your side, just relax, okay?"
He gave a slight nod.
"I'll try my best." The rest of the trip was like this, both ponies leaned into each other. What Sombra didn't know was that Twilight was also a little nervous.

Canterlot Castle

Saying that Sombra was nervous, was an understatement. Especially right now. Sombra could swear the castle looked smaller than before, but that probably was because the castle was full with guests and servants, some guards here and there too.
Twilight poked him to get his attention.
"I'm here, remember?" He gulped and nodded, following her to greet finally the Princesses after so long.

Princess Celestia and her beloved sister Luna stood on top of the stairs. Upon seeing Twilight and her friends, she smiled.
"I'm glad you came Twilight." - she gave the purple alicorn a hug, which Twilight returned.

"I wouldn't miss for nothing." Princess Luna glanced at Sombra.

"We are glad that you came too Sombra." He didn't said a word. Luna looked back at Twilight. "Is there something wrong?"

"No, he's just nervous."
Celestia raised an eyebrow while gazing at him.
"Why is that?"

"He's afraid to mess things up, but I'm here to help him." She beamed with a smile.
He felt better, just a little, but that was enough to make her happy.

"In that case, you should enjoy the night while is still young." - proclaimed Luna.

"Also Twilight, Cadence and Shining are here too." - informed Celestia. "and she said she wanted to talk to you in private."
It was Twilight's turn to gulped. Whenever Cadence wanted to talk to her in private was never good.

Ponies are dancing, talking, eating, doing all sort of stuff for a party. Sombra stood in a near corner eyeing the large crowd. Somehow, he lost track of Twilight, and after spending the last five minutes looking for her, he gave up. It was almost impossible to move, not to mention the glares from the ponies, especially the nobles. Sombra always hated the nobles.
He was too busy thinking that he didn't heard somepony hoofsteps.
"Hello there Sombra!"

Sombra turned around and smiled.
"It's a pleasure to see you again Cadence."

"Why are you alone? I thought Twilight was with you."
The stallion scratched behind his head.
"She was, but somehow I lost her. I did try to find her though."

"I guess you haven't told her yet?" He shook his head. "Well, tonight is the perfect night for that." - Cadence winked.

"I don't know, there's a lot of ponies around."
The Princess of Love gave a slight giggle.
"Just get a more...private place to talk, no pony needs to know. You need to tell her. She will understand"
Sombra thought for a while, surely they could find a more relaxed place, after all the castle wasn't that small.

"You're right," - said Sombra with a determined expression "She needs to know." He looked around the crowd. "Even if I get lost."

"You won't, I believe in you."
Sombra gave Cadence a quick hug and a smile before leaving.
"Wish me luck." With that said, he made his way through the crowd.

Cadence giggled and went outside, towards the gardens.
"Now you Twilight." - she muttered with a teasing smile.

The pony in question shivered. Twilight was sitting outside on a wooden bench. She was gazing at the stars, but her mind was focus on something else, in this case, somepony.
The day when Sombra went to Canterlot, she and Rarity had a moment for themselves at the spa, which Twilight was still thinking about Sombra and her feelings towards him. Of course, Rarity noticed something was off, more than usual.
From there she told her basically everything, including when they went to bed together. Needless to say, she was enjoying all the romantic moments.
Twilight asked her friend if was alright to tell Sombra her feelings, which Rarity nodded and encouraged her to do so.

She almost did that, but instead, because she was scared, she asked him about dark magic.
Twilight let out a deep breath.
"Why is it so hard?"

"What's hard?" - a voice called out.
The princess gasped and turned her attention to find Cadence next to her with a smile.
"Mind if I join you?" Twilight shook her head and offered more space. "Why are you alone? I thought Sombra was with you."

Twilight's heart skipped a beat.
"I-I just needed some time alone."

"What do you think about Sombra now that he's changed?" - asked Cadence, knowing which buttons to press.

Her face turned into a slight shade of red.
"He's nice."
Cadence tilted her head.
"Just nice?"

"Well, he's very helpful around the library. He does know a lot of things."

The young princess stammered.
Cadence placed a hoof on Twilight's shoulder, still with her smile.
"I'm the Princess of Love remember?" Twilight gulped. "I'm here to help you, okay? Tell me what you really think about him." - she then turned her head to look behind her.

"He's...handsome, I like his presence, it feels less lonely in the library." - she glanced at her hooves. "I really like sleeping wit him, he's so warm and cozy." By now, her cheeks were completely red. "He's kind and always willing to help me. I never felt like this before."
Cadence was still looking behind her, but she heard everything.

Twilight closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
"I think I'm in love with him." - she said in a low voice.

"I didn't heard that, could you repeat please?"

"I love Sombra." - she repeated, just a little louder.
Cadence pretended she was cleaning her ears.
"Can't hear you."

"I love Sombra."

"Said it louder."

"I love Sombra." - Twilight practically shouted, Cadence turned her head to look at Twilight. "That's why is hard to tell him. I don't know if he likes me..."
The pink mare giggled.
"Why don't you ask him?" She then glaned back. "I know you're there." Intrigued, Twilight followed her gaze.
At first nothing happen, but after a few seconds, the bushes started to move, only to reveal a black stallion with a curved red horn.
Twilight's eyes widen.

Meanwhile, Cadence was giggling like a little filly.

Author's Note:

Sorry, it took me awhile to write this chapter.
I hope you enjoy :twilightsmile: