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Pure Shadow - Crystal Night

After being accept to live in Equestria, Sombra goes to Ponyville to receive lessons about friendship. Instead, he learns something else.

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Chapter Six: Love Advice

The trip back to the Crystal Empire was uneventful.
The ponies in the train didn't to seemed to care about Sombra, since Celestia announced Sombra wasn't no longer a threat to Equestria.
He even smiled at a small filly standing in front of him. Turns out smiling wasn't too bad.
Sombra relaxed on the train couch while eating some snacks.
His eyes drifted to outside, he hoped Cadence wasn't busy or deny his visit.
He took small bites, his mind was focused on what he would say to Cadence, without admitting he actually needed help with a problem such as love.
"Maybe I can tell a little lie?"- he thought. "She doesn't need to know, right? Like her brother." Sombra swallowed at that thought, probably that wasn't a great idea, even if Shining Armor trusted him now. Twilight had told him for several times her brother could be over-protective.
"Next stop, Crystal Empire!"- said the train pony. Sombra snapped from his thoughts.

"I guess that will do." But he felt something was missing, unfortunately he couldn't place his hoof on what.

He needed to be fast in order for Twilight couldn't get too suspicious. She knew it took one hour and a few minutes from Canterlot to Ponyville. But between Ponyville and the Crystal Empire was at least two hours.
After exiting the train, Sombra sniffed the air. The air was definitely different from Ponyville, but it still felt comfortable, after all this was where he used to live.
Trotting throught the streets of the Crystal Empire, heading towards the castle.
Sombra's reaction was probably a surprised, the crystal ponies instead of running and hiding in their houses, they decide to greet him with smiles and hoof waves.

Approaching the castle, he spotted two royal guards on patrol.
The guards noticed Sombra coming closer, one of them stepped forward.
"Good afternoon Sombra, how can I help you?"- he enquired with a small authority tone.

"I came to speak with Princess Cadence, if possible." Sombra gulped. "It's a rather delicate matter."
He looked at Sombra, trying to see any sign of threat, but nothing.
"Wait here please."- he said, before turning. He nodded his head towards the other guard. His partner shook his head understanding what he meant.
While he waited, his eyes shifted towards a nearby market place. Something caught his attention.
He knew a certain pony liked receiving gifts, especially this one. Maybe after taking his little issue, he could buy a gift.
Thanks to Twilight, Sombra had a good amount of bits, just for caution he decided to bring more.

The sound of hoofsteps told Sombra that the guard returned, not to mention the armour. That always made a lot of noise while trotting.
"Princess Cadence agreed in receiving you, please follow me!" Sombra nodded.
After going many stairs, they reached the throne room. If there was something that Sombra hated about the castle was the stairs. There's a lot of stairs.
The guard opened the doors, mentioning for him to enter.
Cadence stood in her throne, taking care of some letters and other stuff. When Sombra came in her field of view, she smiled.
"Hello Sombra, it's good see you again."

He bowed. Clearing his throat he spoke.
"Good afternoon, it's a pleasure to see you too."

Cadence dropped the letters on a table that stood next to her throne.
"I was informed you wanted to discuss with me?"- she asked.

"Indeed"- he confirmed. "Can we perhaps speak in private?"
Cadence nodded her head and the two of them left the room, followed by two guards, being one of them orange with a blue mane.
Upon reaching a set of two crystal doors, Cadence ordered them to stay outside. They entered the room, closing the doors behind them.
The doors shut tight with a soft "click" indicating nopony could hear them.

The room had a circular shape with big crystal windows, giving a good view to the empire.
In the center of the room, there was a table with a few chairs, probably used for special meetings.
Cadence and Sombra sat down, facing each other.
"You said it was a delicate matter."- she started. "So, what's about?"

Sombra looked down at his hooves, trying to pick the right words.
"You see,"- Sombra looked at her, almost with a serious tone, but he was nervous, confessing somepony like him, a reformed villain, actually fell in love for a princess, especially her sister in-law was kinda awkward. "I have a friend who fell in love with a mare, but he doesn't really know how to admit to her."

From the other side of the table Cadence listened carefully, until she felt something. Something she knew very well.
"Your friend, how does he describe her?"
Sombra gulped, the question caught him off guard.
"I-I...I mean, he says she's very smart, really good with magic and also she can be very understanding." Sombra's cheeks slowly turned into red the more he continued describing her.
Cadence smiled, that feeling she felt before was right. Sombra close his eyes. "Feels great to be next to her, just her presence relaxes me...I mean, my friend."- he quickly added, opening his eyes.

After a few seconds of silence, she spoke with a smile.
"You can tell me the truth you know?"
His eyes shifted between back and forward with a awkward smile.
"I don't understand..."- again he lied, or at least he tried. Unfortunately for him Cadence knew his true intention, or in this case, his feelings.
She continued smiling.

