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Reading, writing, drawing and playing. That's my life. A normal teenager life. Also I'm Portuguese /)


Twilight it's almost done with her task, but there's one last spell she haven't tried yet. A portal spell.
After doing the spell, she is teleported to a new world, far more different than Equestria, called the Void.
Creatures from different shapes and sizes chased her until, he found her.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 25 )

lets see where goes :eeyup:

This seems like a good read...I'm hoping the human tag comes into play soon.

Well this void thing doesn't sound good but still can't wait for the next chapters! :twilightsmile:

6194050 Oh, it will. Sometimes things are not what they seem.
Thanks for reading :twilightsmile:

6194065 Yeah, usually has terrible creatures and that kinda stuff, but not in this case. There's a reason why.
I'm glad you it :twilightsmile:

6194109 The stallion isn't really a pony is he?


There are many universes with a "void" realm. Which universe is this in? It obviously is not the LoL void I was expecting.

6194254 And your avatar makes that comment seem that much less sincerer.

6194282 I thought about that, the name Azil it's almost Azir, but there's a character is almost like Vel'koz.
This "Void" dimension it's different from the usual stories about the void, in the second chapter Azil will explain.

6194297 Who the heck are those people?


I thought about that, the name Azil it's almost Azir, but there's a character is almost like Vel'koz.


6194382 Ah, that. I trust you never played League of Legends??

6194411 No, If this is a Crossover add the Damn tags.

6194417 No, it's not a crossover I assure that. Search the name Azir and Vel'Koz on Google.
Azir basically it's an emperor of the sands of Shurima. Vel'Koz is a monster from the LoL void, he seeks knowledge, which in this story I decided to create a character similar to him, later on he will play an important role for Azil and Twilight.

I can't seem to work with the others of the mane 6

6223664 Maybe Pinkie (Shakie xD), I dunno.

The pacing is terrible, but I do want to see where you are going with this story.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

6573235 It just means that you need to work on your writing skills. Your ability to come up with a good premise is actually quite decent though. I have a similar problem, where I can come up with a good story, but lack the abilities to write it out nicely. It is in part due to my disappearing muse.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

6573244 Yeah, I understand, I will try my best.

6573582 That's all we really can do. I look forward to seeing more of this in the future.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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