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Reading, writing, drawing and playing. That's my life. A normal teenager life. Also I'm Portuguese /)

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After being defeated by Sonic and Rookie, Infinite is teleported back to Dr.Eggman's Empire Fortress Tower, however he's send to Equestria, where the Royal Sisters found him.
Unknow to everypony a new threat rises below the horizon, which Infinite's powers maybe come of great use to the Princesses for what's about to happen. Will he agree to aid them?

Chapters (7)

The war between Canterlot and the Crystal Empire seems to have no end.
Every effort to counter or defeat King Sombra is stopped every time by a mysterious prince in charge of his army. Unknow to everypony, that same prince also knows everything that happens in Canterlot.
Can the Princesses and Twilight find his true identity before it's too late or will King Sombra and his dark prince achieve victory?

Chapters (2)

King Sombra gave Princess Celestia control of the Crystal Empire.
In order to help to the fallen king, she brings him to Canterlot.
Celestia, herself decides to give Sombra a role.

I don't know who made this image, but I love it.

Chapters (3)

After a long day of working, Rainbow Dash asks Twilight to spend some time with her.
Twilight agrees. This night will be different from the others.

Chapters (1)

Twilight it's almost done with her task, but there's one last spell she haven't tried yet. A portal spell.
After doing the spell, she is teleported to a new world, far more different than Equestria, called the Void.
Creatures from different shapes and sizes chased her until, he found her.

Chapters (4)

Sugar Dream is desperate to find a job to earn some bits.
Finally, she finds one, as a security guard for a old restaurant with some animatronics.
What can possibly go wrong?

A crossover between MLP and FNAF.
[One-Shot Story]

Chapters (5)

Princess Luna is still being haunted by Nightmare Moon but not like in their past.
Finally Luna decides to hear Nightmare and soon she finds out about something about the evil mare.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Return of the Shadows

Princess Celestia sends King Sombra to Ponyville to learn about friendship with Twilight and her friends.
But days passed, and between Sombra and Twilight something else grows.

Chapters (11)

Rainbow Dash and Applejack have lived a lot of adventures.
Somehow the blue mare falls in love for the orange mare, but she doesn't know how to admit her feeling towards her. Also she gets a nice surprise.

Chapters (1)

Years have passed since King Sombra was defeated, but the ruler of the shadows was risen from the ice mountains.
Now, he has a new plan, something that will surprise everypony.

Chapters (3)
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