"I think you forgot about it, but I'm the Princess of Love."- the pink alicorn winked at him, in returned his blush got worse.
The stallion gulped, tears of sweat running down his face, he continued looking back and forward, but he realized it was too late.
Sombra took a deep breath, saying the truth couldn't harm him.
"Alright...I may have fell in love with Twilight..."- he half-admitted, sounding almost like Fluttershy. She continued staring at him.

"You sure?"

"Fine! I love her." Finally he admitted, earning a smile from Cadence.

"Does she know?" Sombra nodded. "Does she feel the same thing?" He nodded in agreement.
Cadence tapped her chin while glancing at the window.
"When?"- the princess suddenly asked, Sombra looked at her with a confused look.

"When what?"

"When are you going to tell her?"

"Honestly..."- he started, gazing down at his hooves. "I don't know. I guess I'm waiting for right moment."

"Hearth's Warming Eve I suppose?" Sombra nodded.

He gazed outside, eyeing the clouds.
"I just don't know..."

"That's easy."- Cadence stated with a grin. "First get a serene place, second a nice gift and then get the courage to tell her."- she finished with a smile.
Sombra, on the other hoof, he wasn't that convinced. She saw his expression.
"I can give you a few tips, if you want."- the princess suggested.

He pondered, getting a some tips from the princess was what he wanted in the first place, what he didn't counted was her to discover his little lie. Anyway, just for now that would help him. He even mentioned that he saved Twilight back at the old castle.

After spending some time with Cadence, Sombra decided it was time to leave, also he wanted to buy some things before leaving.
Trotting through the marketplace, he found what he wanted.
Now what he needed was a gift for Twilight, but that was difficult. He thought about giving her a book, if wasn't for huge amount of books she already had. This gift needed to be something special for her, according to Cadence.

He continued his search until he found a jewelry stand. Sombra took a sneak-peak, he saw rings, bracelets and necklaces.
One of them got Sombra's attention.
"Hm, I'm sure she will like this."- he mumbled.
Sombra pointed a hoof at the necklace.
"That one please."
The seller used his magic and grabbed the necklace, putting inside a small blue bag.
"That will be six bits."
After paying, he opened his saddlebag, gently he stored inside.

The dark stallion was now sitting in a bench under a tree. He tried to remember the train schedule, trying to figure out how until the train arrives, when he felt something wet on his leg. Sombra glanced down.

A dog.

A small white dog was looking at him, almost seemed to smile at him.
He picked up the dog with his hooves.
"Hello little one."
The dog barked before licking his muzzle. Sombra chuckled.
"Where's your owner?"- he questioned. The dog's ears dropped, giving him a sad answer. "I see."

He thought for a while. Since he meet Fluttershy, Twilight was been trying to convince Sombra to get a pet, but always refused.
But after seeing Twilight and her friends spending time with their pets, he admitted that was fun.
By experience, he knew dogs are loyal animals and this one was cute. Of course, he would never admit that.
"You can come with me, I guess Twilight wouldn't mind if I say I found a pet." The dog barked, licking Sombra even more. "Alright, I got it."

While he was playing with his new pet, Sombra didn't noticed a stallion approaching him.
"Hello Sombra. Having fun?"
Sombra turned his head around.
"It's good to see you again Shining Armor."- he replied with a smile.
Shining Armor sat down next to Sombra, he removed his helmet and placed it on the wooden bench.

"Nice pet you have there."- Shining stated.

"I'm his new owner, since he doesn't have one and Twilight is insisting that I should get one."
The white stallion smiled, that was Twilight indeed.
He cleared his throat before speaking.
"I spoke with Cadence earlier." Sombra gulped. "Don't worry, I won't argue with your feelings towards my sister." Sombra turned around and looked at him. Words of honesty.

"You won't?"- Sombra questioned while petting the dog.
The prince shook his head.
"When you're married with a princess of love, you learn some things."- he said a grin.

"So, you don't mind if I..." Shining nodded his head again.

"I know you saved her and for that, I'm thankful." Shining saluted some guards trotting by. "How long will you stay?"
He looked at the dog, before returning his gaze to Shining.
"A couple hours, I suppose. I wanted to return before Twilight gets too suspicions."

He raised an eyebrow.

"She doesn't know I'm here, I told her I was going to visit a friend at Canterlot. Unfortunately, the train is far from arriving."
Shining tapped his chin, he had a nice idea.
"Or you could use our royal train." Sombra looked at him with a surprised look. He knew Cadence and Shining had a private train, when available Cadence would visit Twilight by using her royal train.

He nodded his head.
"Of course I would. For a friend"- he finished his sentence with a smile. A friend. He heard that well. Shining consider him as a friend.

Minutes later, Shining Armor, Cadence and Sombra stood in the train station, everything has prepared.
Except for one small detail, he wanted to give Rainbow a gift, too bad he didn't a clear idea of what.
Sombra glanced at the guards, all of the sudden he thought about something. Something Rainbow would definitely like.
"Say, Shining could you possibly do a small tiny favor? For a friend?"

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