• Published 27th Mar 2015
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Pure Shadow - Crystal Night

After being accept to live in Equestria, Sombra goes to Ponyville to receive lessons about friendship. Instead, he learns something else.

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Chapter Seven: Gifts

Sombra arrived at Ponyville, along with he's new pet, Snow. Using his magic, he carried his gifts, for his friends.
First stop, Sugarcube Corner, sadly for him, Pinkie Pie wasn't there. According to the Cakes, she was taking a break and probably trotting around, if that was the case finding her was going to be easy.

After leaving the shop, he trotted down the street while waving to a few ponies. Finding Pinkie could be very easy or extremely hard. He just had to be lucky.
Five minutes later, he found her, happily bouncing around as usual, with a wide smile.
"Hey Pinkie!"- Sombra called her, which she turned around and saw him.

"Hello Sombra, how are you?"- she asked, still smiling. "I thought you're at the library, since Twilight left."
The dark stallion raised his eyebrow.
"I'm fine, thanks for asking, but what do you mean with Twilight leaving the library?" By now, he knew Twilight liked to stay at the library, only in certain situations she would leave. Something's wrong. Did she know about his trip to see Cadence? He needed to know.

"Oh, I saw her with Rarity going for the spa." Alright, something is very wrong. Twilight going to the spa? She wasn't that type of mare, for all he knew. Especially with Rarity. "What's that?"
That question broke Sombra's thoughts, looking behind him.

"It's only a few gifts for Hearth's Warming Eve, which that means you!" He levitated the designate gift to the pink bouncing mare.

"Can I open? Can I?"

"You just wait a little longer." Sombra giggled, remembering about something. "Oh, and don't tell Twilight that I gave you that, it's a secret."
Pinkie Pie nodded her head while holding her gift with her tail. If Twilight knew her gift, she would ask him a few questions.

"Who's the little one?"- she asked glancing down at Snow.
Sombra also glanced down, earning a small bark from his pet.
"His name is Snow and his my new pet." Pinkie lifted him off the ground, giving him a good hug. "By the way, have you seen Rainbow Dash?"

"Of course you silly filly, look up" Pinkie replied, still petting the small dog. Sombra did what she told him and looked up to see a rainbow tail looking over a cloud.
Sombra sighed, getting Pinkie's attention was easy, but getting Rainbow was difficult, at least.

"Rainbow Dash, down here!" The mare gazed at Sombra and Pinkie, she sighed. "Come over here, please."
With a few grunts and mumbles, she left the cloud and landed, standing between the two ponies.
"What?"- she questioned with an annoyed tone, but Sombra paid no mind to that, instead he brought his second gift.

"It's for you, I think you may like it." Hesitantly, she hold the gift with her front hooves.

"I'm suppose to open this now?"

"If you want."- he replied with a grin.
Within a few seconds, the wrapper was gone, revealing what was inside. Rainbow smiled slowly. It's was helmet. Th same helmet she used years back.
"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!"- she said with a cheerful tone.

"I presume you like your gift?"- he asked, looking at Pinkie, which she also had a smile, like always.
The cyan mare coughed.
"Well, it's a...cool gift, but it doesn't mean we are friends."- Dash finished her sentence with a brief smile.
Finally, after so long he got a smile from her, even if was small one, that meant he was on the right track.
"I didn't even thought about that, how rude of me!"

Rainbow flapped her wings, placing the helmet on her head.
"I have something to do, bye!"- with that she dashed off.

Pinkie dropped Snow on the ground.
"My break is over, but thanks for gift." She gave Sombra a hug.
He nodded.
"I'm sure you're going to enjoy too."

The two ponies left, saying their last goodbyes and heading towards their destinations.
The stallion opened the door.
"Twilight?" When no response came he entered the library, being very careful, that's when he heard a noise coming from upstairs.

Sombra frozed in place, much to his relief he was greeted by a small purple dragon. "Ah, it's only you, Spike." He took a deep breath.

"You're back early, so how's your trip tp Canterlot?"- the dragon inquired. "And what's that behind your back?" From the top of the stairs, Spike could see what Sombra was hiding, at least trying to hide.

"Promise not to tell Twilight about this?"

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Sombra raised an eyebrow, that was very awkward way to make a promise. "It's a Pinkie Promise."

"Now I understand."- he thought before returning back to the subject. "I got a few gifts for Twilight's friends, I already gave Pinkie and Rainbow theirs, although I don't have one for Applejack." By the time Sombra finished talking, Spike was in front of him with a questioning look, while crossing his arms and tapping his foot on the ground.

"What's wrong?"

"How about me? Did you forget?"
The stallion smiled.
"You mean this?"- he reached his saddlebag with magic, pulling out a small brown sack. "I didn't forget about you."

Spike picked the sack and smiled, with one claw, he grabbed one gem and tossed it to his mouth and chewed.
While Spike was eating his gems, Sombra glanced around, trying to find a good place to hide a certain gift for a certain mare. The one issue was finding a good spot, Twilight knew the library like the back of her hooves, certainly she would find out. He looked at Spike, giving himself a nice idea.

"Spike, I need your help. Can you hide this from Twilight?" Sombra lowered his head. "It's for her." The young dragon saluted, grabbing the gift carefully, he went upstairs.

Seconds later the front door opened, quickly followed by a purple mare. She noticed Sombra in the middle of the room and grinned awkwardly.

"Oh, hey Sombra, I didn't expect to see you so soon." Sombra smiled before noticing something.

"I got lucky with the train, what's that?"
Twilight on the other hoof was a little nervous, until her number-one assistant appeared.
"Please hide this and don't tell Sombra."- she whispered into his ear, getting a giggle from Spike. The young dragon ran upstairs, not giving Sombra a clear line of sight.

"Hm, what was that?"- he thought.

"Sombra calls Equestria,"- Twilight waved a hoof, Sombra shook his head, he had other things to think about. "What you have there?"- she pointed a hoof.

"Oh, I almost forgot, this is for Rarity." Sombra facehoof, he clearly forgot about one thing. "I'm just going to give her this, alright?"
The alicorn nodded with a more softer smile than before. Moments later, Twilight was alone, finally she let out a deep breath.

"That was close!"
In the middle of this mess, neither Spike and Twilight noticed Sombra's new companion.

Author's Note:

I'm sorry for the small chapter, but there's a lot I need to focus on.
I hope you enjoyed the reading :twilightsmile: